Spectating characters are allowed to join in, as long as they don't interfere with the sparring.

The Dojo Spar

Rhyme the Hedgehog watched from the stands to see how her sister, Rhythm, was doing. Rhythm had managed to sneak out once to this place without telling her, but if this was going to become a recurring event, Rhyme was definitely keeping an eye on her sister's progress.

Meanwhile, Rhythm the Hedgehog skipped towards the doorway of the mountain's training dojo, excited to come back and try for another match after seeing how her last one against Rosie went; completely unaffected by the fact that she'd failed last time, Rhythm was happy that she'd gotten anywhere at all and wanted to prove this time that she could do even better using her full powers.

At the doorway, Rhythm suddenly remembered that she was supposed to remove her shoes at the door. As a result, she pulled up so abruptly that she fell over backward. Picking herself up and rubbing the backs of her legs, Rhythm removed her shoes and entered the room, looking a bit embarrassed at having slipped, both figuratively and literally.

Thankfully for her, it did not take long for her sparring buddy to appear at the door. Already in her black dobok with light-blue trimming, Rosie the Echidna steps into the dojo with a calm glance already directed on her friend. She wasn't even a teensy bit bothered about being called back in for a rematch. Rhythm was respected, had a great attitude and took defeat with her head held high. As far as Rosie was concerned, she'd gladly spar with her as much as she wanted. The echidna was actually pretty eager to see how well her past opponent improved. The HED Mobian warrior casually slips out of her green sneakers at the door before walking up to Rhythm and giving her a respectful bow.

"Hiya there! You called?" Rosie asks, beaming down on the albino hedgehog with a friendly smile.

"Yep!" said Rhythm excitedly. "Since our last match, I've been training a lot—"

"Technically, you haven't," Rhyme called in, interrupting her sister.

Rhythm gave her sister a bemused expression, then continued, "I've been training a bit and thinking about how to get better, so hopefully I'll learn from last time and get better! And even if I don't, this should help for the future..." Rhythm closed her eyes and grinned. "It's really nice to know that I can practice here with you where the worst thing that'll happen would be loss and not, y'know, temporary death or other incredibly painful stuff."

"I wouldn't let you go in here if that stuff happened," Rhyme chimed in.

"Yeah, well, I wouldn't want to anyway," said Rhythm, opening her eyes again. "Anyway, I should stop monopolizing the airspace. Did you want to say something, Rosie?"

Rosie giggles a bit before she responds, "Actually, I was just listening to you but I'm more than happy to spar with you again.  If I remember correctly, you wanted us to fight with our powers this time, right?"

Rhythm nodded vigorously. "I still haven't forgotten how stupidly I knocked myself out without powers last time," she said, giggling nervously. "Maybe this time, I'll at least get to practice with what it would really be like if I were fighting before I throw myself headfirst into a wall again!" Rhythm grinned as Rhyme quietly facepalmed.

"Haha, I hear you!" Rosie answers. "Just keep in mind that I can get pretty crafty with my aura and Ninjustu techniques, so you better not hold anything back, this time!"

"I won't!" Rhythm said, taking a few steps back. "Ready for this when you are...I'm still not sure how to start fights, so you should probably do that again."

Not having a problem with re-demonstrating her starting ritual for sparring matches, Rosie brings her hands to her sides and bends her upper body forward for a respectful bow towards her opponent. Afterwards, she rises back up, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. Within seconds, a light-blue aura flare begins to form around her body, gradually intensifying with her spirit. The warrior clenches her fists, crosses her arms in front of her chest then swiftly chambering them back to her sides, causing the flare around her to erupt with a short flash of energy before it slowly fades out of sight. Although the aura blaze had disappeared, Rosie's body became amped up from her spirtual energy flaring up, resulting in a boost in her physical abilities. Now all ready to rumble, the echidna's eyes snap open with a calm smile as she shifts into her Taekwondo fighting stance, waiting for Rhythm to prepare herself.

Rhythm copied Rosie's bow (albeit somewhat awkwardly), but was temporarily stunned when she saw Rosie's aura blaze. Keeping herself from exclaiming about how cool the aura was (although the expression on her face made her admiration obvious), Rhythm put up her own, invisible, time-accelerating field. A confident grin shot across her face as the field went up. "Let's do this!" she said, bursting towards Rosie about twice as fast as Rosie would have seen her move before. Despite not making any overt attack gestures, Rhythm was ready to hit Rosie if Rosie didn't move, or to at least try to adapt if she did...or, alternatively, to move to the side if the fight wasn't actually supposed to have started yet.

Despite already noticing the sharp boost in her speed, Rosie stands her ground as she eagerly waits for Rhythm to approach, drawing her in close as she stands by until the very last moment in her opponent's assault. One thing was for sure though: If the hedgehog was ready to move this fast during combat, she was sure this was going to be one fun spar! The warrior couldn't wait for Rhythm to make her first move.

Rhythm, noticing Rosie's lack of movement, spun around 180° with one arm outstretched, trying both to land a hit on Rosie and to keep herself from rocketing into the far wall due to her continued movement. However, Rhythm didn't have a backup plan for what would happen if Rosie snagged her. Luckily for her, Rosie simply just threw an outside right arm block to stop Rhythm's wide punch, but still attempts to counter with a sudden side kick at the hedgehog's face to knock her back. Afterward, the echidna would dash after her foe with two, fast straight punches to the chest and a quick uppercut to the chin.

Rhythm got hit by the kick, but started spinning rapidly with one leg slightly outstretched, which—due to her chronal acceleration—let her regain her speed in time to block Rosie's punches. However, the uppercut still took her by surprise, causing her to stumble and fall backwards into a seated position.

Getting an idea for how to avoid more hits, Rhythm curled herself into a ball and launched herself in a random direction, using her chronal acceleration to keep moving in this state. However, as she'd never tried this before, this resulted in her going bouncing randomly around the arena for the next several seconds.

From the stands, Rhyme muttered, "My sister is going to be so dizzy when we get home..." She then propped her chin on her hand to get a better look at how Rosie was going to react to Rhythm's random trajectory.

Rosie remained nice calm as her opponent ricocheted all over the place like a pinball, allowing her to better sense which way Rhythm was coming at her by feeling her aura. Hence, the echidna gracefully leaned, sidestepped, and twirled out of the way of her opponent's attacks before suddenly spinning into a hook kick to bat the curled up hedgehog towards one of the dojo walls. "Hyah!!"

Rhythm went spinning towards the wall from the kick, but moved time back to its normal speed around her, slowing her down and giving her enough time before hitting the wall to uncurl and twist into a proper position for kicking off the wall. Rhythm then sped up time again, kicking off the wall and landing on the arena floor on all fours (minus one hand) before pulling herself into an upright position again. Grinning, she said, "Your turn again!" as she moved into a blocking position.

Rosie couldn't help but to giggle a bit, Rhythm's chipper attitude being quite contagious for an already energetic fighter. The echidna eagerly snaps back to her stance, preparing to dish out the next attack. "Alright then!"

Rosie dashes up the hedgehog once more, closing the distance the between in less than a second to throw a quick right jab to the face. Not letting up the pressure, the echidna brings up her right leg to follow up with a quick roundhouse kick to Rhythm's leg hip, quickly snapping her leg back and chambering it to fluently add in another roundhouse kick to the face while letting out another kiai. "Hyah!"

To be continued on the Shaolin Mountains server...

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