The Sai Chronicles Of White Space and Black Time is a sequel to The Sai Chronicles Of Bad Blood game. The game is 20% complete.


Now happly married,Sai decides to layback for a while,untill out of nowhere a black hole appears.Sai calls his friends over to see it,Tails and Lisa build a Dome.Tails tried to use the Chaos Emralds to subpress the power,but instead the emrald got sucked in leaving anything that is Super,Super.Super Fickies appear telling the group that they can't turn normal,unless they have all emrald.Lisa soon said that the flickies can use the power of chaos to help them go throuh other relms. Sai and Co quickly went on their next joruney. Unlike the previous game this one is a platform game.


A platform,side scrolling game.

1 player

One player is a mod where you play alone.


You will be able to pick up weipons and finish the level.

Time and Space

Traveling in Time and Space is hard,pick up weipons,and attack.


Help along the way,with two players.


You will be able to pick up weipons and finish the level,with help.

Time and Space

Traveling in Time and Space is much easier,pick up weipons,and attack like hell.



If you'd like to join, add your name!

  • Saik

Sai the Fox Sai the Fox is the main hero of this game, he has returned to bring balance to the world.

  • Sonic SpriteSonic

Sonic the Hedgehog the fastest guy in the game, he uses his speed to help Sai.

  • Tails Sprite

Tortails Miles Tails Prower is Sonic trusty sidekick, he is the highest jumper and he can also fly,. Tails if going to help Sonic and Co. fight Paradox.

  • Knuckles SpriteKnucklesMediumAni

Knuckles is the strongest one, he is helping Sonic join Sai.

Ashura the Hedgehog He is back,his dark,fast, and speed will help him join

Coldk 'Cold the Hedg'ehog is the second fastest and when he heard that so one is messing with time and space, he is going to help Sai fight him.

Ffl Flame the Hedgehog,the hottest hedgehog is here to help Sai and Sonic fight Paradox.

Velocity the Hedgehog Sprite Velocity the Hedgehog,the Black and Pink Nightmare is here to help Sai by using his Chaos abilities to defeat tough foes.

Hails the fox Once again comes to help sai and sonic fight paradox. Balanced speed, flight, power, along with his Cryokinetic powers, making him good for all normal problems.


Scorch the fox

Think opposite of hails the fox. Has no allies. Will fight for what he thinks is right.

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