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Temple Battle

As the panda monks of the mountain gather near the outer edge of the arena, kneeling down in front of the temple entrance, they prepare to spectate her first-ever Temple Battle since people began to settle in the area.  The first combatant, Rosie the Echidna steps near the center of the field, dressed in her favorite white headband, a black Taekwondo dobok with light-blue trim, with a black belt tied firmly around her waist, her feet bare of her green sneakers as per her uniform.  The young was so pumped for her first real match with one of her fellow warriors of the mountain, hence she could barely contain her excitement.  Light-hearted sparring matches were always fun but the real test came the more intense fights where both sides give it their all against all odds.  There was no telling what her opponent would be capable of, though that only added to the level of excitement for the sakura echidna.  She eagerly waits for her opponent to step up to the arena so they could start the match.

Link Prower entered the arena at top speed, leaving a sonic boom behind him. He screeched to a stop, his muscles relaxing. The long crimson cord he wore moved with the wind he'd dragged in. His boots and gloves were the same tan color, matching his fur and allowing his scarf to stand out from the rest of him. He'd faced some tough enemies, but some voice in the back of his head told him this... pink martial artist wasn't gonna be easy to take down.

"Howdy!" He shouted.

The warrior echidna's headband flutters in the forceful wind that followed behind her now-present opponent as she focuses her full attention on Link. Already having witnessed a demonstration of the lynx's speed made her even more excited to fight him. She was so ready for this!

"Hiya there! Glad you made it," Rosie replies, a determined glare in her eyes, accompanied by an eager smile. "I hope you're ready for a workout because I'm giving this match all I've got! Are you ready for this?"

"I guess so," He said, raising his fists, ready to duel.

Seeing that her opponent was already set to brawl, Rosie proceeds to bend into a respectful bow before suddenly snapping into her Taekwondo fighting stance with a loud kiai. Her feet were evenly spread apart, lightly bouncing in her stance, with equal weight distribution within both legs. Her fists were up at chest height with her body shifted sideways, left hand in front, and determined glare remained lit in her eyes. The echidna was ready to fight! Once the Panda Monks noticed that both combatants were ready to begin, one of the female pandas calls out:


At that moment, Rosie quickly dashes forward at her opponent, leaving behind a pink blur as she closes the distance between her and Link in less than a second before letting loose a quick one-two straight punch combination to the chest then face. But as fast as she was, Link caught both punches, and tried to knee her in the stomach, making use of how close she'd gotten.

Rosie smirks as she quickly brings up her left foot to clash against Link's knee with a hard front kick, pushing back his attack before leaping up into a jumping stretching kick to the chin with her right foot, striking with enough force to send her foe into the air. "Hyah!"

Link spun his hands, catching her foot in between his wrists, however Rosie still had one foot free so when her right was captured, she swings her other leg for one more kick to the chin while swiftly tugging her on her right leg, slipping it free from her foe's grasp during the counterstrike. Link recoils for a second from her attack. He swings a punch that causes him to spin around once, following it up with a sort of sideways spin-kick.

Upon flipping back to her feet, Rosie shifts back to her stance with an aggressive smirk before leaning out of the way of Link's punch. When his spin kick was closing in, the echidna acted fast and skillfully parries the attack downwards using an axe kick with her left leg. She then hops up onto her left foot and retaliates with a right roundhouse kick to the lynx's ribcage, retracting her leg afterward before following up with another roundhouse kick aimed for the left cheek. "Hyah!"

He raised his left arm, blocking. After doing this, he went for a straight punch to her face. Rosie acted fast and quick snags the incoming punch with her right hand before spinning into a close-range elbow strike to the stomach, trying to knock the wind out of her foe. If successful, she'd follow up by hurling Link over her shoulder with great force, tossing him into the air and putting him within range of a sudden curled-up homing attack to his back to knock him across the arena floor. Almost as if slow motion, Link charged his own signature move, the SoulBlast. The glowing move gave off several sonic booms as it flew towards Rosie at a nearly unimaginable speed.

After both homing attacks clashed in midair, Rosie bounces off her opponent and flips back to her feet, snapping into her fighting stance with an impressed smile on her face. The echidna giggles a bit with glee, enjoying the fight so far. Link moves into a relaxed position, giving Rosie the next move. Noticing he wasn't about to make a move until she did, Rosie obliges and dashes towards him once more. Only this time, she'd vanish in a burst of pure speed before getting too close, using her Quick Step technique to suddenly dash to behind her foe to try and psyche him out with an abrupt knee strike to his back. "Hyah!!"

Link was hit, a few vertebrae being smashed by the powerful move as he was thrown forward. He stood up after landing, feeling his back. "Yeesh, you hiding a battering ram or something on ya?!" He shout-asked.

Rosie giggles, keeping her attacking leg lifted for a while in a graceful crane-like stance before setting it down and shifting back to her stance. "What can I say? That's pure warrior power!"

Eager to continue, Rosie goes on the offensive once more and dashes towards her opponent. Her excitement was gradually building as the fight, her thirst for battle not yet sated. Her fiery spirit was more than willing to clash more with her speedy opponent.

"Come on! Don't let up on me now!" The warrior encourages her opponent as she hops up into a graceful, vertical spin, throwing a vicious tornado roundhouse kick at Link's head. "Hyah!!"

Link tried to duck but one of his broken vertebra popped out of his back, causing him to stand back straight in screaming pain. Thusly, Rosie hit him straight with her crushing move. The moment she heard her opponent cry out in agony after her foot slammed the lynx in the face, Rosie's face softens in concern. She knew then that Link must've sustained a big injury from the knee strike, earlier. Upon landing to the ground, she shifts out of her stance, not wanting to continue if her opponent was too hurt to go on.

"Whoa, are you okay?!"

"Yeah, just give me a sec..." Link blurred, and several other fragments of busted bone fell to the ground. "Huh, I'll be feeling that later..." He said, yanking the one piece out of his back. "OK, I should be good now." His ear-tufts dimmed a bit, moving his SoulBound energy from his tufts to his body.

"Okay..." Rosie says, a tint of uneasiness in her voice as she shifts into her stance. She was definitely worried about her opponent but if he was willing to keep going, she didn't want to belittle his capability to fight.

Once again, Link waits, letting her go first, so Rosie eventually makes another dashing approach at her opponent, throwing a quick jab at his face. Link grabbed her wrist, using it to spring to behind her. Once there, he charged a Soulblast. Right before the hit could connect to her backside, Rosie acts fast and utilizes a Substitution technique to replace herself with an illusionary copy take the Soulblast for her. As the copy bursts into a puff of smoke upon impact, Rosie would appear at Link's right side as he lands to deliver a fast volley of two roundhouse kicks, aiming for the stomach then face. Link noticed with a few seconds before impact. He did a sort of sideways spin, slipping in between the kicks.

Upon seeing such an impressive evasion, Rosie's peppy attitude returns. She became more convinced that Link was okay to keep going, making her comfortable with the match once again. That being said, the warrior performs a Quick Step to dash up close to her opponent, throwing a fast uppercut to his chin before following up with a spinning elbow strike to the stomach with her other arm and a side kick to the chest. All three hit, tossing Link around like a ragdoll and dropping him to the ground, where he stopped moving. After her combination succeeded, Rosie snaps back to her stance to wait for her opponent to get back up, only to see that the lynx wasn't standing back to his feet.

With everyone thinking she made the final knockout blow, Rosie relaxes from her stance for a moment while two of the panda monks from the sidelines step onto the field and towards Link. They kneel towards him and extend their hands towards the fallen warrior, summoning some form of mystical healing energy from them and shrouding Link with the glowing veil to heal most of the wounds he had sustained in battle. He stood up, but as an adverse reaction to magic; Link's tufts, the physical display of his SoulBound energy, had turned black, the energy hiding.

After seeing Link back on his feet, Rosie warmly smiles and begins to walk towards him. The panda monks that helped heal the defeated fighter happily step aside to allow the two warriors to converse as Rosie continues to approach, performing one more quick bow at her opponent as a post-battle sign of respect and sportsmanship.

"Good fight," Rosie says, looking at the lynx with a pleased expression. "You really are quite the trooper there, friend!"

Link responded by falling asleep in the dirt. Rosie was a bit caught off guard by this but she giggles a little bit, understanding that her opponent must have been pretty tired after the match. The two panda monks from earlier approach Link once more before grabbing him and gently carrying him off of the battlefield to allow him to rest inside of the temple.

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