This page is designed as a bit of a 'roleplay hub' for battle and casual roleplay stories, especially for martial artist characters. It's mainly inspired by The Bloodied Hands Arena. ^w^

History of the Mountain

In a remote part of Mobius, near the continent which houses the village of Chun-Nan, lies a vast mountain range neighboring a nearby forest.  Within it lived a tribe of panda monks that made their home in a quiet temple at of the highest mountain.  During one of her travels, Rosie the Echidna managed to discover the mountain temple and the monks who lived there, along with one more person:  A prideful warrior coyote in a black gi who forced the native panda monks into servitude.  Obviously disliking what she saw, when Rosie confronted the coyote about his poor treatment of the monks, he immediately challenged the echidna to a fight, agreeing to back down and leave the mountain should he lose.  Needless to say, the coyote was prompted defeated and was forced to leave the temple in disgrace.  The panda clan rejoiced, insisting that Rosie would make her home in the temple for as long as she wanted.  Although reluctant, she agreed to their offer in attempts of being polite yet, even then, she didn't want to just keep the place to herself.  Knowing that the mountain range would make a great gathering area for fellow warriors to meet and train together, Rosie felt that such a place should be shared.

With the panda clan's permission, Rosie had her new friends set out a message to the surrounding area, calling forth all fellow martial artists and warriors alike to come and visit the mountain range, either as a new home for wandering fighters or as a little vacation spot.  Rosie even worked with the monks to make the area more suitable as a warrior refuge, including adding in a little training den on the west end of the mountain and an array of houses near a beach to the east.  Although nervous of the thought of having even more visitors to their home, the panda monks eventually grew hopeful and eager to have fellow martial artists explore the mountain.  Once everything was set, the panda clan named their mountain settlement after their savior:  The Shaolin Mountains.   ...Even if Rosie had little say in the matter.


  • With the exception of arc roleplays, no jumping into to other roleplay subpages without asking.  Other characters can join into Training Dojo roleplays, with the main users' consent, to watch but a separate spectator section must be made for Temple Arena matches so the serious battles won't get interrupted.
  • No Godmodding. Only focus on controlling your character's reactions and don't try to control others. Also, if a battle takes place, fight fairly; I know that winning a match is very satisfying for some but don't try cheap tactics just to win or 'be better than the other character', such as auto-hitting and Insta-killing. Your character can throw multiple attacks, within reason, but give the other character a chance to react.
  • Invincible or completely-unbeatable characters are forbidden from participating in Temple Arena matches.
  • No killing the other character during fights.
  • Responses must be in paragraph format, at the very least. No Script-format responses! At least use complete sentences to make your responses more descriptive.
  • Keeps things PG at most, meaning no sexual activity and curse words must be censored.


With Pages

Character Name User Age Description Rival(s) Wins/Losses
Rosie the Echidna Rosie the Echidna 16 A peppy martial artist from the Hidden Emerald Dimension and the main person behind The Shaolin Mountains becoming a settlement/vacation spot for fellow martial artists. After saving the native panda monks that inhabit the mountain temple, she worked together with them to make the area more inviting for other people to visit. She loves a chance to spar with a new friend and better herself as a warrior. Terra 1/0
Terra the Ocelot MaxIrvaron 17 The disciplined guardian of the Wild Wind Village, Terra actively trains to make sure that she gets a chance to hone her skills. With her speed, claws and agility, Terra is a fearsome opponent! Rosie/White 0/0
Alexia the Hedgehog MaxIrvaron 15 Terra's cryokinetic apprentice and the Wild Wind Village's second-in-command when it comes to shopping for materials and protecting the village, Alexia occasionally comes to spectate and study battles... even if she doesn't like combat that much herself. N/A 0/0
White the Rabbit MaxIrvaron

21 Alban Ainekas, aka White, is a determined rabbit from Trikon City. Coming to the mountains to test his legs capabilities, White mainly uses kicks in battle, which are powerful due to them being cybernetic. Along with the ability to fire, well, fire from them, White isn't one who's going to back down! Terra 0/0
Tina the Bat MaxIrvaron

20 Tina Dante the Bat is White's best friend, and though fighting isn't exactly her main thing, she makes sure that she gets some training in to prepare for possible threats. Tina also specializes in kicks, and though she doesn't have cybernetic legs, she can fly, which gives her air mobility a good boost. Along with her gun, Tina is no pushover! N/A 0/0
Kyle the Hedgidna MaxIrvaron 13 Kyle Camalire the Hedgidna is the prince of the Camalire Kingdom. Kyle is always wanting to better himself in order to prove himself a valuable asset to the kingdom, so he trains here, utilizing his sword, Rakunsa, psychokinesis and pyrokinesis to the maximum. Sephtis 0/0
Sephtis the Eagle MaxIrvaron 12 The latest in a very long line of legendary assassins, Sephtis is a hyperactive trainee who wields his spear, Kyoya, with great skill. With it, he can control wind, and even without it, he's very skilled in physical battles and in the air. Kyle 0/0

Without Pages

Character Name User Age Description Appearance Powers Rival(s) Wins/Losses
Ethan the Hedgefox MaxIrvaron 25 Ethan Jade the Hedgefox is an optimist from Cobalt Village, trying to enjoy whatever comes his way. Always seeking to entertain, Ethan will surely try to make his battles fun and exciting! A green-furred hedgefox with orange, spiky fur that seemed like hair on his head but you could see were actually quills on his back. He has lilac-colored eyes. Ethan manipulates green-colored crystals (and though we can really use all of them, he prefers green as his primary color), allowing him to make them manifest in multiple forms. Ethan prefers to either manipuate them to make two crystal swords or use the shards for ranged battles. N/A 0/0
Beta the Lynx MaxIrvaron ??? Beta the Lynx is the Creation God's former attendant... though she doesn't remember any of it. Fairly emotionless, naive and calculating, Beta will be searching for the fastest method of victory. a white-furred lynx that had blue hair and blue stripes on her arms and legs. She dons a short-sleeved jean jacket that was open at the bottom and a grey skirt. Beta wields a grey four-star shuriken that is even bigger than herself! She also has telekinesis, allowing for her to use the shuriken in many tricky ways for close and ranged combat. N/A 0/0
Akura the Wolffox MaxIrvaron 20 Akura Jade the Wolffox is Ethan's younger adopted sister. Akura always wants to show her skill and is out to impress, so if you're up against her, watch out! She's definitely not going to hold back. Akura is a boxer, using boxing gloves and specializing in punches. However, she also has ergokinesis, which allows for quick and powerful attacks. By giving up her ergokinesis for an amount of time, Akura can summon a six armed, grey skinned creature called Viceryn, but this takes up a considerable amount of energy. N/A 0/0
Rinnahssiah-3 the Panther Wikikinetic 25 Rinnahssiah-3 the Panther is one-fifth of the world-destroying being formerly known simply as Rinnahssiah. Seeking to redeem herself for the actions of the being who she was created from and get better at protecting people along the way, Rinnahssiah-3 is here to make sure that, if she ever needs to defend someone, she'll be good enough to do it. Rinnahssiah-3 is a female panther with black fur and bright blue eyes. She has black wavy hair with blue highlights that comes down to the bottoms of her shoulder blades. She generally wears a blue sleeveless shirt, blue shorts, black socks, blue sneakers, and blue fingerless gloves, as well as wearing blue athletic tape around her elbows and knees. Rinnahssiah-3 is a martial artist of undefined type, using punches and kicks to wear down opponents. She's not particularly strong, but she is very fast, both with running speed and with attack speed, allowing her to strike fast, dodge fast, and keep opponents from out-distancing her. N/A 0/0
Rhythm the Hedgehog Wikikinetic 27 Vanessa Alexa Yamesis, usually known as Rhythm, is usually a musician and one half of the musical duo Rhythm and Rhyme, but she also has an interest in self-defense and having a good fight, so she's come here more as a hobby than anything else. Rhythm is a female hedgehog with white fur and peach colored skin. Her eyes are separated, with light pink irises and large, silver eyelashes. Her quills are spiky and reach to approximately the middle of her back. For attire, she wears a long white coat with light pink trim, black pants, white boots with light pink soles and laces, and white gloves with light pink fingers. Rhythm is a martial artist of undefined type who relies on her chronokinetic ability to speed up time in her local area in order to deliver fast attacks to her opponent. While extremely fast with both attacks and defense due to her chronokinesis, she is undisciplined and thus is extremely exploitable. N/A 0/0
Rhyme the Hedgehog Wikikinetic 27 Cassandra Amara Yamesis, usually known as Rhyme, is Rhythm's twin sister and the other half of Rhythm and Rhyme. Although she doesn't have an especially big interest in being here, she's been dragged along by Rhythm mostly for 2v2 battles, and figures that she might eventually fight here solo if she finds battles to be interesting enough. Rhyme is a female hedgehog with white fur and peach colored skin. Her eyes are separated, with azure irises and large, silver eyelashes. Her quills are long and spiky, reaching to her waistline. For attire, she wears a long white coat with azure trim, black pants, white boots with azure soles and laces, and white gloves with azure fingers. Rhyme, like her sister, is a martial artist of undefined type who relies on a chronokinetic ability. However, unlike Rhythm's ability to speed up time in a local area, Rhyme slows down type in a local area. Her slow and careful fighting style, combined with this ability, allows Rhyme to deliver very precise attacks to anyone who gets close enough to her to get hit. N/A 0/0
Ringmaster Skyblade743 52 The Ringmaster is the owner of the superpowered fight club known as Disaster Club, making sure rules are abided by and to punish those who cheat. Trepidence Proudclaw is the current Ringmaster, and has come to the mountain looking for a battle on his level that his own fight club can't provide. Ringmaster is a Mobian Lion, having a thick mane of hair around his face. He usually wears a slightly ruffled top hat and tails, although he rarely wears the top hat when fighting. He carries a cane in his left hand, although whether he uses it in combat or not is up to what he feels like. His face is old and scarred, but his eyes still blaze with a light that is yet to die out. Ringmaster has no powers. However, he makes up for this with his exceptional speed and his combat knowledge, regularly thinking 2 steps ahead of the opponent and being able to predict their movements. Like many Mobian lions, he has sharp retractable claws. N/A 0/0

Area Map

The entirety of The Shaolin Mountains consists of six main areas, including the neighboring forest area and village.  With the exception of the Temple Arena, roleplays don't have to be restricted to just one of these areas or arc roleplays.  Participants are allowed to make roleplay subpages whenever they please, as long as their intended partner agrees to the intended roleplay.

Mountain Temple

The Temple at the very top of the mountain range is the place where the Panda Monks reside in.  The inside of the dojo provides a soothing, quiet atmosphere which is perfect for meditating.  The monks have no problems with allowing visitors to join them for a bit of quiet meditation to help melt away the stress of the day.

Temple Arena

Just outside of the Mountain Temple lies a wide, open arena which is mainly reserved for serious battles and tournaments.  As fellow warriors themselves, the Panda Monks will spectate each match and volunteer as medics and even referees to oversee each match and heal the combatants' injuries afterward.  The arena itself is shrouded with a mysterious, invisible veil of subtle healing magic, assumingly set by the Panda monks, which provides just enough healing energy to keep serious injuries from becoming fatal, including dangerously severe burns and even stab wounds.  The Panda would surely hate to see any battles to the death, thus such fights are forbidden.  Also, in addition to spectating each fight, the panda monks will also record the progress of each combating warrior as a little game to themselves, keeping track of each of their wins and losses.

Match Types


A classic all-out match against two warriors.  Each fighter keeps battling on until one is unable to continue.

Quick Match

Similar to One-vs-One but the match works a little more like boxing.  Whoever gets knocked down, by a hard strike or throw, onto the ground three times first losses.

Battle Royal

Four warriors fighting and everyone's on their own.  It's every fighter for themselves in this crazy four-way match!  The last one left standing is the winner.

Tag Battle

Two teams of two warriors battle together against the other team (with any combination of characters and users) but only one fighter from each team can fight at a time, kinda like a wrestling match.  Teammates can tag each other in and swap out whenever necessary but when one fighter from a team is unable to continue, the other must carry on alone while the other watches from the sidelines.  Whichever team defeats both fighters from the opposing team wins the battle.

Multi Battle

Similar to a Tag Battle but both fighters from both teams can fight all at once.  Whichever team defeats both fighters from the opposing team wins the battle.

Group Battle

Two teams of three to five fighters face off against each other, with only one fighter from each team battling at a time.  Unlike with a Tag Battle, teammates can't tag each other in so everyone's taking turns, switching out only when a teammate is defeated.  Whichever team defeats all members of the opposing team first wins the battle.

Ready for Battle

Simply replace the question marks with your character's name if you'd like to battle the other person. Note that they have the right to accept or decline the request.

(Template:  <Username> - <Character Name> vs ???: <Match Type> )

Training Dojo/West Mountainside

On the west end of the mountain range, lies a quiet, little dojo surrounded by cherry blossom trees, serving as a small training area for warriors to hone their skills either alone or with a partner.  As such, this area is perfect for friendly sparring matches.  As the Panda Monks aren't overseeing the matches conducted in the dojo, wins or losses here will not be recorded but, if the settling warriors seek it, they can invite specific fighters to the dojo and challenge them to a training spar of their choice.

Spar Types


A pure martial arts battle where both fighters are restricted to using only their bare hands and feet to fight.  This type of spar is great for practicing developing your character's hand-to-hand combat skills in a fun, friendly fight.


Both warriors are allowed use a weapon of their choice to battle the other.  As soon as one fighter is disarmed and forced to yield the battle's over.

Power Battle

Both warriors are allowed to use their hand-to-hand skills along with any powers or supernatural abilities they might have in an intense sparring match. Just don't destroy the dojo in the process! XD


Add the name of the character you'd like to challenge, along with the character you want to use, in the appropriate places. Note that the user of the challenge character has the right to accept or decline a challenge.

(Template: <Username> - <Character Name> challenges <Challenged Character> to a <Spar Type> sparring match.)

Settlement Beach/East Mountainside

To the east of the mountain range is where a neat array of small, cozy huts, or houses, are set for settling warriors to rest in, making the area seem a bit more like a resort.  Especially with a pleasant, sparkling beach residing right near them.  Residents of the mountain can each of their own hut to themselves, relax and enjoy the sights after a hard day of training.

Mountain Base/Forest

The very bottom of the mountain range serves the entrance into The Shaolin Mountains as well as a nearby forest, which is actually a border dividing the mountains from a village area, a few miles away.  Crossing the forest is the main means of reaching either the village or the mountains, depending on which side you're on.

Village Area

On the other side of the forest is a small village, separate from The Shaolin Mountains.  Not many martial artists reside here but the villagers still manage to maintain their own way of life and usually live peacefully and without a care.  Although some cases of bandit attacks are known to occur here...

Current Roleplays

Temple Arena - Akura vs Rinnahssiah-3 (Quick Battle)

Training Dojo - Rosie vs. Rhythm (Power Battle)

Archived Roleplays

Training Dojo - Rosie vs. Rhythm (Hand-to-Hand Sparring Match)

Temple Arena - Rosie the Echidna vs Link Prower (One-vs-One)

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