The Phoenix Felix
Also Known As
The Phoenixes
Southern Baronies
Years Active
Kendrick Phoenix (Lead Singer)

Otto Marlek (Backing Singer)

Romerus the Hedgehog (Bass Guitarist/Backing Singer)

Simon Harver (Pianist)

Lamar Starlight (Lead Guitarist)

Dave "Mercury" Mercy (Drummer)

The Phoenix Felix were a six-member pop group formed in the Southern Baronies. The group first started as a quartet with Kendrick Phoenix and Romerus the Hedgehog joining later.


Kendrick Phoenix

Kendrick is a sky blue hedgehog with dark blue eyes and blonde hair whose background is rather complicated. He was born in Mobotropolis during the Great War when his parents were targeted by a hit man, so he was given away to Beauregard Rabbot and taken to the South Baronies. To make his existence even more secret, he didn't get a name or birth certificate until he reached the South Baronies and the certificate even says he was born there.

When he was just 6 years old, Kendrick met his future bandmates; Lamar, Otto, Simon and Dave. On a school trip to Mobotropolis, Kendrick was with his classmates when he was caught in the middle of Dr. Robotnik's takeover. Escaping into the Grand Forest, he found Romerus destroying Robotnik's machines. After seeing each other handle themselves, Kendrick returned to South Baronies via secret tunnels. Upon encountering Beauregard, both of them were surprised to see Romerus at the security gates. After a much heated argument between Kendrick and Beauregard, Romerus was allowed to stay in the South Baronies. Kendrick and Romerus met up with the band.

Otto Marlek

Romerus the Hedgehog

Simon Harver

Lamar Starlight

Dave Mercy

Theo Harver

Base of Operations

The Phoenix Felix first started out in a school talent show without Kendrick. After Kendrick joined, the group recorded material at Kendrick's home studio. The group no longer operate at any studio due to the group disbanding.


The Phoenix Felix don't usually wear a paticular uniform. However, the group have a picture of a mythical phoenix as a logo. The members have a sticker of this logo on their jackets, except for Kendrick, who has the phoenix dyed onto his quills. The group decided to stop using this logo when they changed their name to The Phoenixes.

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