The Ookami tribe is a tribe of wolves that used to worship the sun Godess Amaterasu

the only known living ookami are Airon "Jonic" Hikarikaze and Clair Nightcutter


Not much is known about the Ookami apart from there legends and destruction

Legends say that the tribe was born as followers and worshippers of the Japanese Sun Godess, possibly to reign peace on the lands.

The tribe has been around for 13 generations and fell from war on March 25 1993 by a Docter Edgar Cyrex who wanted to rule over the world with his army of geneticly modified soldiers.

a small number of the tribe managed to escape extinction but cast away there former heritage and started anew losing faith in there goddess Amaterasu

Known Ookami

Airon "Jonic" Hikarikaze

Clair Nightcutter

Lydia "Soul Fang" Hikarikaze


The tribe itself holds a great mass of anchient artifacts, but the most known relic is the Sword of Shiranui

Sword of shiranui mkII showcase

the sword of shiranui version 1 (left) and 2 (right)

a blade made for defeating evil and is only wielded by blood of the Hikarikaze line.

The sword is stated in legends to have been crafted by Amaterasu and entrusted to the first tribe chief seven generations ago, it is now currently in the possetion of one the last two Ookami in exsistance Airon Hikarikaze.

Traits and Powers

The Ookami tribe was known for having the own unique patterns on there bodys that are linked to there power and energy, a sign for a weakend member is if there body markings are not present during the time. Normally this occurs if they have overused the spirit energy and enterd "temporary lockdown" a phase that strips them of the power for aproximatly 30 minutes.

Members of the tribe also have the power to transfrom into a beast wolf at will at the cost of there speech and power but in turn makes up with natural instinct, it is considerd tactical and cunning to some.

Despite Amaterasu having 13 powers a normal ookami can only hold 1 power and as such there marking color matches the power they have an example would be that an ookami with red markings would have the power of fire

Only the Hikarikaze and Nightcutter lines can have the power of spirit aura (blue markings)

the most unique trait that only exsists for the Hikarikaze and there brother family the Nightcutters is the attack known as the Ookami Sphere

the skill is used by one chargeing there spirit energy into an orb and launching at the enemy, it is basicly a double edged sword attack as it does more drain on the spirit energy and induces temporary lockdown quicker.

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