The Sable Village is the fifth graphic novel in the mini-series Terrible Luck by Manta-bee where Sonic and Co. wind up in a strange village and an innocent man named Edwin gets executed, which leads to the whole village suspecting Sonic and the gang are responsible for crimes they did not commit, and possess dark powers.

Plot summary

The story begins when the are in Polly's office, looking at a newspaper filled with lies. Polly then gives a brochure to them about a village she can have them stay in until they can find the rest of the parts to Tails' plane.

They depart for the unknown village and after a long, hot and dusty walk from the bus stop, they reach the town. They become acquainted with the Council of Elders and they will be staying with Ward, the handyman.

Ward takes them to his home, where he shows them the house, the barn and old tree. Hector shows a note, which he says was found at the base of tree.

The Sonic and Co. discover that Ward has been breaking the town rules by keeping a secret library and working on a hot-air mobile home in his barn, so that he can sail away from the village forever. They also discover a new note under the tree, though they've kept the tree under surveillance the whole night.

Two members of the Council of Elders come and report that Lerich has been captured, and the are to report immediately to the Town Hall. They discover that it is not Lerich who has been captured, but instead a man named Edwin, who somewhat fits Lerich's description. The insist that this is not Lerich, but the townspeople do not listen to them. The next day he is to be burned at the stake.

That night the gang constructs a plan. Tails helps finish Hector's hot-air balloon device, for it will be a useful escape device if Lerich comes after them.

Later in the night, they see Edwin is about to get executed. Of course, Sonic says that the "guy didn't deserve to die". Suddenly, Detective Dupont says that of course he would say that, because he and the gang are witches, based on their time at Majorka School of Magicry. The people ignore the fact that the gang had solid alibis and they are quickly locked up.

Ward tells them that if they break out, he has the hot-air balloon ready. At this point they flee the mob coming to burn them and make a run for Ward's house. As they go, Epiphany and Cain explain that Lerich locked them in his house and then when they were stashed away, Epiphany wrote notes with clues to reveal their location. They escape and flee from the mob then try to board the hot air balloon, which has Epiphany and Cain in it, but they are shot down by Officer Lianna, who is revealed to be Irrika, while Dupont is really Lerich. They both ride off on motorcycles and out of the village.


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  • When the villagers want to burn Sonic and his friends, it is an allusion to how they would burn witches at the stake in Salem times.
  • The "justice" workers are really Lerich and Irrika in disguise.
  • The village seems to be pay homage to Norune Village of Dark Cloud.

Rare Copies

There have been a few rare copies of this book distributed with the alternate title "???".

Chronological Info

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