"We bring order to Moebius."~New Order Motto.

The New Order is a fascist government formed out of the decaying ashes of the Anti Mobian Army . It's armies consist of many former AMA veterans, Psy-troopers , and closely formed Neonian Empire, Coalition, and Turantan allies. The New Order's main goal is to start a 3rd Great War with Mobius prime and avenge itself for what it views as a past defeat,(which really ended in a stalemate.) 

New Order flag

The New Order flag.


The New Order was created by Baron Griefan Bradanska . Along with former AMA generals, and his best friend and former SNTC mercenary Patrik. The New Order also has many former AMA vetrens and personnel who defected to its side prior to the Second Moebian Civil War breaking out, especially many former members of the now fractured Psychic Guardians .

Baron Griefan.

Baron Griefan Nathaniel Bradanksa. (Age 45.)


The New Order maintains many of the AMA's former policies, but now under harsher regulations. Capital punshiment for crimes like rape is considered the norm. Anyone having ties with either GUN or Eggman face a brutal interrogation and execution policy.

Titan Trooper Gimp Attempt3

A New Order Titan Trooper. Note: The concept of the Titan Trooper was in my mind before I saw Attack on Titan. In fact the original Titan Trooper was based off the SS Doomtrooper(yes, from that awful movie,) and an Ogryn from Warhammer40k.


As with the AMF, many members of the New Order are either agnostic or athiest. Yet the study of Raj and under Baron Grienfan, magic is now allowed to be studied under permit. .

Base of Operations

The New Orders capital is in Nevereld City on Moebius. Nevereldia has became a superpower on Moebius under Griefan's rule. Many other countrikes like Aldaris, Outbac, Port Navald,  Turreg, and even the newly colonized Griefhaug have become allied to the New Order.Also many former AMA terrotiries on Mobius Prime and on Turanta have come under New Order control. Myza being chief among the former AMA held cites on Turanta.  
Raven 620


After the death of Deraj Ivan Brandanska   at the hands of Dark Void, Griefan grew colder in his heart and developed a animoisty towards non-Moebian xenos, robots, and prime worlders. Griefan started the New Order in the hopes that Moebius would rise from its ashes and once again become a major force to be reckoned with. Grief grew ashamed of his sisters attempt of having peace with the prime world and GUN, so far as to become their allies and unite the two planets. Griefan believed that the AMA/GUN/Egg/Dark Void war could have been won if the AMA only supported its allies and was harsher on the prime world from the start. This animosity was not his alone however, many Moebians viewed that Moebius should get revenge on their former enemies, and that peace between the realms was utter nonsense. Griefan came to power by promoting the use of his father's former policies,(many of whom he would change to be more radical later on, and by the promise  of a pro-militarized Moebius regime that would avenge Moebius and all who died for her in the past war.
Fee fi fo fum by jaredthefox92-d9ab7hl.png

Grief leading newly established Newly Order forces to victory.


  • The New Orders rise to power is simular to Germany's rise to power prior to WW2, as such there are many fascist undertones in the New Order. (Despite  the lack of racism and Holocaust found in the New Order. Also Griefan does not have any ubermensch philosophies, rather Griefan belives that is it Moebius's destiny to take vengence upon her primal sister Mobius.)
  • The New Order has two theme songs, a defensive theme:
Battalion Wars 2 Music - Prologue and Apocalypse

Battalion Wars 2 Music - Prologue and Apocalypse

and  a agressive theme:

Dune 2000 music (Harkonnen Battle)

Dune 2000 music (Harkonnen Battle)

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