This page features the story in full detail of Metal Sonic's storyline in the game Sonic Adventure 3: GX. Metal Sonic, Fang the Sniper and E-102 Gamma are playable in Metal Sonic's storyline.

It is Sonic's storyline from Dr. Eggman's point of view. He sends Metal Sonic and Gamma, while also hiring the notorious bounty hunter Fang the Sniper, to go find all of the 9 Albion artifacts before Sonic and his friends do in order to ressurect an all-powerful war machine hidden by the Echidnas themselves. Metal Sonic's story is unlocked after completing 50% of Sonic's story.

The story of Metal Sonic is entitled The Robot's Revolt.

Stages in Metal Sonic's Storyline

Metal Sonic's storyline is fairly short. It features a total of 21 stages out of which 10 are playable by Metal Sonic, 9 by Fang and 7 by Gamma. There are 8 Boss battles in total. The stages are the following (in order).

  1. Glyphic Babylon (Metal Sonic)
  2. Scrap Fortress (Gamma)
  3. City Siege (Metal Sonic), Boss: Sonic the Hedgehog (Metal Sonic)
  4. Chaotic Casino (Metal Sonic)
  5. Windy Village (Metal Sonic, Fang), Boss: Silver the Hedgehog (Metal Sonic)
  6. Tropical Sanctuary (Metal Sonic, Fang)
  7. G.U.N. Stronghold (Gamma)
  8. Old Megalopolis (Gamma), Boss: F-36 THUNDERBIRD (Gamma)
  9. Rail Mountain (Fang), Boss: Knuckles the Echidna (Fang)
  10. 00's Boulevard (Metal Sonic), Boss: Team Chaotix (Metal Sonic)
  11. Tropical Sanctuary (Gamma), Boss: E-123 Omega (Gamma)
  12. Totem Tundra (Fang), Boss: Tails (Fang)
  13. Archaic Mosque (Metal Sonic)
  14. Dumm Jummai (Gamma, Fang)
  15. Scrap Fortress (Fang)
  16. Alpine Peaks (Metal Sonic)
  17. Memory Complex (Fang)
  18. Sky Squadron (Metal Sonic, Gamma, Fang)
  19. Last Colony Gamma), Boss: Egg Aura & Metal Sonic (Gamma, Fang)
  20. Last Colony (Fang)
  21. Last Colony (Metal Sonic)


Stage 1: Glyphic Babylon (Metal Sonic)

Metal Sonic's storyline starts off immediately with the first level. Afterwards, we see a cutscene with Metal Sonic battling a group of ancient robots which are guarding the gates of Albion. It is night time. Metal Sonic destroys all of them and reaches the centre of the city, where a huge mural is located. Eggman appears on foot with his Egg army and congradulates his creation for destroying the defenses for so that he could get in. Eggman then secures the area and takes a glimpse at the huge mural. The cutscene then cuts to black.

Some days later, we see E-102 Gamma in the E.G.G. Metropolis. Dr. Eggman appears and instructs Gamma about his training course in order to prove himself.

Stage 2: Scrap Fortress (Gamma)

As Gamma's training finishes, Dr. Eggman praises his robots Gamma and Metal Sonic and orders his robots to unleash the Eggman fleet and invade the city to steal the Albion artifact from the museum. During that night, the attack begins and Metal Sonic's first assignment is to head to the museum and steal the Albion artifact.

Adventure Field: Central City

Stage 3: City Siege (Metal Sonic)

As soon as Metal Sonic steals the Albion artifact, he confronts Sonic just outside the museum in order to stop him.

Boss 1: Sonic the Hedgehog (Metal Sonic)

After he defeats him, he escapes with Eggman's fleet. The next day, Dr. Eggman instructs Metal Sonic to go find a notorious bounty hunter named Fang the Sniper, who will help him in tracking down the Albion artifacts. Gamma is sent to fight against the G.U.N. forces in the front lines of the E.G.G. Metropolis.

Adventure Field: Central City

0archie nackpimpin

Fang chatting with ladies in Casinopolis.

(Talk to the locals to find out where Fang is. They will tell you that he is in the casino).

Stage 4: Chaotic Casino (Metal Sonic)

Metal Sonic busts into Casinopolis, scaring away nearly everyone except Fang, who is chatting with women about his achievements. Metal Sonic uses a hologram of Dr. Eggman to communicate with him, telling him to join the Eggman Empire on a quest to find the 9 Albion artifacts. Should he help Dr. Eggman, he will pay him lots of money. Fang agrees as soon as he hears about getting paid. The two then head to the Agel Island to acquire the next Albion artifact.

Adventure Field: Angel Island

Stage 5: Windy Village (Metal Sonic, Fang)

While on their way to find the next Albion artifact, Metal Sonic is assaulted by Silver, believing him to be responsible for the time loops in the universe.

Boss 2: Silver the Hedgehog (Metal Sonic)

Metal Sonic and Fang receive orders from Dr. Eggman to head to the jungle where the next artifact has been located.

Stage 6: Tropical Sanctuary (Metal Sonic, Fang)

When the two arrive at the Mystic Ruins, they report to Eggman that the artifact has been stolen, presumably by Sonic, who has uncovered they schemes. Eggman tells them that he will deal with him himself and instructs them to quickly go and get the next artifact.

Meanwhile, the Eggman Empire launches an attack against the G.U.N. forces in the G.U.N. Stronghold. Gamma is sent to go and retreive the Albion artifact held by the government.

Stage 7: G.U.N. Stronghold (Gamma)

After Gamma breaks into the G.U.N. headquarters, he steals the Albion artifact and escapes in the ruins of Old Megalopolis. There, he is persued by the G.U.N. forces.

Stage 8: Old Megalopolis (Gamma)

Boss 3: F-36 THUNDERBIRD (Gamma)

Eventually, Gamma is defeated and deactivated. His body will remain hidden under the rubbles with the artifact inside him until he is found by Sonic, Tails and Amy and brought to Prof. Pickle for repairs after Amy's request to save an old friend. Meanwhile, Metal Sonic and Fang decide to split up to expedite time.

Adventure Field: Blue Ridge

(After talking to the locals, you will learn that someone who had in his possession an artifact looking object has went to the mountains of the Blue Ridge zone. Head there).

Stage 9: Rail Mountain (Fang)

Fang confronts Knuckles and Julie-Su in attempt to steal the sacred treasure of the Brotherhood of Guardians Knuckles is carrying after mistaking it for an Albion artifact.

Boss 4: Knuckles the Echidna (Fang)

Fang manages to steal the treasure and then escapes with his Marvelous Queen to the Eggman fleet. The story then switches to Metal Sonic.

Adventure Field: Central City

(Talk to the townspeople. They will tell you that Sonic was seen heading to the city. Follow him).

Stage 10: 00's Boulevard (Metal Sonic)

There, Metal Sonic encounters Team Chaotix. Aware of his evil intentions, Team Chaotix and Metal Sonic confront each other.

Boss 5: Team Chaotix (Metal Sonic)

After battling Team Chaotix, Metal Sonic heads quickly after Sonic. Meanwhile, at Professor Pickle's laboratory, Gamma is undergoing repairs. Team Dark comes and Omega goes berserk after seeing Gamma attempting to destroy him as one of Dr. Eggman's robots. Gamma steals the Albion artifact from Professor Pickle and escapes to the jungle. Omega chases after him.

Stage 11: Tropical Sanctuary (Gamma)

There, Omega and Gamma have a fight.

Boss 6: E-123 Omega (Gamma)

In the middle of the fight, Dark Legionaires appear and threaten both of them. Shadow and Rouge quickly appear to assist their friend. Gamma find this as an opportunity to escape and head to the city where Dr. Eggman is awaiting with his fleet. The story switches to Fang the Sniper, who is on board the Egg Fleet to meet with Dr. Eggman. He gives him the sacred treasure he stole from Knuckles, believing it to be an Albion artifact. Eggman realizes that what he brought him is not what he is searching for and throws it down the aircraft. He then threatens Fang to do a better job and sends him to the tundras where the next artifact is located.

Adventure Field: Blue Ridge

Stage 12: Totem Tundra (Fang)

There, Fang encounters Tails, who has come for the same reason. The two enemies batle each other for the artifact.

Boss 7: Tails (Fang)

Thanks to his firearms, Fang manages to steal the Albion artifact and escapes to the city, where Dr. Eggman awaits.

Adventure Field: Central City

(After talking to the townspeople, you will learn that Sonic has gone to the desert).

Stage 13: Archaic Mosque (Metal Sonic)

Metal Sonic witnesses Sonic and Knuckles fighting over the Albion artifact after Knuckles mistakens it for a sacred treasure he is searching for. Metal Sonic sees this as an opportunity and acquires the Albion artifact from the temple. Victorious, he escapes to go meet with his master.

Meanwhile, Gamma and Fang meet at the city and together head to find Dr. Eggman, who is waiting for them.

Stage 14: Dumm Jummai (Gamma, Fang)

At the city, Gamma encounters Sonic and Tails, who have come to get the artifact from him. As he prepares to hand it over to Eggman, Tails shoots at his arm, causing him to drop it from the top of the skyscraper they are, down to the ground. Sonic, Tails and Eggman, inside his robotic mech, race for the artifact. Meanwhile, Fang unexpectedly finds Shadow, Rouge and Omega who demand to know Dr. Eggman's intentions with whom he's working. Fang reveals to Shadow that Dr. Eggman has joined forces with an echidna scientist named Dr. Finitevus. He is also accompanied with a floating head who goes by the name Dimitri. Right now, they are at the doctor's base at E.G.G. metropolis. Shadow orders Fang to take them there.

Adventure Field: E.G.G. Metropolis

Stage 15: Scrap Fortress (Fang)

After clearing the previous stage, there is a cutscene in which Dr. Eggman calls Metal Sonic, Fang and Gamma in a meeting in his Egg Fleet to discuss about their next moves regarding their search for the Albion artifacts. Dr. Eggman orders Metal Sonic to mobilize the Eggman army and head to the mountains in the Blue Ridge zone, where the next Albion artifact has been detected in the possession of an ancient race that dwells in the mountains called the Greyhorn Alliance.

Adventure Field: Blue Ridge

Stage 16: Alpine Peaks (Metal Sonic)

As soon as the Eggman army arrives at the mountains, Metal Sonic finds out that Sonic has already passed by and acquired the Albion artifact. He informs Dr. Eggman of the situation. The doctor becomes enraged and orders his robots to stop Sonic at all costs. Metal Sonic then comes up with a plan to send Fang into the government's computer and make Sonic the target as if he's working with Dr. Eggman. Fang agrees to do the work.

Stage 17: Memory Complex (Fang)

Inside the computer, Fang modifies the data to make Sonic the target and confuse G.U.N. so that they think he's working for Eggman. The plan successfully works and Sonic is arrested while on his way to find the remaining artifacts and put behind bars in the G.U.N. fleet. Dr. Eggman, then communicates with his subordinates and instructs them to get to the Egg fleet as soon as possible in order to get to the faraway island where the Albion Thaumaturge is rumoured to be buried.

Adventure Field: E.G.G. Metropolis

(Talk to the townspeople to find out where the Egg fleet is. You will learn that it is passing above the G.U.N. headquarters).

Stage 18: Sky Squadron (Metal Sonic, Gamma, Fang)

While the Egg Fleet is on its way to the Echidna's last colony, they are approached by Prof. Pickle's armada of zepelins. Eggman orders his fleet to shoot them down and take them as hostages. As the fleet reaches the island, Dr. Eggman's robots quickly cover the whole island and begin excavations in order to uncover the Albion Thaumaturge. Gamma and Metal Sonic are appointed heads of excavating teams to secure the area around the island.

Stage 19: Last Colony (Gamma)

Sonic, Rouge and Espio arrive at their destination; a large island, a once colony of the Echidnas and the location of the hidden Albion Thaumaturge. The island has not yet been discovered by men but only by Eggman. They spot Eggman's base of operations where he has brought large machines for excavations. They also spot Tails, Amy and the rest being held captive there and devise a plan for their salvation. But before long, they are attacked once again by Fang, who obeying Eggman's orders is guarding the island, waiting for Sonic to come and steal his artifacts. Fortunately, with the help of Rouge and Espio, Fang is defeated. Sonic tells Fang to guide them to Eggman so that they can save their friends. Fang unwillingly teams up with them and the four head to confront Eggman.

Stage 20: Last Colony (Fang)

Fang successfully guides the team to their friends, whom they rescue. Prof. Pickle and his mates escape to somewhere safe whereas the team, now composing of Sonic, Tails, Amy, Espio, Rouge and Fang continue on their mission in confronting Eggman. From afar, Metal Sonic sees Sonic and his team proceeding. He decides to take actions and stop them.

Stage 21: Last Colony (Metal Sonic)

The team winds up in an ancient underground temple where they find an army of hundreds of mechanical warriors, perfectly alligned with each other in lines and untouched. Fang explains them that these machine soldiers were constructed by the Albion Knight of Aurora, as he had heard from Eggman to win the war against the Nocturnal Tribe, but after going out of control, they were diactivated for ever and were sealed here. Eggman plans to reawaken them by assembling all the Albion pieces together. The heroes wander across the vast room until they spot E-102 Gamma standing in front of a large mural again depicting a war against Echidnas. Above this event, there are huge, monstrous tentacles coming from the sky, grabbing Echidnas and causing destruction. One of the tentacles is depicted grabbing an entire piece of land and taking it above in the sky with it. They try to read the hieroglyphics but are not able to understand them. At that point, Dr. Eggman appears with his guard of robots. He tells the heroes that the Albion Thaumaturge lies behind this mural, which is actually a hidden door and one must solve the riddle which is inscribed on the mural to open the gate. He then points a gun at Sonic's forehead and demands him to solve the riddle but Metal Sonic steps hin and offers himself to solve the riddle to open the gate. After some hard thinking remembering, Metal Sonic is able to crack the code and open the gate. As the gate opens, Sonic, Tails, Amy, Espio, Rouge, Fang, Eggman and his guard enter a wide chamber. It is decorated with various hieroglyphics and covered in vegetation. There is also a small pond formed by a fall coming out of huge Echidna statues. In the centre, there is a small island with an altar in the centre where there are 9 openings, apparently for the 9 artifacts. Eggman tries to get there first but after making a few steps, the entire chamber starts shaking and the floor collapses. Eggman nearly makes it to the altar but the floor below him collapses and falls into an abyssal pit. Sonic and his team try to get there before Eggman while his army of mechs escapes. Before Sonic and his team make it to the altar and place the artifacts they have, Eggman arises from the pit inside his Egg Aura, a tremendously powerful machine empowered by 6 artifacts. He summons his army and demands the remaining artifacts from Sonic. Fang complains about having turned against him and wanting to get what Eggman promised him. The heroes battle Eggman.

Boss 8: Egg Aura & Metal Sonic (Gamma, Fang)

Eggman manages to steal Sonic's 2 artifacts during battle and quickly heads to the altar to activate the Albion Thaumaturge, but to his suprise, there are only 8 artifacts and one is missing. Eggman demands it from Sonic but Sonic denies having ever collected it. At that point, Gamma opens his chest and reveals the last remaining artifact, which was all along in his possession. After being sent from Eggman to search for the artifacts, Gamma found one of them in Old Megalopolis. However, before he could bring it to Eggman, he somehow got mixed up in a battle between the Eggman army and the G.U.N. forces, got damaged and was deactivated until he was found by Sonic, Tails and Amy. Gamma expresses his gratitude to Sonic for his help and gives it to Sonic enabling him to deliver one final blow to Eggman and destroy the Egg Aura, as well as the altar. With Eggman defeated, the entire place starts collapsing and the heroes escape as quickly as possible. They reach a safe place outside the temple which they observe as it collapses. They meet up with Professor Pickle and his mates, who have brought the G.U.N. forces with them to restore
101228 metal sonic-e1293563369424

Image from a Metal Sonic figurine, from Google Images.

order. They arrest Fang and secure the area. Metal Sonic's story ends with the triumph of Team Sonic. Dr. Eggman got burried under the rubble of the collapsing temple while Metal Sonic got partially destroyed and deactivated. However, in the final scene, we see that Metal Sonic has actually survived the battle after his eyes become red.


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