The shining Family consists of beings who have Mephiles's and Memphis's Dna. The family have High strengths and low weaknesses but are vunerable to each other.


Mephiles the Dark (Eldest brother)

Memphis the Shining Demonhog (Eldest brother, father figure,)

Matthias the Shining Darkness (Youngest brother)

Destiney the Hedgehog (Younger sister)

Mordrid the Dark Sun (Youngest brother)

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Feather Children

These characters are feather fragments that came from Memphis and then came to life. They are legitly the children of Memphis. Bringing them all together will lead to something amazing.

Feather of Protection: Angeloz the Light (Brother) (15)

Feather of Power: Angelaz the Light (Sister) (15)

Feather of Life: Memphimas the Corrupt (Sister) (18)

Feather of corruption: Zenix the Corrupt (brother) (17)

Feather of Love: Harnima the Light (sister) (16)

Feather of hatred: Matrix the Endless Void (Brother) (unknown)

Feather of Wisdom: Serina the Light (Sister) (16)

Feather of Darkness: Asmode the Dark (Brother) (15)

Feather of Light: Trinaty the Light (Sister) (17)

Feather of Unity: Memphis the Kid (brother) (13)

People considered family

Lightning "Selenia" Blisslight

Annamaria the Wolf

Gale the Hedgehog

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