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The Temple Battle

Wearing her brown hair in a ponytail, Akura Jade the Wolffox walked into the arena, donning a white sports bra and shorts. She wore her trusty red boxing gloves, and she was prepared to battle. I wonder if my opponent is prepared, 'cuz I'm not holding back even a little! she thought, flexing her arms.

Rinnahssiah-3 the Panther moved quietly into the arena, wearing her usual blue athletic attire. She sped up somewhat and started moving more casually once she realized that the arena was completely outdoors and that her opponent was already there. She held up her hand and closed it in a slight wave to Akura, trying to alert her opponent to her presence without dropping her own barriers just in case Akura was the type to attack instantly and without warning.

Akura winded up her fist. "So, you're the fella I gotta beat, right?" She pumped her fist into the air. "I'm not holding back! You better be ready!"

"I am ready," said Rinnahssiah-3, lowering her own arm from the wave earlier and shifting her weight onto her right leg, letting her left slide out slightly from beneath her. "From the looks of it, you're almost...too ready."

Akura gave her a thumbs-up with her boxing glove. "You know it! Now, make the first move! I'ma get this show on the road!"

"I don't make first moves," said Rinnahssiah-3, smiling.

"Fine then! I won't reject that," Akura said with a smile. Winding up her arm, she charged at Rinnahssiah with a golden first, trying to slam her glove into her chin, which would release an explosion.

Rinnahssiah-3 simply slid to her left as she'd been preparing to do since several seconds earlier, then spun around to face Akura's side and punched at where Akura's side would have been (provided that Akura hadn't rotated to block this move).

Akura predicted the counter and blocked it with her arm. Then, she tried to grab the arm Rinnahssiah had hit with with one glove, and a portal appeare behind her. If Akura's grabs succeeded, a golden fist would pop out of it and hit Rinnahssiah's back.

Rinnahssiah-3 continued spinning, keeping her from having her arm grabbed, then dropped to avoid being hit by whatever might have come out of the portal and rolled a bit to get out of the portal's range, moving herself into an upright position distance a short distance away from Akura. From there, Rinnahssiah-3 moved into a relaxed position, ready to react to Akura's next move.

Akura dashed to Rinnahssiah, seemingly trying to punch her face. In response, Rinnahssiah-3 drop-slid ahead of her and to her side, trying to make Akura fall over forwards from the force of Akura's punch into where Rinnahssiah had been. However, this had been a feint - underneath Rinnahssiah, a golden portal appeared, and a large golden fist popped out of it.

Rinnahssiah-3 twisted around the golden fist, trying to grab the edge of the ground at the portal to keep herself from falling into the portal. Akura scratched the back of her head. "Haha, I was not expecting that. But how're you gonna dodge this?!" The golden fist began to go back into the portal, and Akura lunged forward to try to punch Rinnahssiah's head.

Rinnahssiah-3 pulled herself up by her hands, trying to simultaneously flip herself out of the portal and kick Akura's arm, which would hopefully get Akura out of the way for long enough for Rinnahssiah to avoid getting hit by whatever Akura was planning on next and maybe make a move of her own. She succeeded, and Akura's arm was knocked into the air, throwing her off-balance. Akura smiled at Rinnahssiah before releasing a flurry of punches, aiming for Rinnahssiah's cheek.

Rinnahssiah-3 rolled slightly to try to avoid Akura's punches from her prone position, although she still got hit in random places by a few of the punches. After this, Rinnahssiah pulled herself to a standing position, where she stood still, trying to regain her balance in preparation for whatever she'd need to do next. Akura lunged forward, smiling at Rinnahssiah's multiple attempts to dodge, before throwing her fist down in an arc, trying to slam her head down to the ground.

Rinnahssiah-3 spun to the side to avoid getting hit by Akura's fist, hitting at Akura's arm to try to throw Akura off-balance. She succeeded, and Akura smiled, spinning around. This probably isn't a legal boxing move, she thought, twirling before trying to slam the back of her glove into Rinnahssiah's cheek. Rinnahssiah-3 tried to dodge, resulting in her getting hit in the shoulder, being thrown off-balance, and staggering backwards for a bit, trying to regain her balance. "You're pretty good at this," she said, trying to use the time to avoid getting hit again before she could reliably stay standing.

Akura didn't hesitate. As soon as she hit Rinnahssiah's shoulder, she opened a golden portal, and the same large yellow fist from before showed up out of it, aiming for Rinnahssiah's face. As a result, Rinnahssiah-3 barely had time to finish speaking before abruptly dropping to her knees to avoid getting hit in the face. Turning the fall into an awkward drop-roll, Rinnahssiah-3 tried to get to her feet and out of Akura's line of fire, but wasn't quite fast enough, as Akura curved her punch quickly after Rinnahssiah had attempted to dodge. "You're pretty quick!"

Rinnahssiah-3 got hit in the back by Akura's punch, leading her to try a different tactic. Pulling herself into a ball shape—not too difficult in her prone position—Rinnahssiah shot across the arena floor in a spin dash, giving herself momentum by shooting away from Akura and up one of the walls, then sliding down the wall and shooting back at Akura at high speeds in an attempt to hit or at least confuse her. She ended up hitting Akura's leg, making the wolffox trip and land on her stomach, momentarily stunned. Rinnahssiah-3 took advantage of this to spin around and ready herself to try to strike Akura back down as soon as she'd start to get back up.

Akura rolled, getting up with a rolling jump and sending an upwards punch that didn't nearly hit Rinnahssiah... or so it seemed. A portal opened yet again, and the large yellow fist did a curved uppercut. Rinnahssiah-3, who had tried to block the initial punch, didn't quite expect the uppercut, and, as a result, only managed to partially dodge it, forcing her to brace herself as much as possible to try avoid falling as soon as Akura sent her next attack.

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