These are all the members of The Silver Huntsmen. Apart from those that actually own and run the group, there are different roles with multiple individuals to fulfill each one.

Inner Circle

The highest-ranking group of The Silver Huntsmen, they answer directly to the currently unknown head of the Huntsmen, and all of the others answer to them. There are eight members total, one for each continent of Mobius.


They're responsible for going out and hunting down the various creatures, and bringing them back, either dead or alive. Poachers are frequently armed with various guns (typically pistols and rifles) and melee weapons (such as Energy Daggers, Energy Tonfas, and Energy Staves); they also carry around tranquilizer guns.


They primarily act as guards, keeping a lookout in the various posts that lead into the much larger underground areas of the various bases. The buildings they guard typically front as mundane things like warehouses, farms, and even abandoned buildings. It is not uncommon for watchers to carry weapons as personal protection.


They sell the various "goods" (valuable parts of slain creatures or entire, live creatures) on the black market.


They're responsible for "taking care" of the many creatures used in the cage fights. They use their skills to essentially train the creatures to be aggressive, through mental and physical abuse, behavioral modification, and mild starvation for predators. Despite this, they are also responsible for keeping their charges in top physical condition, and act as veterinarians. For this reason, severe physical abuse and starvation are prohibited.


They act as spies, gathering all kinds of information for The Silver Huntsmen; an important part of their job includes keeping track of enemy organizations. It is not uncommon for runners to carry weapons as personal protection.

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