Members(Add if you think your enemies are elidgible)

Sub-Zero(Former Leader, deceased)

Nexus the Unknown (New leader)

Radon the Redhead(Weapons Specialist/Creator/tester)

Scar the Hedgehog(Robber, Bait, Deceased)

Warden the Hedgehog(deceased)

Rage the Echidna(deceased)

Brutus the Echidna(Brutal member, merciless jailor and brute strength of the group)

Ken Kintobor (Master planner, strategist)


Must think of the plan ahead of time.

Be thorough about your plan and think about the gathered intelligence.

Show no mercy to the heroic or the weak.

If any traitors or spies are notified within the area, execute or capture the supposed threat

come ALONE, no outsiders should know the group's location. AND ABOVE ALL: DON'T SOLICIT(SELL) ANY WEAPONRY CREATED BY THE KLAN!

Base of Operations

The base is found normally in the coldest point on mobius, usually found in the arctic tundra's mountains, and usually buried by snow and coated in icy rock slabs. There is also a secondary base found in an abandoned Military warehouse just outside of the G.U.N. force building.


The uniform only consists of a light blue cloak and the Klan's symbol on the members right hand. Only for those of which that cannot withstand the temperature will be given a Thermo-Shield to cover from head to toe without any flaws.


When Sub-Zero became a criminal and fled capture, he decided to unite all of the mobian criminals to stop the heroes once and for all. When the group was fully assembled, they became used to each other(except Scar and Radon) and became strategic and straightforward with there plans. However they are defeated multiple times by the Powercore Unit.

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