A dark copy of Scorch has awoken because of various previous events. What will this dark copy do? Will he fulfill his goal of killing Scorch and becoming raw power or will Scorch fight back? Who knows? Anything could happen...

Here's some sidenotes:

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  • Just a quick warning as well. Chapter 5 is quite dark in terms of how it's written and could be seen as quite morbid too sooo.... yeah.

Included Characters

Main Characters:

  • Scorch the Hedgehog
  • Katherine "Katy" Feline
  • Dark Scorch

Supporting Characters:

  • Greg T. Bear
  • Joe Cheetah

Minor Characters

  • 'The Anchor-Woman'
  • The nurse

Mentioned Characters

  • Jules Hedgehog
  • Bernadette Hedgehog
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Sir Charles "Chuck" Hedeghog
  • Doctor Cristina Thorne
  • Doctor Ivo Robotnik

The Scorch Stories: Book 2 The Faker


Aboard The Captain’s Bride, Mobotropolis Outskirts.  Day 241 of the year 3220 – 12 minutes after leaving Mobotropolis.

Well, I did it. I proposed to Katy. The best thing is that she said yes. I’m so happy. I still can’t believe I asked this early though. I’m only seventeen! Oh well, too late now. I wonder what Blue Sea Isle will have to offer. I’m hoping it will be the paradise I and Katy had seen in the photos. It probably will be, I’m just being paranoid. That confrontation with Thorne was intense. I was filled with so much rage, I couldn’t control myself. I’m glad she dead though. She was willing to kill everyone in Mobotropolis for a science experiment. The pain from the atom bomb was excruciating although still not as painful as the laser. Oh man, I need to stop thinking about the past and concentrate on the present. You know, about what we’re going to do for the wedding and stuff.

“Oh, Scorch, you don’t realise just how happy I am,” Katy said still wiping away tears of joy.

“Trust me, Katy, I do. You’re the first person I can really love,” Scorch replied.

Scorch and Katy were sat on a boat known as The Captain’s Bride, quite fitting seeing as what just happened. He was thinking about his parents, but he just couldn’t remember. He wanted to but he couldn’t. Katy saw that whatever he was thinking about was troubling him.

“What you thinking about?” she asked.

“W-what?” Scorch said coming back to reality.

“You were thinking about something.”

“Oh, I was just thinking about you.”

“As lovely as that sounds, I know you weren’t. C’mon, what’s up?”

Scorch sat there for a moment, thinking what he’d say.

“My parents. I want them to come to the wedding,” he replied chocked at the fact that he knew they can’t come.

“Hey, it’s alright. We can put off the wedding until we find them,” Katy replied.

“What? Are you sure?”

“My mother once told me that you don’t need a wedding to be in love.”

Scorch smiled and Katy smiled back, as per the usual.

“Okay, if you fine with it, I am too. Thanks, Katy.”

Katy gave a quick kiss on the cheek then went off to explore the vast boat that they were on. This left Scorch to wonder where his parents might be and how will he know when he’s found them. He has no idea what they look like.

Chapter 1: Settling In

The House, Blue Sea Island. Day 242 of the year 3220 – 1 day after leaving Mobotropolis.

The house that they moved into was everything the brochures and picture said it would be. A beautiful island paradise for a couple to live in peace. The house overlooked the ocean and it’s nice to see the blue sea glisten in the midday sun. Despite all this, Scorch and Katy were unpacking. They arrived at the island late so they had no time to unpack before going to bed. They had almost finished unpacking something when Katy had realised something had gone missing.

“Uh, Scorch? You haven’t happened to see a large purple gem anywhere have you?” she asked.

“No, why?” Scorch asked.

“I might need it.”

“What would you need a gem for?”

“Um… stuff,” Katy said not revealing its true purpose.

The gem Katy used to own was actually a Chaos Emerald. She didn’t reveal why she needed it because of the extreme power each one holds. They were a secret that only two families and person knew about. Her family, the Royal Family and an echidna that goes by the name of Locke are the only ones that know of the Emeralds. Her family isn’t really allowed to know, but do any way due to her father’s previous occupation of being a treasure hunter.

“Oh yeah, stuff, I get it,” said Scorch sarcastically.

“Darn it, Scorch. All right if I tell you what it’s for you have to promise not to mention this to anyone,” she replied, giving in to the sarcasm.

“All right, tell me.”

“The gem is called a Chaos Emerald and whoever wields, whether they’re good or evil can use this power. When the person has all seven, a miracle or devastation is supposed to happen.”

“Wait, you said it was purple. I thought all emeralds were green,” Scorch said making fun of what Katy said.

“This is not something to joke about. These Chaos Emeralds have the power to do anything.”

“Look, Katy, we need time to get settled in. We just need to relax, we’ll have all the time in the world to look for it,” Scorch said.

“Yeah, your right. I’m sorry, in need to just sit down and relax,” she said.

“That what I like to hear. Come on lets go to the balcony,” Scorch suggested.

They both grabbed a deck chair from one of the boxes the Katy had brought and took them upstairs to the balcony. The laid the deck chairs out then laid down on them.

“This is nice,” Katy mentioned.

“Yeah, yeah it is,” Scorch replied.

Chapter 2: Emerging from the Darkness

Thorne's Lab, Unknown Location. Day 250 of the year 3220 – The Day of Emergence

The Day of Emergence has finally come to be. Now I will be released and be able to accomplish my goal; kill the hedgehog and become the true ultimate life form. He was just altered, I was created. He is still learning and I am the master. Once I find you, you will die, Scorch the Hedgehog and only then will my power be infinite.

The silhouette blocked the light from the room in which it was stored in. It walked down the dark, abandoned corridors of the labs. He passed her research lab and the place where Scorch received his power. It walked to the door. His only objective now was to find Scorch and kill him.

“At last I’ve reached the world,” said Dark Scorch opening the door of the lab.

“Now, to find the faker.”

As he said this, he lit up in layers of jet black and grey flames then flew off to go and find Scorch. He knew it would take him a few days, but he will find him. Soon.

The House, Blue Sea Island. Day 251 of the year 3220 – 1 day after The Day of Emergence

Scorch and Katy had finally settled into their new home when distressing footage was on the news was shown.

“A dark orange hedgehog has been terrorising West Mobotropolis for days. When we asked one of the citizens on the event he said that ‘this hedgehog has a very similar face to a nice young boy.’ The boy has been identified as Scorch, a 17 year old hedgehog who-” said the anchor-woman.

Scorch turned off the television not bearing to stand what she had to say anymore. He was furious. Why was he the one to be framed for the destruction of West Mobotropolis? Just because the hedgehog happened to look like him, didn’t mean that was him. The public thought otherwise. They now thought that Scorch was a terrorist and a threat to Mobius.

“I’m going after him,” Scorch said trying to hold in the rage. He didn’t want to hurt his new fiancé.

“No, you’re not,” Katy replied sternly.

“Excuse me? Do you see what he’s doing to Mobotropolis?” he asked angrily.

“Yes, Scorch I do, but do you see how powerful he is? If he can devastate an entire city on his own, what do you think he’ll do to you?” Katy asked.

“Hm, I don’t like it but I guess you’re right.”

“Look, if you’re going to try and take him down, you’ll need a team,” Katy suggested.

“Who will I recruit though?” Scorch asked.

“Well, you’ve already got your intel manager here.”

“You can manage intel? How come I didn’t notice?”

“Well, because my father was a treasure hunter, he needed to keep track of all the treasure by using computers. He taught me how to do it as well,” Katy replied.

“Okay then, that’s one person in. Who else?” Scorch asked eager to get moving.

“Well, I did meet a nice cheetah when I went grocery shopping earlier. I think he said his name was Joe and that he was trained in martial arts.”

“Okay, I’ll recruit him first,” Scorch said eagerly.

“Wait. Can’t you do it tomorrow?” Katy asked.

“Well no, not re-.”

“Please? For me. We haven’t spent much time together these past few days,” Katy asked.

“Alright then, for you,” Scorch said trying to smile through his anger.

Then they both sat on to sofa and watched TV. They sat close together. After a few hours, at around eleven o’ clock, Katy had fallen asleep on Scorch. Not realising that she had, he tried to get up. He then realise that she was sleeping and then sat back down, still with her head on his chest. Scorch smiled and hugged her and then decided to sleep himself.

Chapter 3: Creating a Team

The House, Blue Sea Isle. Day 252 of the year 3220 – 2 days after The Day of Emergence.

It was late in the morning, about nine-thirty, when Scorch woke up. As he woke up as did Katy. They smiled and she got up off of Scorch. Katy mentioned she was going to make herself some breakfast and Scorch just nodded, still not fully awake. He then turned on the television to see that the news was no longer talking about him, but about fuel prices instead. He changed the channel to a more comedic show. As he was laughing at the stupidest of things, Katy had found her precious gem.

“I’ve found it!” she yelled.

“Huh, what’d you find?” Scorch asked not really paying attention.

“A hamburger,” she said sarcastically, “What do you think?”

“Oh, yeah, right, the purple emerald thingy,” Scorch replied still not fully awake.

“It’s not just a “purple emerald thingy”, it’s the Chaos Emerald I thought I’d lost,” she said mimicking Scorch’s tired personality.

Scorch just stood there, eye’s half closed and not paying any attention at all to what Katy was saying.

“Alright, that’s it, you need coffee,” Katy said annoyed.

“Yeah, okay, cool. I’m going to watch TV now,” Scorch said lugging himself through to the kitchen door.

“Uh, no you’re not. You’re going to sit your hedgehog butt on that chair while you have coffee.”

“Fine,” Scorch complied yawning his head off.

Katy got a two mugs and a teaspoon and put one teaspoon of coffee granules in each mug and two sugars in each mug and added boiling water. Then she added a little bit of milk. She gave Scorch his coffee and he chugged it.

“Tasty,” he said.

“Um, what the heck was that?” Katy asked surprised at how he chugged hot coffee.

“What do you mean?”

“How did just drink a mug of boiling hot coffee in just a few seconds?”

“Oh yeah, I can withstand high temperatures. I thought you knew that already.”

“No, I didn’t. But it was quite fascinating.”

“Well, now you know.”

Scorch walked out of the kitchen and upstairs to the bathroom where he decided to take a nice hot shower to help wake him up a bit more. While he was in there, Katy made sure to keep her emerald safe, so she decided to keep it in a wooden box in their bedroom. A few minutes afterwards, Scorch came out of the bathroom wrapped in a white towel and walked into the bedroom to get dressed. Scorch politely asked if Katy wouldn’t look to which she found weird seeing as they were engaged, but agreed anyway. When he was dressed, he told Katy he was going to do some recruiting.

“Right then, I’m off to go get that Joe guy you talked about last night,” Scorch said.

“Alright then, see you later,” Katy replied staring at the emerald.

Scorch went downstairs, opened the front door and walked to Joe’s house. On the way he saw a nice looking workshop where a bear was repairing cars. Scorch decided to go and see if he wanted to join.

“Hey, nice workshop you’ve got here,” Scorch complimented.

“Oh, thanks. What can I do for you, sir?” the bear asked.

“It’s just Scorch,” he insisted.

“Wait a minute, you’re that dude off the news!” the bear exclaimed.

“Hey, don’t worry, I’m not him. He’s a faker, a copy of me,” Scorch insisted.

“Okay, I’ll trust you for now, but no funny stuff. You got it?”

“I understand.”

“So, what did you come for?” the bear asked.

“Well, I was going to ask if you could join my team to take down, well, me,” Scorch said, “We could sure use a good mechanic such as yourself.”

“Hm, well, I’ll join, just ‘cause you asked nicely. The name’s Gregory, but you can call me Greg.”

“Well, it’s nice to have you on the team Greg. I’m off to do some more recruiting.”

Scorch walked out of Greg’s workshop and off towards Joe’s house. People started to stare at him. He didn’t know why. He hadn’t done anything. But then he remembered the news. The faker, they thought it was him. Scorch just kept his head down and continued on to the house. He’d finally reached it and knocked on the door.

“Hello, are you Joe?” Scorch asked.

“Yeah. Oh wait; you’re Katy’s future husband aren’t you? Scorch right?” Joe asked.

“Yeah, that’s me. I’m recruiting a team to take down a person I like to call ‘The Faker’. Katy told me you knew how to fight, so I came knocking,” Scorch said.

“The Faker? Oh right, you mean the guy who looks exactly like you and is destroying Mobotropolis?”

“Yeah and don’t remind me please.”

“Sorry. I’ll join. My life’s been boring lately anyway.”

“Good, I’ll go tell Katy.”

Scorch then rushed back home to tell Katy about how the recruiting was going. He opened the door and saw Katy in the lounge staring at the emerald again.

“Hey, so I managed to get two people to help,” Scorch said.

“Oh, good, you’re home. The Chaos Emerald has been glowing ever since you left,” Katy stated.

“Okay. I have no idea what that means.”

“It means that there’s another emerald nearby. We need to find it,” she insisted.

“Okay, we will. But, we need to prepare for anything that might happen.”

Chapter 4: Bait

The Meadow, Blue Sea Island. Day 252 of the year 3220 – 2 days after The Day of Emergence.

So, we have a little bit of an army going on here, even though it’s only four people. We could make it work, I guess. I mean we can have Greg, Joe and I on the field whilst Katy gives us the intel from home. I wouldn’t want her to get hurt, that’s why I’m keeping her at home. Wait, is that too overprotective? No, it’s fine. As long as she’s safe, everything will be fine. This is probably the only mission I’m going to allow her on because it’s probably the safest out there. ‘Find a stone’. Couldn’t be any safer.

Scorch and Katy walked in the meadow searching for the second emerald. They’d been walking for hours searching for it, but the emerald glowed brighter and brighter by the minute which meant they were getting close.

“Ugh, how much further, Katy?” Scorch asked aching from all of the walking.

“Not much further, just like I said ten seconds ago,” said Katy starting to get annoyed with Scorch’s constant whining.

Scorch then saw a very bright, shining yellow light.

“Hey, what’s that?”

“The emerald!” Katy exclaimed.

She ran straight for the emerald in excitement. After they had this emerald, it up their chances of destroying The Faker by tenfold. Scorch was watching her run for it, but as she did, a dark cloud formed behind her. Inside the cloud a bright white light flashed in Scorch’s eyes. When the flash happened, the Chaos Emerald Katy sought after, crumbled to pieces in front of her. Then a hand grabbed her by the throat and turned her to face Scorch. He stood there blinded by the light, but as his vision was repairing itself he could see a dark red figure walk up to him, holding his fiancé by the neck. It was him, Dark Scorch.

“Scorch,” he said, “It is such a pity it had to come to this. If you hadn’t have killed Thorne, I wouldn’t have awoken.”

“You. You’re the one that been using my image to cause destruction,” said Scorch.

“Yes, I use your face and I am shamed because of it. But, do not forget that you were given your power, I was born with it,” Dark Scorch replied.

“Put, me, down!” Katy yelled choking in Dark Scorch’s grip.

“Katy? Katy! Put her down you monster!” Scorch yelled running towards Katy in an attempt to save her.

Dark Scorch, however, laughed at Scorch’s feeble attempt of attack and grabbed his face with his other hand and started burning the skin off of his face. Scorch screamed in agony as Katy was forced to watch.

“Oh, you mortals are so pitiful. It’s only a matter of time before you’re dead, hedgehog,” Dark Scorch proclaimed.

Then just as Katy became unconscious from being choked, Greg and Joe came to help. They’d heard the screaming and had seen the light before. Greg used a laser weapon of some kind and had shot Dark Scorch, making him drop Katy and take his hand off of Scorch. Joe was going to assault the faker when he pulled out a real emerald.

“Chaos Control,” Dark Scorch said before the white flash reappeared.

Dark Scorch had fled. Using Chaos Control, he was able to teleport to a different location. Greg and Joe rushed to go and help Katy and Scorch. Scorch’s face was burned, but his ability to resist heat had meant that it wasn’t going to scold. Katy on the other hand was unconscious from being strangled. Scorch quickly realised this and rushed over to her.

“Oh, damn it, Katy!” he exclaimed quickly getting over the pain of being burned.

“But, what about your-,” said Greg before being cut off.

“I’ll be fine. We need to get Katy back home, now!” Scorch ordered.

The boys then quickly rushed back home with Scorch, holding Katy in his arms.

“You’ll been fine Katy, don’t you worry.”

Chapter 5: A Dream or a Nightmare

The Dreamspace, Katy’s Mind. Day 252 of the year 3220 – 2 days after The Day of Emergence.

Huh? Where am I? Everything is white. I can’t see anything or anyone. What happened? The last thing I remember was Scorch being burned alive. That thing made me watch. After that, I don’t know what’d happened. That emerald was bait and I was an idiot for following it. I was just so obsessed with finding another one that I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on. Where am I? Am I dead? Is Scorch… dead?

Katy was dreaming. She hadn’t a clue she was though. Everything was blinding white and she couldn’t see into the distance. Suddenly, a dark figure came out of the distance and grabbed her by the throat. Then the environment changed to where she fell unconscious. She was forced to go through the same event. She was forced to watch Scorch be burned alive. This time though, she never fell asleep and Greg and Joe didn’t come to help, but she still felt the same painful, choking feeling. Scorch’s face started turning to a charcoal black colour. The char kept on moving down through his body, burning him alive on the inside. The dark figure had finished, but to top it off, he crushed Scorch’s head with his hand and turned him into ash. Katy wanted to scream but she couldn’t. She wanted to cry for help, but she couldn’t. It felt like someone had cut out her voice box. Then the figure’s face became visible. It was Dark Scorch. He stood there, smiling at Katy.

“Do you see what you have caused, Katherine? You lured him here. I planted the Chaos Emerald and you let me kill him. Now, to finish the job, with you,” he said in a dark, evil tone.

Then Dark Scorch threw Katy on the floor with immense force and continually punched her, over and over. To her the pain was unbearable, but Dark Scorch found that killing people was fun. Then, she took one last blow to the face before everything went white.

She woke up in agony and looked outside the window to see the whole of Blue Sea ablaze. She saw charred bodies and ashes everywhere. Then ghosts started appearing in her room blaming her for the destruction of the island. Jules, Bernie, her mother, father and Joe all blamed her for it. But then, the most disturbing and heart-breaking came to her. It was Scorch.

“You did this! Why did you let me die? The pain was so unbearable! Worse than the laser! Worse than Thorne! You got me killed! You murdered me!” he yelled before disappearing.

Katy cried in fear and regret. She thought she’d killed everyone in the world. Why did she have to go after the emerald? She should have known it was a fake? She felt she let everyone down. Then she cried herself back to sleep as the dark flames consumed her.

The House, Blue Sea Island. Day 253 of the year 3220 – 3 days after The Day of Emergence.

Hm. Now I know what Katy must have felt like when I was in that two week coma. She has been acting a little bit weird in her sleep though. She’s been crying. I don’t know why, but I’ll ask her when she wakes up.

It had been about a day since Katy was knocked out when she finally started to wake up. This was joyous for Scorch. When she did wake though, she jolted her head forward and was breathing as if she had just run a mile. Scorch had no idea what was going on. She looked at him, still huffing, and started crying. He went over to comfort her, still not having a clue what happened.

“Hey, what’s up?” he said hugging her.

“I thought you were dead,” she said crying her eyes out.

“Well, I’m not. I’m still very much alive.”

“B-but he burned your face and you just turned to ashes.”

“No I didn’t.  Did you have a nightmare?”

“I must have done,” she said still sobbing, “but it felt so real and I can remember it so vividly.”

“Hm. Come on, let’s go downstairs and talk about it over dinner,” he suggested.


They both went downstairs and Katy sat at the table. Scorch brought in the food. It was a nicely prepared pasta bake with three different cheeses melted into it.

“So, what was it about?” Scorch asked taking a bite of his meal.

“Well, he held me by the throat and made me watch you die,” said Katy trying not to cry.

“Oh, um, who did?”

“Dark Scorch.”

“Oh. Probably shouldn’t have talked about this over dinner then,” Scorch said realising why the dream had upset her.

Chapter 6: Time for the Rematch

The House, Blue Sea Island. Day 260 of the year 3220 – 10 days after The Day of Emergence.

It was midday and Scorch and his team were preparing for an assault on Dark Scorch. They chose to do it now after hearing on the news that he was terrorising Blue Sea.

“The hedgehog who was once falsely recognised as Scorch, has now been identified as Dark Scorch after the two were seen fighting in The Meadow on Blue Sea Island. He has been seen terrorising Woodsville, a small shopping town on the east side of Blue Sea. To whether Scorch will come to fight him again, is yet to be known. Stay tuned as the story develops,” the anchor-woman said on the news.

Scorch, Katy, Joe and Greg were all standing around a computer that showed a map of Woodsville. They were discussing the plan of attack.

“Okay, Greg, you see the charity shop on the corner here?” Katy asked pointing to a building on the map.

“Yeah I see,” he replied.

“You’ll go there with me while Scorch and Joe go for a frontal assault.”

“Um, may I ask why we have to do the frontal assault?” Joe asked.

“Well maybe because you and Scorch are the only two that know how to fight out of the four of us.”

“Oh all right then,” Joe replied, displeased with the answer he’d received.

Scorch was standing in the corner whilst the others were planning. Something was on his mind and Katy quickly took notice.

“Okay, you guys ready?” she asked.

“Sure am,” Joe said.

“Just give me a few more minutes to charge my laser rifle then we’ll be good to go,” Greg replied.

She nodded at the guys and then walked over to Scorch.

“What are you waiting for? Let’s go.”

“I don’t want you to go,” Scorch stated non-hesitantly.

“Excuse me?” Katy asked quite angrily.

“Do you remember what happened last week? Dark Scorch knocked you out!” he yelled.

“That’s because I was an idiot and chased down a fake Chaos Emerald. This time I’m ready.”

“I don’t like it. I don’t want you to get hurt,” he said calmly.

“It’s nice that you care that much, but I need to get revenge and so do you.”

“Okay, I don’t like it, but okay,” said Scorch with a worried look on his face.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” Katy reassured.

Scorch nodded and walked off, still not liking it. Greg’s laser rifle had finished charging, so the other guys walked outside with Katy following close behind. Outside, a storm raged around Blue Sea, particularly so over Woodsville. They ran towards the town. When they’d reached the outskirts, they’d taken cover by a destroyed car.

“Okay guys, wear this,” she said giving everyone an earpiece to wear.

“We all ready?” Scorch asked.

Everyone nodded. Scorch and Joe ran out of the cover towards the enemy but were stopped by Katy so she could say one final goodbye before the fight.

“Good luck, Scorch,” she muttered, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Scorch replied, “Now go, we have a faker to kill.”

Then they both parted ways with Katy and Greg going behind the town, into the alleys and Scorch and Joe going straight down the main road towards Dark Scorch. He was launching fireballs everywhere to destroy the town. Joe and Scorch were amazed with this as he did at least once every three seconds.

“Hey, Greg, do you know how he’s getting this many fireballs so quickly?” Scorch asked over the radio.

“It looks like he’s using the lightning to send an electrical charge through his body to give him even more power,” Greg replied.

“It’s a good thing I brought the emerald then,” Katy said to herself.

Dark Scorch then turned to prepare another fireball when he saw Scorch.

“Oh, Scorch, you lived through our previous encounter. Oh, well at least I can have some more fun trying to kill you this time,” he said launching the fireball at him and Joe.

“Joe, run!” Scorch yelled grabbing Joe and running closer to Dark Scorch.

“Okay, now you’ve annoyed me!” Joe yelled to Dark Scorch, cracking his fingers.

“You think your strong, cheetah? Think again!” Dark Scorch yelled back throwing another fireball.

Joe and Scorch weaved in and out of cover, dodging the fireballs as they flew past.

“Can you hurry up and die hedgehog?” Dark Scorch asked annoyed.

“Let me think about it. Um, no,” he replied being cocky.

Scorch then launched a fireball of his own at the enemy to distract him while they moved even further up.

“Katy? He’s just too powerful! You got a back-up plan?” Scorch asked over the radio.

“Yep, look to your right, then catch,” she ordered.

He looked to his right to see the Chaos Emerald flying at him. He caught and smiled. He let go of it and felt the power of it flow through him. It floated. Joe was amazed by this and just watched.

“Oh, mighty Chaos Emerald. Assist me in destroying this great threat by lending me your holy powers,” he ordered to the emerald.

It glowed a bright yellow, acknowledging the hedgehog’s request.

“Huh. Cool,” Scorch said grabbing the emerald, “Chaos Enhance!”

As he yelled this a massive fireball grew, bigger than any of the others that were thrown about. A large amount of lightning bolts hit the fireball, electrically charging it. That plus the power of the Chaos Emerald’s power, made this fireball extremely deadly and enough to kill anything. Scorch took a long deep breath then launched the fireball at Dark Scorch.

“Chaos Control!” Scorch then yelled.

Because of this, time was slowed for as long as he wanted. He grabbed Joe and pulled him back, then went to go and get Greg and Katy. He grabbed them both and pulled them to where Joe was. He then ran back to the emerald to guide this massive fireball. Time had then returned to normal and the guys had no idea what’d had just happened, but Katy did and she was scared. The fireball collided with Dark Scorch and the explosion was massive. The blast engulfed Dark Scorch and blew Scorch off of his feet, all the way back to Katy. Scorch groaned. He was awake and living, but he was in great pain.

“Uh, see Katy,” he said coughing, “I’m alright.”

Chapter 7: Aftermath

Woodsville, Blue Sea Island. Day 260 of the year 3220 – 10 days after The Day of Emergence.

The pain still isn’t as bad as the laser. It may have looked like it was, but compared to the laser, that was nothing. I need to go and check if he’s dead. Ah, what’s wrong? I can’t move my leg and why does my face hurt so badly. It feels warm and wet. Why are Greg and Joe looking at me weirdly? And why is Katy crying again? The storm’s stopped, I guess that’s good. Uh oh. Yeah, the government’s not going to be happy about what I did to the town. Ah, well.

“Scorch? Scorch are you okay?” Katy asked lifting up his head.

“I feel fine, why?” he asked.

“Well your leg looks broken and you have a piece of shrapnel stuck in your face,” Joe informed.

Scorch reached for the fairly large piece of metal in his face and casually pulled it out. He grunted quite loudly. Then suddenly, sirens blared and blue lights reflected off of the broken glass on the ground.

“Take me over there,” Scorch ordered, pointing towards a crater in the centre of town.

Katy lifted up and carefully guided Scorch, who was hopping on one leg and grunting, to the crater. When they got there, they saw no body, but instead, the yellow Chaos Emerald that Dark Scorch had previously owned.

“What? Where is he?” Greg wondered.

“The coward used Chaos Control to escape before he was killed by the blast,” Scorch said.

“Come on, you need to get your face fixed,” Katy said.

“Are you calling me ugly?” Scorch asked smiling.

“Even when your face is torn to shreds you can still be cocky,” Katy said, “And that’s why I love you,” she smiled.

She lifted him into the ambulance and got in herself. Then set off for the hospital.

Woodsville Town Hospital, Blue Sea Island.  Day 261 of the year 3220 – 12 days after The Day of Emergence.

“Here you go, sir,” the nurse said, “I just need you to sign this then you can go.”

“Yeah, sure,” Scorch said signing his release waiver, “Thanks.”

“No. Thank you.”

Scorch’s face had been stitched back up and his leg was in a cast. He hopped towards his fiancé using his crutches and gave her a kiss.

“Thanks for the help,” he said.

“You’re welcome. That’s why I should be on the field with you,” she said to him.

“I guess this is what I get for being over-protective,” Scorch said referring to his injuries.

“You weren’t being over-protective; you were just being a good fiancé.”

“Come on, let’s go home,” Scorch said.

They were walking down the hallway when Katy asked, “What should we call our little group?”

“That’s easy… The Freedom Fighters.”

Epilogue: Five Years Later

The Meadow, Blue Sea Island. Day 302 of the year 3225 – 5 years after The Day of Emergence.

It’s been five years since the fight with evil me and over that time, well, things have gone to hell. A man formally known as Julian, now Dr. Robotnik has begun his plan of ‘global roboticisation’. I remember the roboticiser. It was a project that Chuck was working on. It was originally planned to make people immortal, essentially. But instead, Robotnik stole it and last I heard, Chuck now works for him, along with Jules and Bernie. They wouldn’t just do that willingly though. I think they were brainwashed. I wonder how poor little Sonic is doing. He’s an orphan now. Just like me. I feel sorry for him. Wow, I’ve just realised! He’s five now. It’s been so long since I’ve seen him. Anyway, the Blue Sea Freedom Fighters, that’s what we’re calling ourselves, are on the front line at the moment. We got a distress call from some people and we’re going to rescue them.

“Woah! Greg, SWATBot on the left!” Scorch yelled.

“I’ve got it!” he yelled shooting it to pieces, “One down, fifty-million to go.”

“Hey, Scorch?” Katy asked on the radio.

“Yeah, what’s up?”

“The refugees have been secured. Give us some cover fire will you?” she asked.

“No problem,” he said turning to Greg, “Get ready for some suppressive fire.”

“Yes sir!” Greg said loading his gun.

Then fireballs and lasers flew everywhere whilst Joe, Katy and the refugees ran back to the hideout. The hideout was an underground base covered by a fake pile of rubble. Katy and Joe had made it back safely and not only had the guys at the frontline suppressed the SWATBots, they’d also destroyed all of them.

“A little bit over the top, but still,” Scorch said happily.

“It’s best we get back to HQ,” said Greg.

Back at the hideout, the tall, beefy looking dog and the small, techy looking fox we’re chatting with Katy and Joe.

“Hey guys, I’d like you to meet Tinker and Harold. They want to join,” Katy said.

“Okay, we could use the help,” Scorch mentioned.

“You know what,” Joe said, “I’m gonna call you Tank.”

“Hey, yeah I like that,” Tank replied.

“Well, this going to be the start of a long friendship,” Katy mentioned.

It was only the start of it, but the Blue Sea Freedom fighters were winning the Battle of Blue Sea. The only thing that they didn’t know was that this was only the start of Robotnik’s tyranny.

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