Clock-Watch The Clockwork Hedgehog- He is the primary user of this object, it was given to him by Ryoku The Hedgehog. Due to his powerful android body, he is capable of proficiently wielding it with one hand.

Ryoku The Hedgehog- She was in possession of it until she gave it to Clock.


The Silver Soul is an large, double-edged blade. It is made of a strange, silvery material. Its hilt is cyan, with a silver magatama lodged in it.

Clock-Watch holding the sword.


Due to the Magatama lodged in its hilt, the sword has the ability to look into souls and tell if they are lying. It can also sense the relation between objects. These are represented by Psyche-Locks and Psyche-Links. It is also an exeptional sword, able to briefly absorb elements and manipulate them.


The Silver Soul lets Clock-Watch see Psyche-Locks, due to the spiritual stone, otherwise known as a Magatama, lodged into its hilt. They are mental barriers that people can subconsciously set up to hide the truth from people. They appear with the sound of breaking glass, and are represented by chains surrounding the person, and red locks in front of them. The minimum number of locks is 1, and the maximum is 5. The more locks, the stronger the barrier. They can be broken by revealing the flaws in their lies. Upon breaking all of the locks, the person will have no choice but to reveal the truth.

Black Variant

There are also black Psyche-Locks. They represent a motive embedded in the person's mind, like a traumatizing event, or a mental disorder. Attempting to forcefully unlock them could damage the person mentally and spiritually, so it is NOT advised to do so. The only way to break them is for the lock-bearer to break them of their own choice. Visually, they appears the same as regular locks, except for the fact that they are black instead of red.


Psyche-Links are another thing that the Magatama in the hilt lets Clock-Watch perceive. They appear as spectral chains surrounding objects. This is an indicator that there is a connection between the object and another object. Upon finding the connection, the chains will link the two objects together, and reveal the connection for others to see.


Upon breaking a lock or a link, Clock-Watch's spiritual strength grows. After enough locks or links are completed, he will gain a Psyche-Charge. A Psyche-Charge is a way of mentally unlocking a Psyche-Lock. Clock-Watch can use these as a slight form of mind control, able to make people reveal the truth to him. However, they do not work on the black Psyche-Locks, as those locks are embedded in the person's mind. He can also use this spiritual strength to contact people telepathically, but only for a short time.

Capacity as a Sword

Spiritual powers aside, The Silver Soul is a powerful sword. The strange material that makes up the blade allows it to be both durable and swift. Its blade is nigh

A close up image of the magatama.

unbreakable, and has only been shown to crack under extreme circumstances. The Magatama lodged into the hilt gives the sword the ability to temporarily absorb elements, similar to Clock's power core.


The sword was given to him by Ryoku, when she first met him. It was made by the same person who made Clock-Watch himself, according to her. The Magatama is made out of the same substance as Clock's power core. This might explain how it can look into other people's souls. It was used by Clock throughout his time as an attorney. However, he left it aside when he retired, and took a vacation to Sakoku. It was shown then that the magatama alone was capable of looking into souls, as the whole sword could not be sent to him. After returning, he now carries it around with him wherever he goes.

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