Part 1:Prologue

Nine-Thousand years ago, on Anti-Mobuis, Umbria,the opposite of Aurora, was created to spread havoc across Moebuis. But finding its inhabitents wrere naturally violent there was no need of her. She teleported to Mobuis Prime and found it a wonderous world to destroy, but, when she came arcoss Enerjaks tribe, She was thwarted by the god, and imprisioned in a Obsidian Necklace..........

(Thieves Guild (minus Wren and mira) Comes over a hill on extreme gear.)

Rouge: Come on! You guys are to slow!

(Ace zooms past her)

Ace: You're right Rouge, You guys are to slow!

Arel: Stop messing with the fuel cells! A couple more boosts like that and your extreme gear is Caput!

Rouge: We were just having fun Tech-Head.

Arel: Yeah! Well fun does'nt pay for new fuel cells!

Cage: Pay for fuel cells? You mean steal fuel cells,Mate.

Arel: Whatever...

Jes: Will you guys just just be quiet....

Arel: Thank you Jes I..

Jes: ....Everybody knows i'm the fastest!

(Zooms past Rouge and Ace)

Arel: Arghhh! Glare, are we there yet?

Glare: (consults a Holo-map) We're right on top of it!

Rouge: I see it! Comining over the next hill!..

Ace: Enerjak's Temple!

Cage: That place 'as got ta be loaded with gold!

Rouge: And jewels!

(They ride up and over a hill and on the other side are ruins of a gold and turquise palace, They get off the extreme gear and begin to walk in side)

Rouge: My,My,My, Just look at this place! Wren would have loved to get his hands on his Bigger bros temple! Where is he anyway he should have joined us by now, a race does'nt take that long.

Ace: But then he's racing Sonic!

Rouge: Well then he should have lost by now!

Arel: But i made his exteme gear the best! maybe it was a tie!

Jes: Enough small talk! Let's get to the gold!

Cage: Alright! ( Starts picking at the gold on the wall)

(Jes rolls her eyes, Everyone starts plundering the palace Foyer, While Rouge wanders off)

Rouge: Hmm. (she examines wall, the kicks it down, to find a secret passage) well what do we have here?

(she walks down some steps and comes into a huge room filled with gems)

Rouge: (to herself) Jackpot!

(begining to pocket some jewels)

?????: Hello, Mortal.

Rouge: (suprised) Who's there?

?????: I am here, so, you are a thief? Hmmmmm?

Rouge: Where are you?

?????: I'm right behind you child.

(Rouge turns around, There's no one there, exept a stand with a necklace on it.)

Rouge: (jokingly)So your a necklace, Huh?

?????: No. i am imprisioned in it.

Rouge: Ah. I see, you want me to free you,Right?

?????: Of course mortal. Freedom is what I seek.

Rouge: What's in it for me, miz, necklace?

?????: This necklace, once i'm free. It's obsidian.It is all i Have to offer.

Rouge: Alright, so what do if have to do?

?????: Just put it on...

Rouge: Sounds easy enough.

(puts on the necklace)

Umbria: Yesssss, mortal, now you are mine!

(Rouge's Eyes turn Red as she gets possessed by Umbria)

Part 2: The end to a race

(You see a Beutiful forest with a sound in the distance.Then Sonic and Wren Zoom by)

Sonic: Give it up, You can't Beat me!

Wren: (jokingly) Hmmm. Your right. Geuss i'll hafta Cheat.

(Wren starts creating walls in front of sonic, Wren starts laughing)

Sonic: Hey! What are you,Nicole?(soinc jumps over the walls)

Wren: Iron Nicloe didn't make walls she made hands come out of the ground! but now that you metion it....(Wren starts making Hands apear out of the Ground)

Sonic: (while dodging the walls and Hands) Face it! Cheting or no cheating I'll still win.

Wren: Yeah i geuss so. Rouge and the Guild will be waiting for me, I'm already late for a mission.

Sonic: You mean,Heist but, ok, Sally wants me to do some more investigation in the eggdome anyway. (they both depart)

Wren: Later, Champion!

Sonic: See ya ,Seer!

Part 3: Uh-oh

(Wren Arrives at Enerjak's Temple via Extreme Gear)

Wren: (in comidic voice)Honey i'm home! (notices there's nobody there)

Hello! Anybody here? Aww. c'mon guys, I'm sorry i was late.

(walks into temple)

Wren: Anybody home?(to himself) Geuss not.

(notices gold foil missing from wall and laughs knowing cage, Finds hole in wall)

Wren: Now what do we have here? Hmmm. geussing by the scuff marks i'd say Rouge found this before me.

(walks down the steps into gem room)

Wren: Hmmm.(notices huge piles of gems) I'm suprised Rouge and the others would leave all these around. Why would they leave this here. It doesn't make sense.

(exiamines other treasures on the by the wall, Each with a plaque underneath it)

Wren: Nice. Big Bro sure got some cool stuff, old Imperial Echidna armour, his wifes Wedding ring, A family portrait....(Notices painting of a battle between Enerjak and What looks like a Black Aurora)Helllloooo, now what could this be? The writing is so hard to read, " defeated. HuH? Who's Umbr? and how was she defated? It's all scratched out. Hmmm. but it says "Our lord Enerjak" got some sort of trophy from it.. which should be riiiiiiiiiiiight here.(notices nothings there) Well thats not good.

Wren:(starts to leave but take a gem with him)(in his head) I shuold go back to H.Q. they should at least be there.)

Part 4:The Terrible Truth

(Wren is walking through woods up to the the fort, when he sees a red-eyed Ace and Cage standing gaurd at the front door)

Wren: uh-oh, uh ace?


Wren: well, i'm just gonna go inside now. (ace and cage block the door way)

Ace: To pass us you must..

Cage:...Drink from this goblet(pulls out a cup wth clear liquid in it)

wren: ya, like i'd fall for that one. I 'aint drinking poision!

Ace: I assure you it is not Posion.

Wren: (senses he's telling the truth) hmmm. alright. but you guys have to stop being possesed.

Part 5: The virtual

(Umbaria is Waliking through Her evil lair)


???:Well,Well ,Well.

Um:It cannot be!Josh the overlander !

Josh:Yup.I am back and Annoyed.

(Holds up Hand Glowing with Greenish Blue Energy)

Josh:Umbaria,these kids are going to pwn you.

Josh :I Am washing my of your evil.

Josh :Chornos Control!

To Be resolved......

Part 6: Re-taking the fort

Final Part: Banished

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