The Panda Clan is an extremely powerful clan within Chun-Nan. They have very few rivals, though troubles and rivalries exist within the clan. The clan is set up into four separate branches. Each branch has their own "Enlightenment Stage" that allows them to have a special ability unique to their branch. However, they must face something in order to unlock this power. The Clan documents to be at least 2,000 years old. Each clan follows a Panda Clan Ethic System.

Panda Clan Ranking System

A ranking system that ranks members on their overall skill, experience, training level, and progression.

  • The Grand Council- Some if not the strongest warriors within a branch. They make many systems and serve as a judicial and executive power. They are extremely powerful. Multiple people run the Council in each branch.
  • Shihai- Very strong warriors and ninja of a branch. They teach their students how to become warriors/ninjas, and may excel in certain areas. They have completed various missions.
  • Shinpo- Advanced warriors. These members are usually a branches police force. They are very strong, and can do well against Shihai.
  • Atarashii-Usually students all who are somewhat new. They are strong still however, and are more advanced and older students. They can hold their own, and some posses the potential to be as strong as Shihai or even greater.
  • Shoshinsha- Students who have just begun training, usually younger. Some of them carry great potential as well, but lack tactical abilities.

Special Rankings

  • Hanta-Nin- These are specially trained ninjas, usually gifted in tracking techniques. When a track and kill mission is set-up these warriors are usually sent first to try, and deal with them. They are often times in groups, and may be helped by Shihai and their students.
  • Shipusu-Ninjas trained in the art of deception. Like the Hanta-Nin they often work in groups, and may even work with Shihai, but usually not their students. They are useful in gathering information, pickpocketing, and other things they have acquired within training. They are very capable.
  • Gakusha- Advanced scholars, as well as very educated Branch Members. They consist of elders within the clan. They usually are found in temples or libraries, and are constantly studying. Some are advanced in art, while other technology, others in math, others in anatomy, ect. Some are also very strong opponents, as they were sometimes ninja or warriors first.
  • Ninja- These are people who train in the art of the ninja. Stealthy and tactical, these people are great for advanced missions. Many have great powers and abilities.
  • Warriors- These people are gifted in one field, usually martial arts or weaponry, and serve as an army for the panda clan. They protect the separate cities and areas under Panda Clan control.
  • Kazoku- A specific family dynasty. They may be in the same or differing village. They all are related. (I.E: The Torriku Kazoku of the Shensheng De Branch).

Chi Branch

The oldest documented branch within the Panda Clan. The Chi Branch mainly focuses on Water and Earth type abilities. It is said that they use these abilities because their branch has mastered the earth, and are pure enough to make it into a Pure Abode of heaven. In rare cases the people of this clan have light abilities. The Chi Branch is has the second strongest enlightenment stage known as "Anagami". This allows them to use the Anagami Eye. However for anyone in the branch to unleash it they must face their own personal truth. The Chi Branch resides within eastern Chun-Nan in a large area of beautiful villages.

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Notable Residents: (F= Formerly, D= Defected, M= Married into the Clan)


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Important Events

  • Water Festival
  • Spring Festival
  • The Festival of the Water Lily
  • Animal Festival
  • Chi Branch Celebration

Main Abilities: Hydrokinesis, Geokinesis, Martial Arts

Symbol: 地球

Enlightenment Stage: Anagami Eye; The eye can be unlocked after one finds their own personal greatest truth. With the eye, the user can calculate trajectory as well as see the impact an attack would have, just by looking at the attack. This allows them to dodge many attacks easily. It has a weakness against Spectral Beings.

Capital City: Tu Zi is a large beautiful village full of rich culture, and many diverse villagers. The city is on the outskirts of multiple forest areas. One is the Forbidden Forest, a place of dark and mysterious aspects. Another is the Shuǐguǒ Forest, a forest of plentiful fruits. The city is very pretty, and usually has sunshine, or light showers. The city is a center of trade and knowledge. There libraries and schools within the village, and plant life is very important. Their architecture is of washitsu styling, with ancient Chun-Nan styled homes.

Shensheng De Branch

The second oldest clan with a close affinity to the heavens. They posses the final enlightenment stage. They have very few members, and are all pacifists. They all were long cloaks and spend most of the day in prayer. They are highly educated and usually keep themselves from the rest of the clans unless necessary.

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Notable Residents: (F= Formerly, D= Defected)


  • Torriku Family

Important Events

  • Day of the Sun
  • Day of God
  • Day of Prayer

Main Abilities: Solarakinesis, Celestialkinesis.

Symbol: 神圣的

Enlightenment Stage: The Mind of Arahant; This ability can be unlocked when one realizes their own personal purpose in life. In doing so they have nothing left to gain from earth. It is the rarest stage to be unlocked. However, once unlocked the mind can control the dead through mental force (Necromancers).

Captial City:Sentāobuhebun ~ Literally meaning "Center of Heaven", the city is a place said to have a holy feel to it. The place has a special flower known as Hua Shen, that releases special pollen into the air in the shape of feathers. It is of speculation that these are wings of angels. The city is decorated with temples, and shrines. It is a place of higher education, and has an ancient like feeling with a hint of futuristic style.

Ryu Branch

The Ryu branch is the third eldest clan. They are a clan of warriors known for the expertise in Fireworks and Pyrokinetics. They hold many of the main celebrations in which anyone including those outside of the Clan can participate in. They have a close affinity to dragons, and worship and ancient dragon that lives atop a mountain. Every two years the "Dragon Fist Tournament" is held where people from all around the world can come to fight. They are famous for their livelihood. Oddly their are two enlightenment stages within this village. However one will cancel out the other, and so they are considered one. They have the first enlightenment stage.

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Notable Residents: (F= Formerly, D= Defected)

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  • Uchiwa Family

Important Events

  • New Years Festival
  • Dragon Festival
  • Lantern Festival
  • Festival of the Fallen Leaf
  • Dragon Fist Tournament
  • Food Festival
  • The Festival of Summer

Main Abilities: Pyrokinesis, Martial Arts


Enlightenment Stage: Eye of Dharma; This eye allows a person read the mind, and tap into the inner psyche of a person's mind. This will not affect anyone who has unlocked the Sakadagami Flame, Mind of Arahant, Anagami Eye or anyone who has also unlocked the Eye of Dharma. A person may unlock this by facing their biggest fear, in turn conquering the psyche. However, if a person has gained this Eye they may not obtain the other Ryu Branch enlightenment stage, the Spirit of Sotapanna.

Spirit of Sotapanna; This spirit allows people to channel a unique steam through the body. It can build up to clear their thoughts to block any mind control or mind reading. They can also build this steam to unlock their "Sacred Sotapanna Stage". In this form all of the user's abilities become enhanced extremely, and they gain a green aura with steam rising from their body, along with plain white eyes without pupils. The life force of a person using this ability can weakened if used excessively. The ability is accessed when some-one faces their greatest triumph.

Captial City:Doragonsentā ~ This beautiful city is home to all of the Ryu Branch Festivals. This great center of trade is surrounded by water ports, allowing for much trade. The city is on an island connected to the land by three Ohashi Bridges, all on one side of the city. The city is a very colorful city with orange, red, and yellow being the main representing colors. The city is decorated, and Dragon Road can be seen from afar. The Dragon Fist Tournament is held in the lower land connected to the city by the Ohashi Bridge. So while the stadium is out side of the actual city it is still considered apart of the city, and it holds many forms of entertainment. There are parades in the city for a large percentage of the year, and it is rare to see rain there. The city if full of many villagers. While it doesn't have large skyscrapers instead having smaller buildings (many made of woodwork), and though it resembles a large village rather than an actual city, Dorganonsenta is still considered a city.

Hanzo Branch

The youngest branch within the Panda Clan. They are warriors who specialize in the art of electrokinesis. They are a peaceful village though are currently rebuilding from an attack they had recently faced. They are rivals with the Chi Clan, and along with the Chi Clan are the strongest branch within the clan, and in Chun-Nan. They live pretty peacefully, and have great abilities. The branch is recorded to be only two-hundred years old. Their enlightenment stage is the Sakadagami Flame. Before the near destruction of the branch, they held a Grand Race every two years, where people would have to run across the world with multiple obstacles in their path. The obstacles would include battles, or puzzles. They held it every other year from the Ryu Drago Branch Tournament to avoid conflict, and competition. They have the third strongest enlightenment stage.

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Notable Residents: (F= Formerly, D= Defected)

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Important Events

  • The Moon Festival
  • Storm Festival
  • The Grand Race

Main Abilities: Electrokinesis, Martial Arts, Swordsmanship.

Symbol: 雷声

Enlightenment Stage: Sakadagami Flame; This flame burns within the users body. It is unlocked after they face their own personal greatest suffering. The flame can burn within the eyes of a user to influence another person. This however doesn't effect those who have accessed the Anagami Eye or the Mind of Arahant.

Capital City:Shǎndiàn bàgōng ~ A highly advanced city, with many futuristic aspects. While the city has futuristic aspects as fore-mentioned, it also retains an affinity to Chun-Nan culture. The city is still currently dealing with some repairs, but is nearly restored. There are still dangerous areas, where electricity flows around in certain areas. It is still a beautiful place, especially at night. Rain is common within the capital. They are a major center of trade, and are rumored to house the strongest warriors. They are highly protected, and reside atop a small mountain with large grand stairs (Dà lóutī) leading down the small mountain.


  • The Panda Clan is based off of the Buddhist religion.
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