The Nine Raiju Fangs are an elite squad that serves The Trolls, being made up of Trolls who use the advanced Elements derived from Electricity.



Suarra the Cat

The leader of the Nine Raiju Fangs, he wields the element of Black Electricity, created from the elements of Electricity and Darkness.

Tiermes the Hedgehog

2nd-in-Command, Tiermes wields the Pulse element, which combines Electricity and Nature.

Loucetios the Fox

The head strategist and tactical commander. Loucetios controls the Magnetism element, made up of Electricity and Earth.

Pamola the Hedgehog

The tracker and hunter of the group, Pamola uses the Stratos element, a combination of Electricity and Ice.

Oya the Mongoose

The assassin and seductress among the Nine Raiju Fangs. Oya wields Nuero, which is created from Electricity and Poison.

Pele the Echidna

The most destructive and wild of the group, and wielder of the Plasma element, created from Electricity and Fire

Mari the Fox

The pacifist among the members. She wields the advanced White Electricity, created from Electricity and Light.

Indra the Chameleon

The most level-headed member. Indra controls the Storm element, combining Electricity and Water.

Illmatar the Rabbit

The youngest and most naive of the Nine Raiju Fangs. She's the one who controls the Nimbus element, created from the Electricity and Wind elements.


  • All members of The Nine Raiju Fangs are named after a god, goddess, or spirit that controls lightning, thunder, or weather.
  • Each member's personality matches the advanced element they have mastery over.
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