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The New Sonic Heroes is the possible sequel to Sonic Heroes.


Remixed version of "Sonic Heroes", only the words "The New" are quickly added before the lyrics "Sonic Heroes".


Team Bolt

Team Blossom

Team Havoc

Team Nova

Note: This team is available only through a hack.

Team Blasts

Team Bolt

Tornado Override-Clawz and Hornz spin around in Neo's hands. Neo then uses Chaos Cannon to blast them out of his hands. Clawz and Hornz then become tornadoes, destroying evey enemy in range.

Team Blossom

Flower Power-Wingz wraps herself in a chrysalis-like state, while Melody and Chelsy swing her around like a hammer.

Team Havoc

Earthshaker-Crackers waves his boomerang around, Sonia spins her tail, and Blitz bashes the ground with his fists.

Team Nova

Tele-Barrage-Nova uses his Nova Teleother to teleport Arias and Kannon behind enemies so they can surprise attack them.

Team Bolt/Team Sonic Story

Team Sonic is visiting the Sonic Brawlers building. Then, there is a big earthquake. Dr. Eggman appears on a video phone screen.

Everyone: Eggman!

Dr. Eggman: Yes, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Clawz, Hornz, and Neo. I have come to interupt that I have created yet another doomsday device. Though you will destroy my doomsday device if I told you how it worked and where it is, I'm just going to let you all perish... once my robots blast you!!

Eggman laughs and the screen turns off.

Robots enter from the windows and shoot lasers at the heroes. Clawz quickly deflects them with his claws. The lasers destroy the robots.

Clawz: Quick, we gotta get Eggman!

Tails: Agreed.

Sonic: No, wait.

Clawz: What?

Sonic: Clawz, as my apprentice, I want to see if you can clean up this mess.

Clawz: You just read my mind, Mr. Hedge! Come on guys!

Team Bolt jumps out of the broken windows to save the world.