Spectating characters are allowed to join in, as long as they don't interfere with the sparring.

The Dojo Spar

As sunlight leaks in from the windows of the mountain's training dojo, Rosie the Echidna is resting in the middle of the wooden floor of the quiet structure, kneeling in a peaceful meditating position, facing away from the door.  She was currently donning her favorite black Taekwondo dobok with light-blue trimming, her feet currently bare of her green sneakers, which were neatly placed against the wall, near the doorway.  She was in a dojo setting after all so it was common courtesy for one to remove their shoes before entering. A clear, eager smile was visible on the warrior's face as she relaxes her body and mind, for she was awaiting the arrival of a sparring partner.  Rosie was barely able to contain her excitement.  Ever since the Shaolin Mountains had been fully established as a settlement for wander warriors, a decent chunk of fellow martial artists had already been coming in.  This was going to be her first sparring match in the training dojo that wasn't with one of the panda monks.  The echidna warrior was totally stoked for this friendly match up.  All there was to do now was to wait for her opponent to show up...

Rhythm the Hedgehog half-walked, half-danced into the room, looking incredibly excited and saying under her breath, "I am so totally pumped for this!" Upon seeing Rosie, she stopped, did a double-take, waved, and said, "Hi! Are you Rosie? If not, could you show me where Rosie is? I'm supposed to have a match with her right around now."

Noticing someone walk in, the echidna rises to her feet and turns to face the albino hedgehog girl. She chuckles a bit as she answers, "Yep. I guess that means you're Rhythm, right?"

"Yeah, that's me!" said Rhythm. After a quick look at the doorway, the smile suddenly faded off her face as she said, "Oh, I'm so sorry! I forgot that I was supposed to take off my shoes at the door." Rhythm quickly backtracked to the door and removed her boots, leaving her in her white coat and pants. She returned to where Rosie was and said, "OK, now that that's out of the way...what's first?"

Glad her acquaintance was honoring the fact that was in a dojo, Rosie smiles as she responds, while cracking her knuckles, "Well, I suppose we get right to the action! Remember, we're settling this with just our bare-handed fighting skills, so let's keep our powers and weapons out of this. Deal?"

Rhythm nodded, then backed up a few steps and said, " start this, I don't know what to do first. This is kind of my first time, heh..." Rhythm grinned nervously. "I almost don't want to do this because I hate hitting someone I like, but since this is just practice and we're not doing this too seriously, this is fine, right? Anyway, you start this, I don't know the usual procedure."

"Alright," Rosie answers, nodding. "But you really don't have to worry about landing a couple of hits on me. Just give it your best shot!"

At that moment, Rosie slightly bends her upper body forward, performing a martial artist's rei, or bow, as a sign of respect before battle. Afterward, the echidna quickly shifts into her Taekwondo-style fighting stance with a peppy smile on her face, waiting for her opponent to prepare.

"Ready?" Rosie politely asks, not wanted to commence her attack before her opponent was fully prepared.

Rhythm, who had awkwardly bowed when Rosie did, said, "Sure, let's do this!" A confident smile suddenly appeared on her face as she moved into a defensive position.

Noticing Rhythm was all set, Rosie suddenly dashes forward in a burst of speed, coming at the hedgehog with a quick straight punch to the face, then one more to her chest. As always, she was keeping her attacks fast yet simple to test her friend's defenses.

Rhythm moved one arm in front of her face, just barely getting it there in time to block Rosie's first punch. She then moved her other arm slightly, keeping it by her chest to block Rosie's second punch. After managing to block Rosie's attacks, Rhythm then spun around on her left foot while extending her right leg to try to kick Rosie in the back from around Rosie's left side.

Rosie lightly smiles, already impressed with her opponent keeping up with her attack speed, as she sharply turns ninety-degrees counterclockwise and throws up her left arm to block Rhythm's kick, letting out a peppy kiai. She then thrust her right foot for a forceful front kick to the chest to push her opponent back, while letting out another kiai shout. "Ha! Hyah!!"

Rhythm was pushed back by Rosie's kick, then put herself in a defensive position, trying to figure out what to do next. "That wouldn't work..." she said under her breath, "and that wouldn't work, and..."

While her friend had her guard back up, Rosie quickly closes the distance between them to throw another straight punch to the stomach, bringing up her other hand for a quick uppercut to the chin.

Rhythm blocked the stomach punch, but couldn't quite block the uppercut, causing her to lean to her right to dodge it and thus lose her balance. Trying to take advantage of her lost balance and avoid falling over, Rhythm started spinning counter-clockwise with her right arm extended, using an arm version of her previous spin move to try to hit around behind Rosie. The echidna's reflexes kick in an instant as she abruptly throws back her right hand to grab her opponent's arm and stop her punch and counter with a strong back kick to the face with her left foot.

Rosie's kick sent Rhythm spinning faster, causing her to lose her balance and fall over. While on the floor, she continued spinning until she smacked into the wall head-first. Feeling dazed, Rhythm said, "Spinning...spinning...I should probably not do that so much. I need to learn to get better at this..." Rhythm tried to pull herself up, but went limp again. "Mind giving me a hand up?" she said. "I can't really fight more until the world stops looking blurry, so you win this one..."

Rosie giggles a bit as she walks over to her fallen opponent and squats down slightly to offer Rhythm a hand up, as requested. "Yeah... You shouldn't really do those kinds of techniques when you're not used to spinning like that, especially repeatedly. But that was a good try!"

Rhythm looked sheepish as she grabbed Rosie's hand and pulled herself upright. "I'm usually much better at avoiding repercussions from these spinning moves when I can use my powers," she explained. "Of course, it's probably just as well that I learn how to avoid relying on them, just in case my powers get sapped at some point..." Rhythm's face suddenly lit up as she started heading towards the door. "Gee, this was really fun! We should do this again some time! I mean, it could probably be in any mode here, I'd be fine with whatever, but this was just a really cool experience!...even if I made myself look like an idiot..." Rhythm said, laughing a bit.

"Haha, of course!" Rosie answers, cheerfully. Even though the match was rather short, it was a pretty fun fight with a new friend. "Maybe I could give you a few pointers, next time!"

"Sounds good!" said Rhythm, getting to the door and putting on her boots in preparation for leaving. "See you around here some time!"

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