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The Omnimental is the fusion form of all ten of The Elemental Gods. It is set to appear in The Fury Of The Elemental Gods.

Physical Description

It appears as a fifty-foot long serpentine beast with four wings (the top pair are white and feathered, while the bottom pair are black and batlike), two arms and no legs. It has four horns, two of ice and two of stone, and a mane of electrified fire runs down its head and back. Its tail is tipped with a poisonous stinger, and flanked by leaves. Long feathers adorn its neck and shoulders.


First Appearance

The Omnimental will make its first appearance in The Fury Of The Elemental Gods.


The Omnimental has mastery over all ten of the elements, as well as their Advanced forms (such as Scorch, Void, Gale) and Combination forms (Plasma, Nitrogen) as well.

Healing Factor

Its healing factor is very strong; in fact, it is as strong as all ten of the Elemental Gods combined.


The Omnimental is incredibly fast in the air; its aerial speed comes from Haeos and Khazri. It is a bit slower on the ground.

Super Strength

The Omnimental gets its high physical strength from Temblor.

Hyperion Omnimental

The "super" form of the Omnimental; it is really an ascended power form, triggered by an extreme amount of absorption of any of the ten Elements.


It is resistant (although not necessarily immune) to all ten of the Elements, as it embodies them. It is not resistant, however, to any of the Combination elements (I.E Plasma).


It is weak to Chaos abilities. This is because that while the harmony of all the elements represents Balance, Chaos is its opposite. Chaos abilities also disrupt its healing factor.

Friends and Foes






Its main personality changes often, switching back and forth between the personality of each God or Goddess in accordance with outside influence. It could have Celeritas' peaceful disposition one second, and Fiamme's fiery temper the next; that is, if you make it angry enough.


  • Depends on personality


  • Depends on personality

Biggest Fears



  • Its name is a portmanteau of omnipotent and elemental.
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