The Silver Huntsmen
The Silver Huntsmen
Organization Information
TypeMafia-style group
Also known as
HeadquartersVarious locations all over Mobius
Enemy organizationsG.U.N
The Elemental Clans
AffiliationVarious, independent poachers

The Silver Huntsmen are a powerful, mafia-style group that bear a strong influence all over Mobius. They run an illegal hunting ring and also sponsor cage fights wherein they force different creatures to fight. Their many bases all over Mobius are primarily underground, which not only allows for discretion but also allows for expansion.


Early Years

Places of Operation


The Silver Huntsmen have a single base located at the northwestern border of the Frozen Plateau Zone. Like all of their other bases, most of this base is underground so as to be discreet and ever-expandable, but here it also serves to insulate from the harsh cold. It is rumored that they're primarily responsible for the drop in Tundra Reaver numbers, and they actually keep a few of these noble beasts for use in the "arenas".



The Silver Huntsmen have a few small bases connected by a vast, underground system.



There is a known base entrance located at the outskirts of the Viridian Jungle; it appears as an old warehouse. It is currently unknown if most of the base is underground, or if there are other entrances.





The Silver Huntsman are one of the major contributors to the hunting, poaching and live capturing of Mobius' wildly varied fauna. They sell parts from the creatures they kill on the black markets of Mobius, like Sylph wings/tails/antenna, Tiebúron teeth, and Tizheruk horns. Some creatures, such as Pilvegi and Denkitachi, are also sold live through an illegal pet trade, and some creatures are sold in bulk as exotic food, also through the black market.

The thing they are most well known for, however, is the cage fights they sponsor, where different creatures are captured and driven to aggression through through mental and physical abuse, behavioral modification, and, for predators, mild starvation (not enough to kill but enough to make them hungry and therefore aggressive). Sadly, these cage fights are wildly popular, and The Silver Huntsmen make the bulk of their cash through the sponsoring of these glorified cock fights.


Despite their massive influence, The Silver Huntsmen still manage to keep a surprising amount of discretion to them. This is due primarily to their ability to operate well out of the public eye, and their heavy usage of the black market; even the cage fights they sponsor aren't publicized, and anyone who wants to see them needs to know exactly where to look.

Allies and Enemies



  • G.U.N -
  • The Elemental Clans -
  • The Storm Syndicate - The Eurishian branch of The Silver Huntsmen have clashed with The Storm Syndicate on more than one occasion, and the currently living members of the Adesso family seem to be against poaching.
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