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The Shouka Tribe was considered the oldest of Mobian beings, with their oldest documented discoveries being around 6000 years ago; 2000 years before the creation of the Gizoids. The Shouka's are considered to be the most prominent of the three ancient civilizations, the other two being the Nocturnus Tribe and the Knuckle Tribe. Around about 4000 - 5000 years ago, the three clans merged and became a Pseudo-kingdom built of a hierarchy; the Shouka's were at the top, being the most prominent clan, followed by the Nocturnus Clan, and then finally the Knuckles Clan.

About the Shouka Tribe

Natural Chaos Energy

Whenever a new child is born into the Shouka Tribe, they contain a small amount of Chaos Energy within their body, which, as time progresses, begins to expand and accumulate more and more, much like how red blood cells multiply and calcium makes bones become stronger and grow. With sufficient training, a member as young as 12 years of age can begin to utilize different powers, such as flight, extrasensory powers, small blasts of energy and so forth. Also, because they contain such levels of Chaos Energy, they are also capable of using various Chaos based abilities, such as Chaos Spear, Control, Blast and such. as one gains much more control over their Chaos Energy, they are capable of achieving their Super and Hyper Forms without the use of Chaos Emeralds, due to the levels of Chaos Energy they harbor, as well as being able to easily control it.


All members of the Shouka Tribe look near identical depending on their gender; the males of the Shouka Tribe have black heads with red bodies, to which their heads are composed of spines along the back, while the front have strands or styles of hair. However, it is possible for a Shoukan to have their head composed completely of hair or spines, or have no front fringe at all.

Female Shoukan are all pink, and like their masculine counterparts their heads can compose of a combination of spines and/or hair. However, all females have a front section of hair or spines.

All members of the Shouka Tribe are born with different looking spines and quills; some of them having hair instead of spines or quills. It is often said that those who possess naturally turned-up quills are supernaturally powerful, as was the case of Illidan and Shinras. Also, because of their levels of Chaos Energy, a Shoukan is known to live for hundreds of years.

Shoukan Law

Shoukan Law has no documented date of origin, but the earliest of these laws could be found dating back to the reign of Malfurion. It is unknown of how these laws were concieved or enforced, but there are notable examples of where these various laws have been used.

Shoukan Law has only been used towards Shoukan Hedgehogs and, even after the pseudo-kingdom of the Shoukan, Nocturnus and Knuckles tribes, continued to do so; Nocturnus and Knuckles clansmen were exempt from these laws, but only if they are not on Shoukan lands. If a person were to commit a fellony upon Shoukan grounds, they would be prosecuted and punished by Shoukan Law.


Humility is the most basic of punishments Shoukan Law dictates. The punishment of Humility is often enforced in which physical assault, acts or larceny, vandalism or other general crime is the act of which will be punished.

The person(s) is shackled to the stocks within the central area of the village and is then pelted with produce that is mouldy or otherwise unfit for consumption. The culprits remain in th stocks between two to eight hours depending on the severity of the crime(s). They are not fed during this time, and are given fresh water every two hours.


The punishment of Penance is often accompanied by the punishment of Humility. Its jurisdiction falls under the same areas of crime that Humility follows, but the punishment can be afflicted upon the person(s) in place of Humility, or with it.

The act of Penance are several lashing for a minute every half hour. If used in conjunction with Humility, the torture is made public. If not, it is done privately. The lashings are done across the back and purposefully avoid striking anywhere that can be considered major or fatal. Penance is often only done to person(s) who commit drastic crimes that fall under Humility, or if they have a previous conviction.


Banishment is the punishment of exile; a person(s) who would be Banished are no longer allowed to set foot on Shoukan lands, forbidden to interract or communicate with Shoukan residence who are on Shoukan Lands, to claim anything from a Shoukan or from a Shoukan-affiliated element, or to sustain themselves on nourishment which is considered Shoukan property. If any of these are broken, the person(s) banished are marked for death on kill-on-sight orders.

A person(s) can be banished due to repeated offenses or convictions, or as an alternative to some of the other, more drastic punishments. Banishment can also be used following the Humility and/or Penance punishments, at the jurisdiction of the King/Queen.


Execution is considered the first of drastic punishments that Shoukan Law can provide. The act of execution is the taking of a person's life that has commited murder or an attempt to murder. In a lot of cases, the offense of murder or attempted murder has been met with the act of Execution, although rare cases instead see the punishment of Banishment or Solitary Confinement.

Execution can be done in a number of ways. The most common practice is beheading at the hands of an Executioner; this can be done via chopping block or via guillotine. Another form of execution is through Mind Snap, in which the executioner discharges enough Chaos Energy to completely shut down and destroy the brain. The last of these executions is through disintergration, in which the King/Queen themselves use their Chaos powers to disintergrate the person's whole body.

Solitary Confinement

Solitary Confinement is similar to Banishment, but instead the person(s) is held deep within the earth upon Shoukan soil and imprisoned there for thousands of years. The act of Solitary Confinement has not been much documented and is unknown if it is an actual law or an alternative to a different one. The only instance found of this punishment was towards Illidan, who was imprisoned after creating the Well of Arcanum.

End Time

End Time is the greatest of all punishments under Shoukan Law. End Time is said to of never been excercised because no one had ever been reckless enough to risk being punished under it. The act of End Time is the use of Chaos energy to inflict powerful and inescapable prisons to which a person(s) is held there for all of time.

The act of End Time was used only once towards Penance and his family. His father was tossed down a bottomless pit, shackled by unbreakable chains forged in the heart of a Dwarf Star. His mother was thrown into the event horizon of a collapsing galaxy. His sister was trapped in every mirror in existance. Penance himself was suspended in time itself to walk across the earth over and over again tirelessly.

Attire and Ranking

Each member of the Shouka Tribe will wear one of eight different attires, depending on their rank and status within the tribe; the first is a blue Gi with white boots, this being what all new warriors wear. The second is a pair of black pants with no shirt, as well as a necklace and wristbands, this being what the more experienced warriors will wear. The third is a pair of white pants with a blue tribal kilt fastened by a gold belt, but still donning the necklace and wristbands, this is what the most powerful warrior will wear. The fourth is white tribal robe, which is a beginner medic, while the fifth robe is the same thing but with red and gold trimming. The priests have a green robe, which is the beginner priest’s robe, while the experienced priest dons a darker green robe with black and purple trimming. The last attire is, of course, the leader's, which is the same as the highest warrior attire, but with golden earrings and white cape.

History of the Shouka Tribe

  • 8,330 B.C. - Cenarius, the first King of the known Shoukan Hedgehogs, would found the Shoukan Tribe and dynasty. He and his consort, Tyr, would parent the Shoukan Malfurion.
  • 8,100 B.C. - Cenarius dies of natural causes, leaving his wife Tyr a widow to their then unborn second child. Malfurion would look after them both. Illidan is born into the Shoukan Tribe.
  • 8,000 B.C. - Illidan, seeking more power, created the Well of Arcanum to give him and his people more energy, but at the cost of attracting demonic forces. After a war that lasted several years, Illidan was imprisoned for 10,000 years by his brother, then-king, Malfurion.
  • 7,468 B.C. - Malfurion dies of old age at 962 years, but not before shortening the imprisonment of his brother to five thousand years in hopes that he will be forgiven. Malfurion's wife, Tyria, was given position of Queen.
  • 7,046 B.C. - Jinrai was found at the age of 5 by two Shouka Hedgehogs; Erika and Jushin, and was raised in their village as a Shouka.
  • 7,032 B.C. - Jinrai had left the Shouka Village after Devil had revealed to him that it was the Shouka Tribe that had been attempting assassinations on him.
  • 7,002 B.C. - Tyria dies of natural causes, allowing her daughter, Azshara, to become Queen.
  • 7,028 B.C. - Jinrai came across a Knuckles Tribe temple, and was soon discovered by one of their own, and taken to a small settlement, where he became one of their own.
  • 7,026 B.C. - Having been part of their settlement for a while, Jinrai was given orders to help out around the place, first told to aid a medical woman named Gina, who then became his love interest. After a while, Jinrai was given orders to aid Enerjak, an Echidna researcher, in discovering alternate energy sources to advance the Echidna way of life. It was revealed that Enerjak used the newfound Angel and Devil powers to make himself a God, and proceeded to destroy the settlement as his first task. Jinrai lived and after finding Gina's body, swore revenge on Enerjak. He was then given the powers of Divine by Angel, and proceeds in his journey.
  • 7,022 B.C. - As Jinrai’s malice and rage began to build up, Devil confronted him, stating that he will give Jinrai his Dark Powers in exchange for placing a curse on the Shouka Tribe; once every 1000 years, a person bearing the mark of the Devil will be born, and will soon become a soldier for Devil. Jinrai carried out the task, and afterwards was given Devil's powers of Darkness. With this, Jinrai became somewhat immortal.
  • 6,957 B.C. - Jinrai had noticed activity in the world, with Angel aiding him in locating Enerjak. However, Devil had told him that Enerjak's armor had become infused with the wearer's powers, and thus could not be penetrated easily, and that Jinrai was still vulnerable to his attacks. Angel and Devil, in a mutual partnership, infused a set of armor, called the Omega Raiment, which would easily withstand Enerjak’s attacks.
  • 6,622 B.C. - Jinrai and Enerjak would encounter one another, with Jinrai easily defeating Enerjak, by plunging his hand into his chest, although not causing any physical harm, and pulled out his soul, and crushed it in his hand. After Enerjak's defeat, the world was safe once again, and Angel came to collect on Jinrai's vow, declaring that he now served God. Jinrai responded that he already does serve a God; himself. He proceeded to divulge that he will not serve God or the Devil; only the unfortunate souls that were torn by war and conflict on earth, declaring he will use the powers of Omega (his Divine and Darkness powers) to help mankind. Angel smiled, and respected that he chose a noble path.
  • 6,279 B.C. - Jinrai’s body had become withered through the strain of his powers, and was considered Deceased, although his soul lives on as a God. He then became the deity of the Shouka Tribe and the Knuckles Tribe.
  • 4,628 B.C. - Illidan, with his harboring energies, managed to break out of his imprisonment and fled the Shoukan lands. However, with his escape he and Azshara attracted the forces of Morganna a second time in promise of greater power. However, using demonic powers given to him by Devil, Illidan instead fought against the invasion and Queen Azshara. Hoping he would be forgiven, Illidan was, but because of his pact with demons, was banished from their homeland. Illidan accepted with no quarrel.
  • 4,202 B.C. - Astradamus is crowned the new king of the Shouka Tribe after over 400 years of having no ruler, due to his amazing power.
  • 4,000 B.C. - it is documented that, because some of the users of the Shouka Tribe could not use Chaos Energy as effectively as others, the priests decided to create containers that would house an infinite amount of Chaos Energy to grant them powers for a short time. Using a ritual that lasted for five days and nights, the priests empowered brilliant round cut segments of Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Citrine, Diamond, Kunzite, Agate, Onyx, Nuumite, Bronze, Silver and Gold with infinite amounts of Chaos Energy, which would then become the Red, Blue, Green, Light Blue, Purple, Yellow, White, Pink, Orange, Black, Grey, Bronze, Silver and Gold Chaos Emeralds respectively. However, because of the huge levels of Chaos Energy, the molecular structures of the Bronze, Silver and Gold used was then further condensed, crystallizing them, and thus becoming a gemstone that had a transparent and also metallic look to them.
  • 3,000 YB.C. - the Shouka, Nocturnus and Knuckles tribes merge as one combined kingdom, based on a Hierarchy System, lead by Lord Astradamus, who was also the first person to achieve a Super Form.
  • 2,600 B.C. - Lord Astradamus passes way from old age, crowning his eldest son Sharrath the new King.
  • 2,500 B.C. - The priests find that the Chaos Emeralds are being misused and that their Negative Energy was beginning to leave powerful side effects on its warriors. Secretly, they were moved to a temple near the center of Angel Island by order of Lord Sharrath, which would later become the well known Shrine. The priest named Testament would succumb to the powerful Negative Energy, quickly dying, but with the last of his energy would transfer his life-force into the minerals in the ground beneath him. As time passes, these minerals form together, creating what we call the Master Emerald.
  • 2,478 B.C. - The Shoukan General of the Yggdramon Royal Guards Penance, and his family, would attempt to steal the Chaos Emeralds. The plan failed, and each of them served the ultimate Shoukan Punishment of End Time.
  • 2,450 B.C. - A warrior by the name of Kasu would be given the task of finding the lost priest. After years of searching, he comes across the shrine created 50 years earlier. However, after communicating with Testament, who was now the embodiment of the Master Emerald, would then become a powerful demi-God, in exchange for his protection as a guardian of himself and the newly born Chao. Kasu, having accepted the offer, then became Chaos.
  • 2,038 B.C. - Shinras would be born into the clan, and quickly excelling towards the status of being one of the most powerful warriors.
  • 2,018 B.C. - Gaiva, also known as Summers, would be born into the clan. His father would call him Gaiva, while his mother called him Summers. He would be the one child to be born through the Devil's Curse.
  • 2,012 B.C. - Shinras would be crowned the new King after the fall of Sharrath; his death was never explained. At the age of only 26, Shinras was their youngest King.
  • 2,006 B.C. - Because of the growing tension of the Nocturnus and the Knuckles Tribe, a full scale war broke out, eliminating the 1000 year old alliance, which then began to rack up the body count from all three sides. The Shouka Clan decided to side with the Knuckles Tribe, aiding them with their enormous power, but the instigator Lord Ix was, surprisingly, equally as powerful. After a few months, Shinras was ambushed and was taken away by Ix's new inventions, the Gizoids. However, Ix had the idea to combine a living organism with a robotic exoskeleton as well as a few internal components. In the end, Shinras was transformed into Gizoid type 00 - Gai'Vahros.
  • 2,003 B.C. - The last recorded account was the time when the Shouka's told Pachacamac, the leader and warmonger of the Knuckles Tribe, about the Chaos Emeralds. However, as Pachacamac tried to take them by force, the entire Shouka and Knuckles Tribe were annihilated, besides for Summers, whose parents used their Chaos Control to send him 4004 years into the present, and Knuckles by unknown means. The Nocturnus, along with their Gizoids including Gai'Vahros, were then dragged into the Twilight Cage by the Argus, while Tikal, who could communicate with the Master Emerald (Testament), agreed to become the Chaos Emerald's second Guardian in exchange for containing Chaos (Kasu).
  • 1,592 B.C. - Illidan, thought to be the last remaining Shoukan alive, found the Dark Portal in which Morganna used to invade their world. Entering the realm, he assaulted the main base of Morganna's fortresses and laid siege to the Black Temple; the stronghold of the ruler Magtheras and Devil the Fallen. Killing Devil and imprisoning Magtheras beneath the temple, Illidan crowned himself the new ruler of Morganna, now renamed Outworld.

Key Figures in Shoukan History

  • Cenarius was the first crowned king of the Shoukan tribe, having a wife, Tyr, and two sons; Illidan and Malfurion.
  • Illidan was the brother of the king Malfurion and was considered the greatest dishonor of the Shoukan after recklessly attracting demonic forces, although some believe that his sacrifice when he became a demon to fend off the second invasion was admirable, especially those who would be born several thousand years later. Illidan believes himself as the last Shoukan in existence after the rest were destroyed. Known as the Betrayer, he now lives in the realm of Morganna.
  • Malfurion was the older brother of Illidan, and thus became the king after succeeding his father Cenarius. Wise and powerful, Malfurion was very forgiving, especially of his brother Illidan after his reckless actions in creating the Well of Arcanum. Malfurion died of old age, leaving behind his wife and queen, Tyrius, and a daughter, Azshara.
  • Devil the Fallen is a demonhog who resides in Morganna, who staged both invasions on the Shoukan lands for the Well of Arcanum. Devil was the one who granted Illidan his demonic powers, ordered Jinrai to place the Mark of the Devil on the Shoukan Clan, as well as giving him his dark powers. Devil was slain over three thousand years ago by Illidan.
  • Tyria was the wife of Malfurion, who became his widow some hundred years later. After Jinrai was brought to the villages, she allowed him to stay, and kept her eyes on him. However, after Jinrai left, she found and executed all members who established assassination attempts, or who were involved in them, against him. She died some time after, leaving her daughter, Azshara, as queen at the age of 365.
  • Jinrai was the only non-Shoukan to of been a part of the tribe. However, after various attempts of his life he left and ended up joining the Knuckles Tribe. In time he would become the enemy of Enerjak, but after a century of searching for him managed to kill him. However, Jinrai soon died of natural causes, his spirit becoming a God. He is the first person to use Omega Energy; the energy of both Light and Darkness. He became a Deity of the Shoukan and Knuckles Tribes.
  • Queen Azshara was the oldest reigning leader of the Shouka Tribe, with her rule lasting for nearly 1400 years. However, her rule was tyrannical, waging war against the Dragon Clan which caused them to relocate away from the Shoukan Lands. Later in her reign, she would attract the forces of Morganna a second time with Illidan after his escape. However, Illidan would turn on her, killing her and driving back the forces of Morganna.
  • Orion-Sigmus was a famous researcher during Azshara's reign who conducted findings about natural life, as well as Chaos Energy, which at the time he named Atmus Energy. His findings were magnificent; so much that his research ignited a sudden rise in the clan's power, using this energy for fighting. It was because of this research that the Shouka Tribe managed to win during the war with the Dragon Clan as well as to repel Morganna's forces during the second invasion. All of his findings were recorded into The Book of Orion Sigmus
  • Astradamus was the newly elected leader of the Shoukan Tribe due to his huge power from Orion-Sigmus' teachings. Astradamus was the one who ordered his Priest Council, the Order of God, to create the 14 Chaos Emeralds. Years later he would create an alliance with the Knuckles and Nocturnus Tribes, becoming their leader by displaying the first ever Super Form with the use of several of these emeralds. However, Astradamus would later die from old age, leaving his eldest son Sharrath as the new king.
  • Sharrath was the eldest son of Astradamus, who became king after his father's passing. After seeing how the over usage of these emeralds were beginning to kill their users, Sharrath ordered the Priest Council to secretly move them away to a hidden location without the knowledge of the Knuckles or the Nocturnus tribes. Sharrath would die only 400 years into his reign from circumstances unknown.
  • Testament was one of the priests of the Order of God who was tasked to relocate the emeralds. However, his constant contact with them caused his body to degrade rapidly; in the end he used his life force to become one with the earth around him. During the years after his death, his life force began to attract numerous minerals together, eventually becoming the Master Emerald. Along with the other priests, he would become a Chaos Guardian.
  • Kasu was a strong warrior who was asked by Shinras to find Testament after his disappearance. As he found the shrine where the emeralds were relocated, he conversed with the Master Emerald, who was Testament. After some time, Kasu agreed to become his protector as well as the Chao guardian, becoming Chaos.
  • Shinras is a powerful warrior who was often compared to Astradamus. After Sharrath's death, Shinras suspected the Nocturnus to of committed the murder. It is said that Shinras caused a lot of tension with the Nocturnus, and was the reason for their leave of the alliance and why they waged war. Shinras was captured during the war and was transformed into a Gizoid.
  • Penance was once a high ranking general within the Shoukan army, achieving the rank of High Warrior. However, after the relocation of the Chaos Emeralds, he and his family attempted to usurp the current King with them and claim immortality. However, their trek to the emeralds caused each one of them to suffer fates of loneliness for the end of time.
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