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Cquote1 Never become accustomed, because it will not adjust. Cquote2
Savoice Demoy, recitation of Ovilis General Rule

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"According to the 'Almasian Law', you specifically have been assigned to serve in Ovilis for ten years of experience in the law there."

Standing in front of the horned male of a stout voice who possessed much authority was not an honor. Rather, it emboiled me into a perpetual rage that just steadily became more worse.

The officer continued, holding up a paper and pen. "Now, I will stamp your official travel document that confirms you will be assigned to the region of Ovilis. Once this is done, you will sign after me. Any questions?"

"Why was I assigned to go there?" I did not let him condemn me to that place.

"What do you think? As I have the authority in this room right now, I have decided on the basis of your skills that you are capable of withstanding the conditions in Ovilis. Remember the score that you got on your 'Capability Test'?" He pulled more papers out, which attempted to prove his reasoning.

"I know what score I achieved. However, I was 'proficient' in the 'secrecy' section, not the 'mental stability' one."

The officer's gleaming red eyes pierced at me. "You have proven yourself able to maintain your mental stability in places. So, you are going to Ovilis, your greater test for that field." After so, he slammed the papers that proved my Capabillity Test score on the near side of me on his long desk, and pulled the official travel documents and the Almasian Confirmation pages.

Is there a choice about it? The main rule of being in the Pertan region is to ask one good question, and that only. Perhaps I did not ask the right question to release me from this Almasian Sacrifice.

The officer of his large hands grasped onto the wooden stamp and dipped it in green ink. "After I stamp this, you will have authorization by the PEA to depart this region. Do this in matter before the end of the day, affirmative?"

For a while, I just stood there, trying to understand why I would have to be the one that would have to die. Being drafted to the region of Ovilis is a death sentence. More of, it is a land of mentally corrupted individuals who have somehow lived through the conditions of Ovilis. To never live in reality again without the assurance of reality itself seems much more than a duty.

My mouth trembled. "Affirm--."

"Alright," the stamp pounded the paper as the officer glared at me. "You are permitted to leave. Take your certification with you."

"So, it is now confirmed? I am going to Ovilis?"

"Yes. You're dismissed."

Immediately, I signed the paper quickly and rushed out, dragging the certification papers with me as I nearly tripped over my long-robe pants. In response that I was near to it, the lifting door arose from the ground to the top of its maximum point, and slammed back down once I crossed the other side of it.

The Main Hall of the Pertanese Enforcement Assembly was full of the people that were being assigned their very own Almasian Sacrifice. Some were joyous that they were able to remain in Pertan and become a Higher, and some were discouraged that they had to travel to the Salwom region. For me, shock overfilled my belly with a swelling omen about doing service in Ovilis.

As other Pertanese people, I am one of the strongest Highers that had ever came to existence, however being one of the ones that opposed the approve statement for the "Almasian Law". Still, I was just the minority in attempt to find a purpose in another career field.

Now to come and consider, going to Ovilis is probably not going to be much torture, in reason of my strength. I may not have the passing score in the "mental stability" section of the "Capability Test", but I know that I can still hold my peace--maybe.

Whatever the circumstances are, I have no choice about it. If I fought with the officer, he would instead slam the stamp in red ink and authorize ejecting me to the Salwom region. Right now, the Salwom region is still settling their Vavy problems. If I became a part of that, then I would be in trouble with the Pertanese, and maybe even the Ovilians themselves.

It is now time for me to just absorb all that just took place in less than five minutes and just accept it. Savoice Allashar Demoy is going to Ovilis.

After a while of walking, I made it to the PEA Transportation Center, seeing that many people had their documents in their hand in preparation to go to their designated area. A majority of the certificates I saw while walking to the Ovilis Transportation Department were assignments to remain in Pertan. A few were going to the Salwom region, and the victims holding it did not express themselves with satisfaction. However, besides the reminder I frequently had when I glanced down at my own stamped document, I did not see one person assigned to Ovilis.

The marble grounds echoed against my kleet shoes and echoed throughout the department, it seemed. All of the noise around me was numbed, and the people around me were obsolete as I walked toward the rising sliding door. I walked through.

"Hold on, fellow," a light female voice projected from the side of the entrance door. "I need to see your certification."

I handed over all the papers, including the ones that she did not really need, but my stinging eyes did not follow. The transportation device was right in front of me, prepared to send me to the mental testing site.

"Oh, I don't need these," the female official handed back my test scores. "Here."

Slowly, the hands of the unfortunate clasped to his useless papers and stood there, still staring at the transportation device.

Ahead, the transportation device--called the Kovha--was ogive in shape at the front with a wide curviture in the back of it to enhance flight efficiency. No windows were on the device, with the device encapsulating any being into an irreversible fate of travel that entered it. The sliding door was on there, on the side, waiting to be opened with extrasensory response.

"Alright," the female confirmed me back to reality, "I have your travel admission documents here to be signed. When you get there, the machine should stop in front of the Ovilian Travel Department for you."

My eyes slowly looked over at the papers lying on the elevated desk with a pen beside them. "Will I be able to come back?"

She stood there for a little. "Come back where? Here?"

"Yes, here, to Pertan."

"If you have admission to return."

"I want admission to return."

She shook her head. "This is your 'Almasian Sacrifice', given you have to stay in Ovilis for ten years or more and complete your mission. I can't undo that. You'll have to talk to the government about that and hope you're not banished to Salwom."

I signed the papers and snatched them from her desk--unintentionally stealing the pen, too. "Good day."

After this, no responsive platitude was given except the sliding door of the Kovha opening to me. Inside of the vehicle was purple lights that were dotted around the circumference of the inside, asymmetrical to the seats on the floor.

I walked in and sat down. The soft seat tried to swallow me up, but often I tried to remain on the surface of it. I looked over at the door of the Kovha still opening, seeing the female for the first time.

She stared at me with her round white face and gleaming green eyes, holding her finger over the dial that would activate the travel process.

"What are you doing?" I pondered.

Still, she stared at me with concern, and nodded. "Don't deny what you see there."

After this statement, she pressed the dial, and the door began to intercept the contact between the two of us. The door completely closed, and allowed purple dashed glows to only provide light in the dark Kovha. A low humming noise creeped into my ears, and my body began to push backward. I threw my documents and the pen on the floor.

From there, I remained sitting, waiting for a sign for me to get out of the device. In the dark with barely any light, I looked around with curiousity as the soft seat made means to engulf my body again. I scooted to the floor.

Nothing else raveled my mind than the thoughts of Ovilis, and how I predict it to be like. From my previous studies at the Bondas Covoy, I have learned that Ovilis is the most dangerous place on Reyonis Platura because of its spotaneous reality. It has been said that nothing truly remains consistent on what one sees of it, even of themselves.

What the saying goes about it is, "Never become accustomed, because it will not adjust." However, I will let the reality speak for itself.

For a while, I sat there, waiting for the door to open. I could still hear the low humming noises, and could still feel the pressure coming from high speed traveling, but there was something different already about where I was.

My eyes were stinging with tension, bulged to is maximum, with a stiffness on the ability to move. They were still able to shake down to my shaking hands as they reflected the purple lights that glowed on and off. A current of blood began to upheave my body to tension as my belly began to feel tight with cirulation of heat inside. Shortly after, the air became dim.

Air could not run into my small nose as attempts to breathe became a dream. Inhaling and exhaling, I was in search of breath, physically yearning in the tight environment by reaching my hand out. A whistle tried to come out of my mouth for assistance, but the air was so dim that I could not even pronounce it.

"Reli--!" Tension in my eyes began to settle in with tight panic. A headache began to settle in with pulsating agony. My long ears began to cramp with soreness. Spinal shocks rushed throughout my back. The purple lights that faded off and on became blurry. The blurs got worse, and the pain became numb.

After that, I fell asleep. The darkness did not spare me as it encapsulated me into confusion and intensive breathing. Despite this, I was still at peace, able to get rest.

The next event I knew was waking up in some sort of chair, which was reclined for me to lay nearly straight as laying on the floor. Immediately, I shot up from it.

It was a rather small room that I was placed in, with spatious wooden beams that traveled up the walls that could be used for climbing. There were trees taller than me rooted below the striped floor of wood that glistened yellow and orange gradually, with glass-like leaves and a stable brown outline for a trunk. Beside it was a hanging net structure with pillows and a cover coming from one wall to the opposite one. A mirror resided across from me, showing my reflection and the rest of the bedroom.

I turned around with weakness in my legs. The door was there, but it looked bolted into the wall. Am I trapped?

My legs limped to it with anxiousness. I knocked on the door, and it made no noise. I looked down and stomped the floor, and it made no noise, either. I looked at the fastened door again, lying my forhead against it.

This is nothing like Pertan. I left with nothing, and I came for nothing. It seems that now I am trapped into this room with no purpose at all, only to die. There was not one noise that even guided me. All that was there was a heavy press of noise in my ear--the sound of silence.

What am I going to do? If I cannot complete the mission of the "Almasia Sacrifice", then I should not be here at all. I would not want to be here for ten years without any food or water to supplement me. I would rather go to the Salwom region and become an anti-Vavy against the Platurian government instead of dying in a room in sufferage to a task that never existed.

Though, that is it. If I remained in this room and survived somehow for ten years, then I would gain glory and presteige for surviving the temptest. After all, this is a test of my "mental stability". Perhaps that is what the girl meant by not denying what I "see". The reality is that I am here in this room in attempt to survive for ten years.

For a long while, I sat there staring at the mirror in expectation that I was two years into my mission already, believing that someone would come and retreive me. Hunger settled in, and thirst became a necessity. Most of all, the desire to speak was an aching reminder that I was isolated in the room.

"What am I doing here?" I turned away from the sight of the mirror, only able to hear myself. "I am just awaiting to deem myself to become honorable in the Pertan region. What do you mean that you are seeking to become 'honorable'? I mean that once I get out of this region, I would be a Higher again. The difference will be that I will be the Highest, though. Alright, then. You say little, but mean less than that."

Every second became a weary hour, and every hour became impatience. Often, I would get up and walk around, searching through the hanging net and the plants for anything that would let me out of the room. However, nothing was discovered. Some points, I would lay and look at the ceiling, which was as a window with a focal point on a painting of Reyonis Platura. At one point in time, I began to sing Pertanese anthems to pass the time.

Then, after a long time, my "mental stability" was put to the test. Thoughts of various forms of violence entered as I combated them in resistance. I wanted to leap into a hole and never return. However, I still managed to resist and look away from the mirror.

Eventually, I became sleepy. At times, the vision would fade into a surreal dream until I snapped back into reality and awakening. To keep myself awake, I looked back at the mirror and slid toward it. Looking at my own reflection, I just sat there with my legs crossed over my knees, hands in the hole between them.

I looked more tired than afraid of my outcome. In consideration that I would never get out of the room was quite alarming, with a pinch of sorrowful pity for myself. The mirror was the best summary for my ordeal: mentally unstable.

All of a sudden, in the mirror, something was shown to happen behind me. A light of penetration made the door glow, swirling white bursts of energy with red remnants.

Quickly, I turned over to the door, keeping myself closest to the wall as I could. It looked like a special ability being used.

The red began to form a figure--a figure like a person. The redness began to step through the wall onto the floor that I was on. It seemed like a surreal, two-dimensional painting walking into reality as it took every step closer. The white warp began to dissipate while the red silhouette stood amidst. Then, the redness became more solid and third-dimensional.

This person that came before me was a male with a stout snout of a peach color. His lips were puckered with a pink-like hint in it, and shiny. His nose were simply just nostril holes, with the pink-like hint above them as well. His eyes were slender with lens of a reminiscent blue that reminded me of pure water miracles. His hair was long and a dry sand brown color with bloody red tips. His ears were long like mine, toward the top of his head. His attire consisted of robe-like gray and red colors, with shoes that were flat and covered his ankles.

He looked around, and then over at me. "Savoice Allashar Demoy? Is that you?"

I stared at his countenance.

"I assume so," he walked up. "Come, we must go to the 'Main Arch' so that you can receive your mission."

"Wha..." Finally realizing that they were not there with me when I woke up, I searched. "Where are my documents?"

"I have them sent to the right place, but I kept the pen. You were in the Kovha just lying, and the officials could not wake you up. So, they took you here to your room."

"My room?"

"Yes, this is the room you'll be staying in for the ten years you're here."

"Ten years?"

The male just scanned his eyes from the bottom to the top of me. "You seem clueless. Aren't you the one from Pertan?"

"Yes, I am. I have an admission to return."

"Not permitted," he squatted down to look into my eyes. "Unless you were assigned to either Salwom or your home region, you will never have admission to return."

"No," I shook my head, standing up. "I am going back to Pertan. No questions asked."

He stood up slowly and stepped back from me. "No, you're not. If you're going back to Pertan, you're going to Salwom. That's what your law says."

"My law?" Then, I thought about the "Almasian Sacrifice", bringing the whole senario back into my memory again. "About that, I was mistakenly assigned here. The Pertans sent me here so that I can ask for documentation forgiveness, and then I can return back to Pertan."

"Not so. Your documents would have said you have permission to return." He smiled and turned away. "You have the qualities of a suboordinate: determined, mindful, cunning..."

"What are you talking about?"

"I think you're the right one," he turned halfway over to me, with his long, hair-like tail trailing after him. "Demoy, you are going to take part in a classified mission to uncover the truth about Ovilis based on one of our Uisas agent. He has much to say."

Uisas agent? What is that?

I sighed. "I am not the person that is supposed to be doing this--I am sure of it."

"Yes, you are," he slightly chuckled. "You seem to be also skilled at putting up a great persona."

I shook my head and pointed at him. "I am going to get forgiveness and leave this strange room and region!"

"And become a Higher again? That will never happen if you don't do this mission."

From there, I stood there in shock. His calm blue eyes just stared at me with a striking statement of intimidation, giving notion that he could see through me.

"I..." I tried to find the words to describe what was churning in my mind. "I want to go back to Pertan."

"Of course you do. All of the other people that were once in your position wanted to, also. Still, they proceeded with their missions."

"I'm not the only one?"

He turned all the way toward me. "Of course not." Then, he crossed his arms. "But, you are the only Pertan in the suboordinate rank. You are the highest right now. Everyone else is a chosen Ovilian and curious Salwomese."

I looked at the ground. "What is the place you wanted to take me, again?"

"The 'Main Arch'. That is where you will get your mission."

"My mission? Oh, yes..." This was the very means to become a Higher again: completing that mission.

"Now," he extended his gloved hand of white over to me, "Let me take you there."

A movement of awe moved in my eyes at him.

"You can't do it yourself. Take my hand, and we will travel there."

Slowly, with enough mistrust, I still took his hand.

"Finally," he muttered, and began to walk to the door while holding my hand.

All of a sudden, a white light with red began to overtake us as he began to walk through. We turned to red silhouettes, unable to determine our dimensions. In prediction, this person may have the ability to teleport. He could just teleport me back to Pertan. The two of us were walking through many walls shown at the sides of us, as if we were walking down a hallway of the places around us with a white floor. Up ahead, there was one specific screen that showed a room with tables and chairs and a podium at the front.

I attempted to whistle and speak to him. "Where am I going? To the 'Main Arch'?" However, I could not hear myself at all. So, I did not even attempt.

We walked into the room with the tables and chairs, with the white warp behind us. Gradually, the male ahead of me become in his third dimensional state again. I trailed my eyes from his hand holding mine up to my forearm, watching as I gained dimension again as well.

He stopped, and stomped his foot. There was the clacking noise that I expected.

He turned over to me. "Take a seat."

I did not want to sit anywhere near him, so I sat down in the furthest chair from him. "Who are you?"

"Who do you think I am, 'Interpreter' Demoy?"


He just sat down across from me, staring into my eyes. "You heard me."

"You are quite familiar to me," I sarcastically replied, and then looked at the walls. They were just grey and dull.

He still stared. "How so?"

"I was mocking you--as you did me earlier."

The male shook his head and crossed his leg over his knee, looking away from me. "I am Dojyu Coffnaigh."

"Dojyu?" I looked over at him with near enthusiasm. "You mean the 'Dojyu' right under the main leader of the whole region of Ovilis?"

"Is there another word in your lexicon that means different?"


He stood humbly and smiled. "Then, I am the Dojyu that you speak of--the right-hand position of the Ovil."

I stared. "What an honor. I apologize for my manner of expression earlier." Even then it being an honor to meet, I felt the need to remind him of who I am. "I am still higher than you, since that I was a Higher at one ti--."

"The rest of the suboordinate branch will be here to discuss the means of your mission with you." He stood up. "As a matter of fact, they should be here any minute."

He interrupted me, but I had to reject it. "I am still higher in rank."

All of a sudden, a door opened from the far side of me, and a group of people began to march in a single-file line.

Dojyu Coffnaigh looked over at me. "Here, right now, you're not."

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