The first round of the Neo Stellar Royale. Only the matches included in the first round of the tournament will occur here, and nothing more.


The same rules apply as on the main roleplay page, but I will restate them here just in case.

  1. Zero tolerance for god-modding!!!
  2. Do not troll or harass other users.
  3. Sexual content is strictly prohibited. Kissing, flirting, etc. is as far as it shall go.
  4. Swearing is to be kept to the minumum allowed by our wiki's Policies.
  5. This is a tournament roleplay, and is to be focused on the fights. Do not include unrelated subplots.
  6. After the fights begin, all new characters must enter the tournament through the Lobby before heading to the Audience.
  7. Surround out of character talk in ((double parentheses)) to distinguish it from dialogue and actions.
  8. All users may have a maximum of five characters that are not fighting. You may request more if absolutely necessary.
  9. Do not break the forth wall.

For anything not highlighted in these rules, see this guide.

Tournament Rules

These rules apply only to the designated tourament matches, and must be followed by the fighters along with the above rules.

  1. Killing your opponent is strictly prohibited. In place of a finishing blow, have your opponent yield. One offense will be met with immediate disqualification.
  2. If a fighter is knocked unconscious, they lose the match immediately.
  3. Ascended forms are strictly prohibited (this does not include shape-shifting and size modification). Fighters will be immediately expelled from their ascended forms and given one warning. A second offense will be met with immediate disqualification.
  4. Outside help of any sort is not allowed. Fighters must be absolutely alone during their matches. One offense will be met with immediate disqualification.

Certain matches may be given additional rules, which will be stated at the begining of the match.


Isaiah the Angelic Hedgefox vs. Lei the Hedgehog

Subzero vs. Splice The Hedgehog

Turbo the Chaos Hedgedragon vs. Crymson the Cat

Honoo "Flame" The Pyrofox vs. Terrador Custos Bellator

Frederick the Rabbit vs. May the Fox Hybrid

Endac Korinth Solarium vs. Shousenka the Echidna

Static the Cat vs. Terron "Quake" Subrock

Ichiro the Komodo vs. Jared the Unknown

Round One Overview

((Xi - Y'know, screw the bell. This is good enough. Sorry for the confusion, folks.))

A robot not unlike the one working the concession stepped out onto the field, in the space between the four rings. The small cannon mounted on its shoulder shifted and turned until it was pointed into the air, and fired a flare high up into the sky as a means of gathering the crowds attention. ((Xi - You guys can roleplay in the stadium sections on the main page too, y'know.))

"Alright folks, it's time for the first round to begin," Gemini called out, this message seeming to come from the robot rather than the stadium's PA, though it was still loud enough for the fighters and crowd to hear. "Throughout this tournament, we're gonna be having four matches at a time. Each time a match finishes, there will be a short break for the fighters to prepare before the next match begins. This first round is a simple knockout round. Fighters win when their opponent can no longer continue fighting, or is forced to yield. A ring-out does not equal a loss, but there are boundaries: the crowd is off limits, no leaving the stadium, and no interfering with other matches. E-113 here will make sure of that." A light blinked on the robot's cannon to signal that it was 'E-113'. Gemini finished, "Otherwise, just abide by the rules already put in place, and without further ado, let the first round of the Neo Stellar Royale begin!!"

Match A: Isaiah vs. Lei

Isaiah stepped out into the throng of the stadium. As he stepped into the center of the ring, he took in the crowd's loud cheering and grinned. "Now this is a game I can play." He drew his sword and tossed it into the air, catching it in his opposite hand, laughing all the while.

In comparison with his opponent, Lei was a lot more reserved, despite the massive sword in his hand. He took in the crowd, but kept his focus on a single point from behind his sunglasses - Isaiah.

Isaiah notices Lei standing in front of him, his grin widening. He notices his huge sword. "So, anything goes before ascension, eh? Looks like my handicap will have to wait until later in the game." Isaiah snapped his fingers and his sword lights up white, refining it to form his original angelic sword, Angelwing. "Let's make this a good show, shall we?" Isaiah smiled and sheathed his sword, unfurling his wings unto their full extent. At this the crowd roared again in excitement.

Lei grinned. "Oh, I plan to." As he spoke, he began to spin the massive sword in tight circles, the blade rippling with darkness, although tiny little dots of light shone through like stars. "This blade is a claymore, infused from it's creation with stardust. You have the power of light at your side, but I've fought for years as a soldier with nought but this blade, a suit of battle armor and the darkness I carry. If you want to make this a show, then bring it on!" With the final comment, he thrust sharply with the sword into the air, sending a pinwheel of star-studded energy along the blade's path. The crowd roared at the display of strength and finesse, while Lei's sunglasses hid his evaluative gaze from Isaiah.

Isaiah's grin only grew into a loud laugh as he watched the sword send it's sparks flying. But suddenly his entire personality changed. His grin disappeared into a serious look, and in an instant he sent his sword flying at Lei. The sword, instead of aiming at Lei, hit the still towering blade, knocking it backwards to throw off Lei's balance.

With speed unusual for a fighter with a sword that large, Lei turned the backwards fall of the sword into an attack of his own, forming a new dark aura around the blade as it fell behind. As it reached the critical point of it's fall, Lei swung the sword in a horizontal slash, launching the shadowy wave as a blast towards his opponent.

Isaiah, as if sensing the move, swung his arm out in a similar fashion as that of his sword, parrying the shadow wave with a white wave of fire. Isaiah looked up and grinned. "Quicker the thinker than the talker. Good." Isaiah's sword then disappears from it's laying position behind Lei and reappears in Isaiah's hand.

"Experience, not simply thought." Lei shifted into a more defensive stance, ready to protect himself or parry away a sword stroke.

Isaiah tossed up his sword and it multiplied into 3 swords, and they all fly at Lei.

The hedgehog began the blade's spin again, knocking two of the swords out of the air with his massive blade. The third, however, slipped past his guard and scraped his shoulder before he could dodge. Angered slightly, Lei stood his ground and roared, using darkness to form an imposing illusion - his sword growing larger, before slashing at his opponent.

Isaiah jumped back, arching into a backflip. His legs catch the blow and they're knocked out from under him, sending him spinning into the ground. He stands up slowly, and extends his wings to full length. He then flaps them, creating powerful gusts of wing buffeting Lei.

The solder stood his ground, creating a dome of dark energy around his body by drawing upon darkness stored within his sword, allowing him to shrug off the attack, while he began to expand the dome to limit his opponent's visibility.

An rune circle appears in front of Isaiah and creates a large beam of light to split open the dome and light up the area, Isaiah steps forward, resummoning his sword again. "This will continue going nowhere if we both stay on the defensive." He said sternly, his face still contorted into a cruel, serious look.

"And no fight was ever won by rushing in blindly. The last time I did that, I was a junior officer, while my commander wanted to attack through a gully. It was a trap. Since then I have learned, and now, I know how to act." Lei's voice emerged from roughly four different directions, from pieces of shade that hadn't quite dissipated. Suddenly, Lei used the shadow to his advantage as all remaining shadow formed into a massive orb of darkness, which launched itself at Isaiah as the hedgehog suddenly appeared, sword once again whirring in it's practised, tight arcs.

Isaiah, using his agility, side-stepped past the orb and charged at Lei's left flank, swinging his sword in a diagonal arc.

Impossibly fast, the massive Claymore arced up to meet Isaiah's own blade, with the hedgehog brining extra power to bear as he stretched his muscles.

Isaiah gritted his teeth and grabbed the sword with both hands in order to counter the extra power. "I haven't seen somebody reduce me to two hands in a while. Very interesting." Isaiah flips back, snaps his fingers, and three balls of white flame appear, shooting across the arena at Lei. Behind the fireball's blinding sheild, Isaiah charged in after, his sword aiming for Lei's legs.

With his blade, once again Lei created the shadowy wall, but this time underneath him, using it as a spring to propel himself over the fireballs, his sword arcing down towards Isaiah as he flipped.

Isaiah dropped to his knees and slid underneath the reach of the blade, sliding to a stop and jumping back up to his feet. He then threw his hand forward and unleashed a tremendous blast of white energy straight at Lei.

The hedgehog counteracted instantaneously, launching his own wave of darkness at his opponent, while he took the time to prepare his blade with a shadowy coating.

Isaiah jumped into the air again, soaring up a ways, his sword lighting up white.

Lei stayed planted on the ground as his blade's darkness expanded, ready for him to intercept the next blow.

Isaiah's sword brightened as his sword set to white flame. He stood in place in the air, watching him.

Lei grunted as he began the now-familiar spinning once again, his eyes looking straight at the flaming sword from behind his sunglasses.

Isaiah rolls his eyes. "I hate stubborn people." he thought to himeself as he charged at Lei, diving down at him , sword ready to strike.

With a grin, Lei let Isaiah approach, instead swinging his much larger weapon down in a vertical cut, a blow capable of bisecting a light armored vehicle.

Isaiah didn't expect the slash, and was hit full force broadside, being knocked to the ground. "Ugh!" His sword breaks into a million peices, as he slowly attemps to stand.

Lei smiled grimly, his sword continuing it's arc up past his back forcing him to bring both hands to a full halt so the blade didn't kill Isaiah. "Do you surrender, or will this fight continue until one of us makes a foolish mistake?"

Isaiah was up on his hands and knees, looking down at the floor. He laughed softly, and then, almost blindingly quick, grabbed Lei's right leg, pulled it out from under him, and threw him across the ring into a wall. He then stood up, spitting out some blood. "You already made one foolish mistake. You don't show mercy to an opponent until he asks for it." Isaiah walked over and picked up the hilt of his destroyed sword, and it once again reformed itself.

Instantly, the impact dislodged Lei's sunglasses, which he immediately grasped and put back on. His sword remained where it lay, but he nodded. "I just wished to be sure, before I allowed him control." With that, the hedgehog closed his eyes, and all at once, his stance began to change from the upright, proud stance of a soldier to the hunched, loose form of a gutter-fighter.

"A new fighting style, quite an unexpected move. Give it your best shot." Isaiah stated, standing up, more confident than before.

Without a single word, Lei moved, but this time, he seemed even faster, phasing around within the shadows themselves. Then, he laughed, a cruel, dark sound that seemed to come from everywhere at once.

Isaiah grinned. "It's a challenge, eh? Alright then." Isaiah sheathed his sword and stood still, closing his eyes.

Suddenly, the punches started, emerging not from a physical body, but from the very shadows that filled the arena. It was as if the shadows themselves had come to life.

Match B: Subzero vs. Splice

Splice marched through the doors, and found himself in the big ring. The crowd went wild when they saw the fighters arriving. He looked around at all the people watching, and couldn't help but feel a bit an awesome way. He thrust his hand up above his head and waved enthusiastically at the audience as he stepped onto the ring. He then looked forward to see who his opponent was.

Subzero waited at the opposite end of the stage, observing his opponent through his red eye visors. Arms crossed and stance oozing with arrogance, Subzero gave a scoff as Splice enjoyed the roar of the crowd. "So ready to be sent home with your tail bent between your legs?" he taunted.

"Hah! As if!" Splice retorted, defiantly. "I shoulda known I'd get stuck with a smartmouthed braggart like you in the first round." He stomped his foot forward and positioned himself for battle. "I won't lose to the likes of you!"

"You're right..." Subzero said, unfolding his arms. "You aren't going to just lose; I'm going to break you." he hissed out, likewise taking a combative stance. "So come on, let me show you just how unlucky you are..."

"Heh. Whenever you're ready, tough guy." Splice gestured for him to make the first move.

"Very well." Subzero thrust one hand forward, releasing from his palm a violent stream of blue flame towards the hedgehog.

Normally Splice would let the flames touch him, with little effect, but the fact that they were blue made him suspicious. He quickly sidestepped them with little effort, and closed the distance between him and his foe by a couple of feet in the process.

The air around Splice seemed different, as if it had... cooled. Not wasting a moment, Subzero responded by throwing a ball of the blue flame at Splice, which was in-turn followed by a rapid fireball tossing combo. The blue fireballs flew at Splice from all kinds of arcs and angles, showing that high opponent knew quite well what they were doing.

Splice immediately noticed the change in temperature, and began to wonder about it. That's strange. It looked like fire, but it felt... Before he could finish thinking out that sentence, he found himself nearly surrounded by blue fireballs. They shot at him from just about everywhere, but he managed to spot a small opening. If he was quick he could dodge them all. He sprung forward and launched himself into the air, diving towards the opening between four of the blue flames. His eyelids suddenly snapped wide open when he realized that he didn't quite make it. One of them hit his leg.
He somersaulted a bit upon coming in contact with the ground, stopping in a kneeling position to quickly examine his leg.

The area that had been hit was completely encased in ice so cold it felt like Splice's leg was sitting in an open flame. Subzero simply cackled at his opponent, his expressionless armor concealing what could only be an arrogant sneer.

"Like it?" he asked with a taunting jeer. "It's an advanced element. It goes by many names, but I personally prefer the term 'FrostFlame'. Would the little rodent like me to explain, or is the name enough for you to process?" he asked, following it with a chuckle as he crossed his arms over his chest. Of all things to be hit, the leg was the most fortunate and the least problematic for him. A hand could give more desperate or less sane opponents an improvised bludgeon, and hitting the head would bring about questions about lethal intent, lead to hassles Subzero would prefer avoiding. Hitting the leg debilitated the opponent without worrying about killing them, and Subzero was confident that this battle would soon be over as a result.

Splice stood up, moving his frozen leg around curiously as Subzero went on about his taunts. "FrostFlame, you say? Nooow I understand...Yeah, it's all coming clear now." He said in an enlightened mood. "I'll admit, that's a pretty cool trick you got there." He slightly grinned at his pun. "Maybe I CAN learn a thing or two from you." He planted his foot down hard, and the ice began to crack. "As nice as that was, please don't tell me that's all ya got." Suddenly, the sheet of ice shattered, and his leg remained completely unharmed. The ice swirled around him, collecting in the center of his risen hand. He then thrust his hand forward, sending it all back towards him in the shape of a spike.

Subzero didn't even flinch as the ice hit dead-on, shattering upon impact with his armor. "Not even close." Subzero responded with an eerily cold tone, before holding his hands out to the sides. Swirling balls of blue flame formed in hands hands, which Subzero then sent careening towards Splice. These ones almost looked comet-like, as their speed was much greater than the attacks Subzero had lobbed prior.

Knowing that he had nothing to fear, he charged head first towards Subzero. He created a few of his own frosty projectiles, and sent them at the blue fireballs to stop them in their place. Meanwhile he headed in to attack Subzero more physically. He coated his fist in ice and quickly threw a hard, straight punch towards his chest.

Splice was in for quite a surprise, as the resulting impact resulted in powerful explosions equaling those of actual high-powered fireballs. Raising up his left forearm, Subzero blocked the punch with ease. The ice cracked against his armor, while Subzero looked down at the hedgehog before him. "FrostFlame does not just freeze; it's raw power rivals that of a pure blaze! You'd be wise to not underestimate this power. Otherwise...." Subzero raised up his right hand, a powerful blue inferno forming in his palm. "You'll be blown to frozen bits!!" With that, he threw down his arm towards Splice, aiming to strike the hedgehog directly with the icy flame.

Splice threw his other hand forward, striking the man's arm with his fist. While his other arm was frozen, this arm was completely covered in flames. "Well then, let's try pitting the two against each other!" With that, he unleashed a small, fiery explosion at point blank range. The ice coating his other arm melted from the heat, and instead crackled with tiny embers waiting to flare up.

Subzero was sent skidding back a few feet from the explosion, but otherwise shook the smoke off of his guarding arm. "A cryokinetic AND a pyrokinetic? Interesting. Unfortunately, that means I can't afford to take any amount of ease on you!" Swinging his right arm in a wide arc, the wide stream of blue flame released a virtually endless stream of flaming bullets to batter Splice and the battlefield. Whatever ground or terrain they struck found itself turned up by a powerful explosion, as if each flame was a miniature shell round.

After backflipping a few feet away from the explosion, Splice countered by firing a stream of flames straight forward. The flames would cause the bullets to explode before reaching him, and eventually create a chain reaction of explosion; each one closer to Subzero than Splice.

Seeing the attack was becoming a disadvantage, Subzero ended the attempted assault. A blue flame forming in his hand once again, he threw it directly into the ground as Splice's flames headed towards him. Subzero was supposedly consumed by the stream of fire, obscured from view.

It looked like he got him, but Splice knew better than to let his guard down early. To be on the safe side, he threw a couple more fireballs and a crescent shaped stream of flames in his direction, took a couple of steps back and moved into a defensive position.

When the flames died down, what was revealed was a wall of solid ice. Steam was pouring off of it due to the recent flaming assault, and yet it still stood. Through the icy barricade, Subzero could be seen standing back up as he began to cackle loudly. "Do you think my monicker is hyperbole!? My ice so cold it burns!? Think again! Even the flames of Inferno can't penetrate my ice!"

"Tch." Splice grunted in irritation. This guy was starting to get on his nerves. Still, if he was going to be using that wall often, it was going to be a problem. The armor was bad enough. He began to walk toward him and his icy fort, half wondering what his opponent was going to do now, and half wondering what he should do.

With an upward wave of his hand, Subzero generated a stream of blue flame to generate a ramp of ice. Subzero than ran up the ramp and jumped off, his arc aiming to land on Splice. Subzero brought his hands down in a double axe handle, aiming to slam Splice right into the ground.

Splice could see him coming, and was ready for him. He waited until the right moment, and then dashed forward. He kicked his legs outward and slid across the ground under Subzero. He then swung himself around to face his back, now entering a kneeling position, and thrust his fist into the armored man. Upon impact, he would release a blast of fire in the form of an explosion.

"Foolish!" Subzero yelled as he spun around and matched Splice's punch with his own, releasing an equally explosive burst of icy flame. Skidding back from the force of the explosion, Subzero called out tauntingly. "Did I not tell you that my element matches fire in raw power!?"

Splice backflipped away from the blast and landed a safe distance away from him, only to hear him bragging again. Groan. That wouldn't be so much of a problem if I could just land a hit. This is getting annoying. He watched his opponent to see if he would make another move. Still, this isn't really working out. If I could just get through that armor...
Eventually, Splice decided to take the initiative again, and took off at full throttle. He looked as if he were going to punch him in the face. However, he instead changed plans and somersaulted into the air, giving himself enough momentum to strike with a devastating, ice covered axe kick.

Subzero fell for the fake out, striking out to counter the punch. As a result the kick hit him squarely on the head. The impact of the axe kick caused the ground beneath him to crack, while the ice shattered into thousands of tiny shards. Subzero remained still for a moment, before releasing something between a groan and a growl. "Dammit... even with armor trying to break someone's neck hurts, you little twerp." Subzero righted himself and worked his neck, before laying his eyes back on Splice. "Are you really going for a killing blow? I'll be more than happy to attack in kind..." he snarled.

After landing the blow, Splice landed on the ground in front of him. He was actually rather surprised with the damage he dealt; And man did it feel good. Splice smirked at his opponent, "Oh, I'm sorry. I figured with that 'Hard as nails' attitude of yours, an attack like that would've been no sweat for you." He spoke in a fake surprise. "Maybe you should try not acting so invincible next time, so I'll remember to hold back a little more."

Subzero remained quiet for a moment, before responding with a very low, unnerving chuckle. "Very well, brat." He said, raising a hand so that his palm faced Splice. "Just remember one thing. You asked for it." With that a ball of blue flame formed in his palm, roughly the size of his palm. That orb then split into four slightly smaller orbs, which then each split into two smaller orbs. They floated their for just a moment like normal fireballs before they seemed to literally flare to life, letting off a sound equivalent to fireworks before launching directly at Splice with vicious speed.

In an instant, Splice had ducked down and planted his hand on the ground. Just as suddenly as he did, a pillar of flames shot up from around him. When the blue fireballs touched the fire, a massive explosion took place right there in front of Subzero.

Knowing something like this might have happened regardless, Splice added his own explosive power to the mix to help him escape. At the very least, he minimalized the damage taken from Subzero's attack. He was now soaring high above ground-level, the blast having boosted his jump incredibly. He then thrust himself downward, his entire body catching on fire like a comet in orbit. He aimed himself towards Subzero, approaching at an alarming rate.

Subzero let out an audible snarl in response, a swirling ring of blue fire forming around one hand. Thrusting said hand in Splice's direction, the ring focused before exploding into a spiraling drill-like weapon rocketing towards Splice with immense speed of its own. The tip itself was rounded to a dull point so as to prevent lethal blows, but the sides were covered in jagged fang-like teeth, meant to cause non-lethal but probably even more vicious wounds should it hit.

Even if Splice did see it coming, there was no time to change course. He challenged the weapon head on, barreling through like a spinning meteorite. The two clashed in mid-air, yet Splice's flaming spindash prevailed. Sparks flew in every-which direction; It sounded like a buzz saw cutting through metal. Both had stopped several feet above ground, Soon, there was a loud crack, followed by another. The tip of the weapon had cracked and fallen off, hitting the ground below. Splice then stopped spinning and thrust all four limbs forward, unleashing all the firepower he'd built up around him in a massive blast that enveloped the weapon. As he was thrown backward, the drill-like weapon was thrown right back down toward it's owner.

Subzero threw up a tower of blue flame that soon froze into solid ice, deflecting the broken drill. The tower stood high, and the ice was so thick that it couldn't be seen through. Subzero was completely hidden from view within the towering wall of ice.

Splice landed a few feet away from the ice. He stood up straight and took a good look at the tower. He couldn't see him inside, but he had a good feeling that was where he was. He took a few steps back, and waited. What would he do while inside? Depending on Subzero's next move, he might be able to take the upper hand.

Match C: Turbo vs. Crymson

Holding his best Sword, Turbo enters the arena. This would be a tough battle. But, he moved on. As he stepped out to the arena, he readily checked the area surrounding the Stadium.

Crymson ran out of oppising entrance and stopped to look at the area that is filled with a roaring audience. She blood is boiling with anticipation, that couldn't help but make a battle cry into the air. "YEAAAAAH!!!" She ran a few feet before doing several front flips and landed on the oppositr side of the arena. She stood up and looked at her opponent and smiled. She took out her rod, which extends into a staff. After several twirls, she gets into her Way of the Staff stance. "Get ready, Turbo." She yelled to her opponent.

Turbo took out Dragonsoul, his Green and Black Sword. "I've thought enemies much more powerful. You're Nothing." He extended his wings, ready to fight.

"Heh, I'll make you eat those words!!!" Crymson smirked as her blue fire encompassed on her staff, roaring. Then after that, a ring of blue fire encircles her of a diameter of six feet, roaring intensly as Crymson is ready for Turbo to make the first move.

As soon as Turbo saw the fire, a specific thought raced through his head. "****......." He thought. Now, he had to fight his biggest weakness.

((((Btw, Xi said we have to wait for a bell.))))

((((I know, I read it on the Talk Page. ~CrySho~))))

As soon as the signal was called, Crymson twirled her staff fast and hold it in front of her. The twirling of her staff, with her blue fire active on her staff, made several fire balls and are launched towards Turbo. She released about five fireballs to start out.

Turbo frantically tried to dodge all the fireballs. "CRUD CRUD CRUD CRUD CRUD CRUD!" While a few hit him, Turbo was mostly unscathed. However, if this kept up he'd be screwed. "CHAOS......SPEAR" He screamed as he shot two purple spears at Crymson.

Even though Crymson dodged one of them, but the second one happened to hit her arm. "Argh." She clutched on her arm, seeing a burn mark through her fur. She took a gaze at Turbo and gave him a smile. "Heh, this has only just begun!" She twirled around with her staff as a massive wave of blue fire whipped through to impact Turbo.

Turbo narrowly dodges the blast by splitting into 2 Electric slime clones. The two clones are so Identical, one cannot tell them apart by any normal means. Even Dragonsoul was copied. "That was close" One of the clones said..

The fire wave died down, showing two Turbo's on the field. "Eh??" Crymson was dombfounded that she had to rub her eyes to make sure it was all in her head. But when she opened them up, she can still see two of Turbo. "Okay, time for hand-to-hand." She put her staff, which shrunk back into a rod, in her pocket and dashes towards the Turbos, getting ready to use her martial arts.

Turbo B simply braced himself for the attack, but divided into 2 clones. Turbo A leaped to block the attack with his sword.

She looked to see another clone appearing before her. Gah, more of them?? How can I beat them?!" She though. As Crymson got enough speed, she twirled herself to use her spin kick on one of the Turbos.

"Gack!" Turbo B said as he burst into cyan slime, splattering all over Crymson and the ground. the other Turbo's put out their hands. "Chaos................................BLAST!" they yelled as they fired Green Beams of Chaos Energy at Crymson.

Crymson tried her best to put up a fire shield to block the blast. But with the slime on her, she was reacting so slow that the blast impacted her. "AAAHHH!!!" She fell to the ground. After a thirty seconds of being on the ground, Crymson staggerly stood up and gazed at her foe. Darn, Turbo's gotten stronger since the last time I saw him. Crymson started to pant. I've got to think of a strategy before I get myself into trouble. Crymson opened her hands as two large fireballs formed. In a split second, she started to throw them towards Turbo as a new fireball formed every time she throw the previous fireball out. She threw about twenty fireballs.

Each of the clones was evaporated by the blast, and Turbo headed straight for a painful shot of flaming hurt. However, at just the last second, Turbo panicked and breathed out his Electric Breath, creating a Volcanic Ash Cloud. While the ash weakened the blasts, Turbo was still hit, creating an explosion.

Now's my chance!!! Crymson put her hands to the air as a very huge fireball formed over her. "HRAAAH!!" She jumped about ten feet before kicking the fireball with force towards Turbo.

"GET READY FOR THUNDER!" Turbo yelled as 12 Battery Charged Blue orbs of Pure Electricity formed around the Hedgedragon. They were at least 4 meters in diameter, but shrunk to only 1 in just seconds. They violently rotated before being launched at the fireball.

"YOU'LL NEVER BEAT AGAINST MY FLAMES!!!" Crymson yelled back as she made another flurry of fireballs to push the giant fireball towards Turbo.

"Chaos.........TENSION!" Turbo yelled. Instantaneously his power doubled and he got a yellow and Crimson aura. The electric death barrage quickly started to push through the attack.

Crymson jumped again towards the fireball as her right foot is covered in flames. She took a couple of twists as a masive wave of fire whipped from her foot. "PYRO.......KICK!!!" With the fire wave nearing the fireball, it slammed with so much impact for the fireball to go forward with more force.

The build up of pressure was great, but Turbo wasn't worried. Some of the energy balls had already gone two thirds of the way through the attack. In just a few seconds, Crymson would be hit in the face with 100,000 Volts of pure electricity.

"THAT'S IT!!!" Crymson let out a battle cry as an explosion of fire around her massively expanded towards the fireball. The explosion created so much power to push the fireball further and further. Just....a little.....more.... Crymson struggled.

((((Wait. Let's NOT go for the finishing moves just yet. I want this to be a longer battle. ~HS))))

((((That's not her finishing move. Her finishing move is Crimson Shockwave, that move she used against Metalloid in your RP. She was using her blast to push the fireball with more power. ~CrySho~))))

Turbo had pushed just a little more power out, causing the electrical blasts to push through the fireball and race toward Crymson. Because of the pressure build-up, the electrical attack had gained more than tenfold speed. However, the same had been done for Crym's fireball, which had been weakened less than Turbo's attack. The attack raced toward an immoble Turbo.

Crymson yelled as the electrical blast made an electrofying hit. She became weak from the attack, causing her to fall to the ground, face first. much...power. I've almost used up all of my powers against him. Ngh....I keep going. Crymson struggled intensly as she moved her arm up to pull herself up. Her arm shaked and gave out. "Gah..." She looked to Turbo, who is on the ground as well.

Turbo had only survived the attack because of his Chaos Tension, which increased his Defense. Now he was completely immoble, as his attack was so powerful. He needed to recharge. Looking over a Crymson, he knew that if she attacked, he would take massive damage, but if she tried to rest, she could restore a large portion of her energy.

Crymson tried again to get up, only this time she did have some strength left to stand up. She huffed and puffed heavily and coughed a few times. She staggered as she was standing up, but regain balance. She looked at Turbo for a second. I need to finish this up or the both of I would be knock out sensless from his electric ability. She closed her eyes as she breathed in deeply for her energy to refresh. An aura of white-blue encompassed her as she started to regain some of her strength. I'll only need a little bit of power. I need to get through this. She thought

Turbo decided something. He had just a dozen seconds before he could move again. He readied his wings so he could fly.

Crymson looked at Turbo's wings, extending and extending again as he was moments away to fly into the sky. The light blue glow disappeared as she regain a little strength for her to continue. She eyed Turbo and his wings with an anticipated smile. "What, you're readying to go aerial?"

I'm going were you can't follow." He replied, throwing shadowy spikes at Crymsons feet.

Crymson jumped at the nick of time before the spikes punctured her shoes. High above the arena is Crymson with her blue fire wings activated. She looked down to Turbo with her arms crossed. "Now, that makes the two of us then." Her voice sounded like a challenge.

Turbo looked at her. "Now, feel the real power of a dragon" Turbo said, as ley lines of Mana became visible, showing red mana. "Fire, Water, Earth, Wind. They are Omnipresent, they are quintessential to life." He muttered.

Crymson took out her staff while still in airbourne as she is ready to find out what Turbo's next attack is going to be. "What is he doing?" She said to herself.

"DRAGON'S PLEDGE!" Turbo yelled as the ley lines of Mana warped around him. He glowed a deep red. "Now. TAKE THIS!" He generated Chaos Energy, and Electromagnetic Energy into a dark core.

"What the-!" Crymson eyed Turbo's attack, seeing how it is mysterious for her to see a dragon type attack. "This is not good!!" She used her staff and twirled it quickly as a shield to block it.

Turbo gathered the energy into a void colored sphere. He lifted it up, visibly struggling. "HELL BLASTER! GO!" He shot an ultra dense shot of energy at Crymson, that was surrounded in wisps of cyan, orange, and pink energy.

With her staff still going quickly, it blocked the attack. Sure the blast was strong enough, but the force of the blast started to slow her twirling speed. "NO!!" As she stopped, the blast hit her greatly. After the blast faded away, Crymson started to fall from the sky to the ground.

As she hit the ground, the spikes from earlier were beneath her. If she touched one, they would explode. Knowing this, and thinking she would dodge, Turbo prepared a dive.

Crymson regained consiousness and looked at the spiked floor. With just little energy left, she launched a fireball to the area of spikes that happened to explode. She fell to the crater safetly.

Turbo started diving head first, wings outstrechted. He transitioned into a Jet Dash Attack, ready to crash into Crymson.

Crymson, lying on the ground on her back and panting a lot more than moments ago, started to open her eyes carefully and noticing Turbo lunging towards her. As soon as Turbo got closer, Crymson stood up quickly and jumped into the air as she did a super kick onto his face with some strength left in her.

A loud crack was heard, as Crymson's kick hit his head extra hard. Dust earlier from Crymson's shoes got in Turbo's eyes as he fell to the ground. The energy from Dragon's Pledge was wearing out. The hedgedragon was now blinded, weakened, and had a fractured skull. "Where did she learn to kick like that?" Turbo said. His skull was slowly regenerating. "Dammit........" Turbo said, as his vision went dark. "I'll have to resort to blindsense."

"TIME TO FINISH THIS!!!" Crymson yelled. She balled up her hands into one fist. She jumped at about six feet into the air towards Turbo. As she started to decend, a crimson-like aura formed on her fists as she is readied for her final attack. "Crimson...." Going down, she thrust her upper body downward with her fists slamming onto the top of his head. "SHOCKWAVE!!!!" The impact from her signature attack caused a major shockwave that it expanded through the arena, causing it to crumble onwards until it stopped near the edge.

As the attack was just about to make contact, Turbo took a huge gamble. "TIMES 3 CHAOS TENSION!" He yelled. He was enveloped into a similar aura. He instantly had his power, speed, and defense double. However, it was too late to do anything but get hit. He had survived the hit, but it was clear he had recieved so much damage that he could barely stand. "" He said, falling to the ground. "You rea....lly hit....m" He stopped. It hurt to talk. His sword slid to Crymson's feet. Only the Chaos warrior's super healing had kept him from blacking out.

Crymson was too much in shock as she stared with wide eyes, looking now at the fallen Turbo. She looked down to his sword and picked it up. She walked beside Turbo and placed the sword beside him and put her hand on his head. "Thank you for our battle, my friend. You actually did a good job against me." She stood up.

((((Keep in mind he's still concious, just damaged heavily. He might not be able to stand, but he still has a ton of energy left. Just little Stamina. ~HS))))

((((Heh, I'll keep that in mind. He is half-dragon after all. But Crymson hasn't noticed he still have some energy left. ~CrySho~))))

"Heh" He said, in a said in a derpy stupor. "When I said I thought other much more powerful than you, I wasn't under estimating you." He paused. "The other's always had one trick up their sleeve" He smiled. As soon as he did, the electric slime that got on Crymson's body earlier started discharging electricity, whilest spreading in a fashion in which it would easily cling on to Crymson.

"GRAAAAHHH!!!" Crymson yelled while the electricity was flowing all around her intensily. As she is still being electicuted, she tried her best to resist a little bit of sting. She opened one eye as she looked down at Turbo. "You may...." She winced in pain, still electricuted. "Still have an upper hand......Ngh....But...." She opened both eyes wide, showing her pupils disappearing. "I won't......go out.....AND GIVE UP!!!" She kicked Turbo about seven feet into the air before jumping towards him with a swarm of punches with raging red fire active on her fists.

"CHAOS CONTROL!" Turbo yelled, instaneously warping to another location, as he was too battered to move any other way. He started to quickly vibrate his molecules, accelerating his already fast natural healing rate. He had only seconds to heal however, as Crymson was very fast.

"Oh, no you don't!!!" Crymson grew red fire wings as her speed matches up to Turbo's. Her dark red flames covered her hands and feet and she started to hit his with some punches and kicks. The fire on her intensified rapidly with velocity.

Turbo once again divided into slime. But this time, the slime was very dark. As Turbo liquified into a puddle of slime, he slipped around very swiftly.

"What!?" Crymson went past Turbo in his liquid form. She stopped just a five feet away from him while in airbourne. "How can you do that!?" Her eyes grew wide, showing her pupils back to normal.

((((HE became just slime. He didn't create slime clones this time. ~HS))))

((((Oops, redit....~CrySho~))))

Turbo (still in slime form) watched as Crymson hovered over on the side. He had used up a lot of techniques. But, he had a few more tricks up his sleeve. He decided to create a lone slime clone. This one was very greyscale in color, showing no emotion at all.

((((I have a fun Idea. Let's finish the scene in the audience up until this point ~HS))))

Crymson growled. Damn it. Now this fight is getting a lot more tougher now. I need to think up a better strategy since I've used all of my moves. Think, Crymson, think!!! Crymson thought to herself as she devised a plan in her head.

((((Good idea. The audience section needs to catch up to this. ~CrySho~))))

Turbo's lone clone silently summoned a weapon. Whether the weapon was melee or firearm was to be determined.

Crymson is doing her best to come up with a strategy to win the battle. A lightbulb popped out of on top of her head. Heh, got it!! She thought as she made a huge fire ring about nine feet in diameter and two feet thick. The fire roared intensily. Time to execute my plan. She thought with a smile.

The slime clone now held a firearm in its hand. The weapon looked badly rusted. However, it had to be functional for Turbo to consider summoning it.

Crymson concentrated on her fire, now happened to make little embers coming from the flames. Crymson closed her eyes and spread her arms to the side as the many embers floated around the two. Her fire ring stayed put.

"..." Was all the clone said before a laser come arcing at Crymson from the Slime Clones. Embers were covering the clone's skin.

"Pyrolyze." She opened her eyes as flames erupted around the Turbo's. Though the fire didn't burn, but it immobolize the two on the spot.

Somehow, the flames managed to also hit the real Turbo. Although the Clone could not be paralyzed, it only had 1/4 the power of the original, and would collapse after a several strong hits.

Crymson spotted the real Turbo with a smirk. "Gotcha!" Crymson took out her staff as it roared with flames covering it. She twirled the staff a few times a huge wave of fire appeared and she pulled the staff down with the wave going towards the real Turbo.

The real Turbo was a Crymson's mercy. However, the clone was not. It silently defended its creator with a Shadow Ball, Shadow Rave combination.

"What!?" Crymson is bemused as to see the clone protecting the real one. "How can that be moving still?" She still kept the fire wave active as she made fireballs going to the clone.

((((There is only one Slime Clone. ~HS))))

The slime clone attempted a Razor Spindash, striking at Crymson.

Crymson sprang over the clone and threw her staff to the clone, trying to pierce through it with the flames on the staff.

The clone burst into black slime as it faded from existance. Turbo tried to struggle, but the Pyrolize had an advantage over him. He couldn't even curl into a ball. "Come on" Turbo thought. "What have you learned from your past battles?"

Crymson readied her hands as they made into a fists again, this time, blue aura appeared and enlarged. She jumped up ten feet. As she came towards Turbo, she smiled at him with her fists over her head. "THIS ENDS NOW!!!!" Crymson thrusted her upper body forward as her fists with blue aura slammed to Turbo's head. "SAPPHIRE SHOCKWAVE!!!"

Turbo could hear his heartbeat. He tried desperatly tried to move. He saw Crym coming closer, and closer. "Come on, Come on!" He said. He braced for a painful impact, but just before Crym hit......


In a flash of Light, Turbo was covered in a golden aura, catching Cryms attack in his bare hand before it could be fully executed.. His two gold Inhibitor Rings hit the ground, making a metallic ding. "I......won't.......lose!" Turbo said. However, he was not so sure he could keep up he strength for long, as his body might not be able to control the power he was generating.

Crymson, hovering in the air while Turbo held her fists, was all wide eye and staring at him. Impossible, no one was able to bypass nor stop my attack!!!!! But then she smiled and glared at him. "Blazing X!!!" She covered herself in purple flames and it formed on Turbo. Crymson started to regain strength.

"CHAOS GRENADE!" Turbo yelled as he created a small yet powerful blast with severe knockback.

Crymson, with the force of explosion from Turbo, flew several yards away from him. She landed on her back and lifted her head to look at Turbo, with his golden aura around him. "Heh, you're not too bad. I'll give you a lot of credit for getting me this far." She smiled.

As soon as Crymson went flying, Turbo charged up a Chaos Eraser. "CHAOS....ERASER!" He yelled, firing a massive beam of Green Chaos Energy at Crym.

Crymson, still airbourne, smiled and did nothing but take the impact from the Chaos Eraser. She landed on the ground, facing down.

Turbo raced to Crymson, making sure to not waste a centisecond. "TAKE.....THIS!!!!!!!!!!!" Turbo threw Crymson very into the air, and raced towards her.

Come on, come on!!! Crymson thought as she waited for the perfect time for an attack. Her heart pounded loudly with anticipation. As soon as Turbo was just a foot away, Crymson smirked as she twisted herself in a second.


Crymson, with blazing neon purple aura formed on her foot and leg, mega kicked Turbo's head with much more greater impact than the last one.

The force of the kick did not stop Turbo, but instead slow him down. "DAMN IT!" He screamed. He had one last choice, and his riskiest yet. His Inhibitor Rings glowed, and divided into 4 Turbo. "ATTACK!" The Original yelled. The 3 clones lunged at Crymson as fast as they could.

Crymson made three different color: dark red,light blue, and neon purple, fireballs around her. She made a diamond with her hands in front of her as she yelled out "SANHIRYU!!! THREE FIRE DRAGONS!!!" and the three fireballs formed into blazing dragons. She unleaded them towards the clones.

The three clones fired there electric breath against the fire in what seemed to be an even battle.

Even the fire dragon's breathe out fire towards the electric breath, creating an explosion in the middle.

The Turbo's were on the ground, barely conscious. The aura was gone, and the rings were back on. However, the final Turbo was charging towards Crymson at a near incalcuable speed, only seconds from Crymson. On the other side below the cat, a large mass of energy was heading for her, leaving little to no options.

Crymson happened to disappear suddenly, leaving only a small neon purple flame where as she was at before. Crymson reappeared behind Turbo. "You have no idea about my purple fire's ability." Crymson shot thrity fireballs at his back.

Turbo had one last trump card:He had used Chaos Blackscreen on himself, reducing the damage greatly. He turned around, badly damaged, and grabbed Crymson with all his super strength. "It's over.............."

((((It's time for his finisher. Prepare yourself ~HS))))

Everything went dark. Crymson saw Turbo dissapear, and then attack 19 times with blinding speed. "BALLISTIC RAGING DEMON!" Turbo yelled, hitting the 20th time for massive damage as his hits made of Perfect Pentagram out of Hitsparks.

"GAK!!!" Crymson spit out blood from the impact of the hits. But as Turbo made his 20th attack, Crymson grabbed his wrist with blinding speed. She quivered and panted heavily. "One more of my move I haven't used. So long." Crymson balled up her fist as a neon purple aura formed. It grew and grew, roaring with speed. "IT'S OVER!!!" Her fist, with blidning speed, impacted on his head. "AMETHYST SHOCKWAVE!!!!" Her most powerful move. But for some reason, her attack missed by only an inch. Crymson is all out of energy from the attack that she happened to fall to the ground.

((((Give me a second. I have to check if it is even possible to escape Raging Demons. Besides, at the speed Turbo's moving at, and the fact he is not staying in one place, it would be REALLY hard for Crymson to hit. Besides. ~HS))))

((((Well, Crymson's puuple fire ability makes her swift and silent, and able to move at an immeasurable speed compared to an average ninja. But do care to look over. :) ~CrySho~))))

((((Looked over it. No. BUT, Turbo isn't Akuma, and also his Raging Demon works different. Turbo is using "Lightspeed Attack", and while moving at the SOL is questionable, he leaves a small orb behind him after a strike, which strike the enemy after the 20th Hitspark. The bad part is the there is no reference is can use, because Turbo has used the attack in CHC yet.))))

(((( you want me to edit or leave it? ~CrySho~))))

((((Well, I don't think that even if Turbo was hit it would hurt. He's gotten an inhibitor ring boost, and he's got up Choas Blackscreen along with the fact his adreneline is raging. If you wish to continue this debate, be my guest. But, either way, an audience member wishes to teach some thing to Crymson >:) ))))

((((Ha ha ha ha ha. xD I'm not debating, I'm just asking. Reedit. ~CrySho~))))

Turbo fell, with a single digit unit of Energy left. His clones refused, and his ring reattached. "Heh...........that was fun. He took his laser from earlier, and as a sign of respect, put it in Crymson's arms (deactivated of course). "Give up yet?" Turbo said with his foot on her chest. "Because I have a friend who would love to teach you some fire techniques." he thought.

Crymson looked at Turbo and smiled. "Heh, you have fought a great match against me. You sure have gave your all..." She panted, almost having no strength to talk. She put her hand on his shoe. "I'll give you the reigns of victory." Crymson gleamed a smile at him. "Well, at least I had fun!!!" Crymson said before passing out from exhaution.

((((Hey Crym! Can you say Pheonix Flower? ~HS))))

((((Phoenix Flower? ~CrySho~))))

((((Just one of the Techiques Freezle will offer to teach Crymson))))

((((Nice. Alright, let's report this victor to Turbo over to Xi. ~CrySho~))))

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((Xi - The roleplay talkpage is a good enough place to let me know.))

"It looks like Turbo wins!" Gemini announced, prompting the crowd in Section 3 to roar with excitement. An E-113 robot came to carry Crymson off to Locker Room B, while the other gestured Turbo back to room A. "Turbo proceeds to Round 2, where he'll face off against Flame in Match J," Gemini explained, "Look forward to it!"

Instead of heading to the Locker Room, Turbo tried to find out if he could spectate the battle between Quake and Static. Quake was his old friend, and he knew that Static was friends with Crymson.

Match D: Flame vs. Terrador

Terrador entered the arena with the same determined grin stretching across his tan skinned muzzle. He saw his opponent had yet to arrive, which resulted in an impatient huff from the badgermolechidna. He this time to stretch out his muscles. He'd hate to lose his first round from a pulled muscle. He would watch the entrance as he did so and awaited the crimson pyrofox. Flame trudged into the arena, and looked at the large amount of people in the audience and sighed Fantasic...more pressure for when I lose. He thought. He looked at Terrador who was obviously irritated with Flame's Lateness and sighed "Sorry I'm late."

The hybrid simply greeted the young canine with a stern smile upon his entry, which came off as looking moderately awkward. "Apologies are not necessary." he replied, attaining a more serious demeanor. Upon scanning his opponent, he soon found out this was one of the first he'd seen in the locker room. He was the one who appeared nervous and unsure of himself. Even now moments before the match he seemed like so. Giving his body one last and extended stretch, he shuffled his feet and slowly donned his fighting stance "I wish you luck." he went on as he did so. "I am ready when you are." he finished, his emerald orbs staring as he waited for Flame's reply.

Flame got into a fighting stance "Okay... I'm ready, You're move first." I just let him attack me, Then I can scan his fighting style hopefully then It will be harder for him to win as I can see it coming. Flame though. "Come on...Lets get this over with..." Flame sighed.

Terrador looked a bit confused at first as if he wasn't sure quite what to do. He was always more of a defensive fighter, preferring to endure his enemy's attacks, then strike back with unyielding force once he found an opening. So being offered the first strike was somewhat rare for him as most opponents he fought typically made the first move. He thought for a few brief moments. He couldn't get to close to this fox; he wasn't sure what tools he had to employ and how dangerous they were. Taking a more distant approach would be most desired for the time being.

"Fair enough." he replied. Flame would see the green diamond shaped marking on the hybrid's forehead attain a green glow as he focused his Geokinetic energies. The circular markings on his left foot followed a similar manner as he raised that leg into the air. He sent it down to the cement below with great force, creating a fairly sized crater. Finally, the markings on his right hand illuminated as he thrust the arm forward and sent splitting ground careening towards the pyrofox.

Flame notices it coming and figures out what to do, In a pinch he sets up a barrier just in time. "I see, A geokinetic, So I just need a few more qualities before I can gather a verdict" He throws a small fireball at Terrador "Now to see your dodging style."

Terrador crouched slightly and placed his arms in front of him. As he rose, he lifted his arms into the air. As this motion was preformed, a wall of cement slightly taller than him was formed. The fireball did little against the hybrid's defense, only breaking off a small chunk. He decided to see what his opponent had to offer at close range, but going as he did now would be hazardous. Flame would see Terrador suddenly burst through the wall. He used his kinetic abilities to cling the earth to his body as he passed through it, then proceeded to meld it to fit the shape of his body leaving only his eyes and dreadlocks uncovered. Shaking the ground with each heavy step, he charged at his foe with surprising speed. Since his mobility was hindered greatly, he attempted to ram into the canine.

Flame looked suprised "Didn't see this coming!" He telekinecticly held terrador in place and threw him away, It was obvious Flame hated close range fighting. "Thats one more quality Scanned, Just 10 more and I'm ready to process it."

Terrador let out a smirk after being distanced from the fox, which was hidden from the armor. This was also auidible from the "humph." he let out. He pointed his fists at Flame and with a surge of Geokinetic power, the rocks covering his forearms were launched at Flame in the shape of giant fists with moderate speed. He unleashed them a couple seconds apart to increase the chances of them making their mark.

Flame notices the fist, And jumps out the way of one, only to be hit by the other, He struggles to his feet "Projectile power Scanned, On to next Scan" He shoots a large beam at Terrador, Hoping to see him reflect it. This guy is strong, I may have to come up with a more complex rythm to compensate for it He thought.

Terrador had little time to react to the beam. He couldn't jump out of harm's way with the armor so he was just hoping it'd do its job. The beam struck his chest and it seemed the rocks held their own. The projectile was stronger than Terrador had expected. A fairly sized hole was burned through the rock, causing him to stumble back a few steps. Ignoring the burn on his stomach, he regained his footing and took a abrupt step backwards. He had slipped out of his armor and it had remained upright. Barely a second after, it would be propelled at Flame by a powerful kick.

Flame had barely any time to react, He put his hands out infront and telekineticly stopped them, With some struggle they dropped to the floor "Scanned, One more thing, Physical ability, Then I can figure out a strategy" Flame flies up to Terrador and goes for a flying kick.

Terrador watched the fox charge in an awaited the time to react. As his foe went airborne, the Baculum Petra on Terrador's back began to glow green. The dark brown rock staff floated through the air as its user controlled it remotely. He positioned it horizontally above his head, blocking the flying kick. With his arms free, the hybrid sent a spiked fist aiming for Flame's stomach.

Flame falls down from flying and struggles to his feet, Now to test his close combat. Flame goes for a Roundhouse kick to his head. If he dodges this then thats one more thing to add to the Rythm He thought.

With his staff now confidently grasped, Terrador was more than ready for the oncoming kick. Flame's foot colided with the staff. Since both hands were being used to handle the force of the impact on his weapon, Terrador's options for attacking was limited for the time being. This also meant he was open for an attack, but this oppurtunity wouldn't be present for long.

Flame noticed the send and with one of his hands he shot a ray right at Terrador, Then followed up with a Kick to the Gut "Almost Done Scanning" Flame knew that when he had scanned the chances of Terrador's victory were slim.

The ray had struck Terrador's chest, giving him a similar burn as he had on his stomach. He growled in anger and dropped his staff. He had found himself using his Geokinesis too much anyways and would have to rely on his more natural tools. This was visable on his markings, which weren't as vibrant as they were in the beginning of the match. He remained vigilant and caught the oncoming foot with his right hand, allowing his formidible strength to hold him still for a few seconds. With no hesitation, he sent his free hand out in a fist aiming for Flame's muzzle.

After taking the fist Flame flew back, Landing on his feet "You have been completely scanned." He gets some headphones on and seems to be listening to music "If I follow this track I'll be able to get you're attack rythm down." Flame charges up a beam, He seems to be open while doing so.

Terrador ogled at him dumfounded. He had heard the fox mutter something multiple times and it sounded alot like the word scan. He couldn't waste his time attempting to comprehend his foe's uncanny attributes especially now that he seemed open. Terrador made a quick dash, then used his powerful legs to leap high into the air where he attempted to strike Flame with a crescent kick aiming for his head

Flame dived out the way "I was successful in my choice." He fires the beam at terrador who was facing the other way "You're fighting style is good, But face it, I'm getting closer to winning" Flame sighs "The match isn't over yet though." after firing the beam he lands on his feet.

Terrador had no time to reply to Flame's words. He was still in the air as the beam was launched and he was well aware he was open for an attack. All of his markings glowed and upon landing on the ground, he vanished into the cement, just barely avoiding the projectile. While underground, the badgermolechidna quickly made his way over to Flame, where he would burst from the ground fisits first.

Flame flew in the air, Seconds before, Making it look like he was upercutted into the air, When infact he wasn't, He looked open to attack as he flew up into the air. Lets see, If he goes for an attack I can take the momentum he would be moving at to counter. He thought, Over-anylysing the battle.

Terrador landed on his feet and watched the fox fly through the air. He found the action strange as he had not felt his fists make an impact. He was slightly out of breath and simply allowed Flame to reach the ground to regain his composure. That would be the last use of is Geokinesis for a while unless it was absolutely crucial.

"I must admit, you are more powerful then I had predicted." he stated with crossed arms, remembering how unmotivated Flame seemed before all this. "I never got your name and I like to know who I am fighting." he went on with a couple nods. While this was true, Terrador was also using it in an attempt to catch his breath and hopefully regain some Geokinetic energy in case he needed it.

Flame started falling "If you see neccisary, My name is Flame." He seemed to be trying to distract Terrador to the fact that Flame is trying to headbut him, Flame using his ability to fly to increase his falling speed untill he sets on fire "Locked on target!" Just before he hits the ground Flame re-adjusts himself to turn around, He flies at Terrador with tremendous speed.

"I am Terrador." the hybrid replied, gathering all the strength he needed for the time being. Just before Flame would hit the ground,Terrador reattained his fighting stance. He was slightly surprised to see the fox turn himself into a flaming projectile but he was prepared nevertheless. Although he wished to refrain from using his Geokinesis, wielding his staff didn't require much and it'd only be for a second. Plus he didn't wish to leave it laying on the ground. Quickly pointing an open palm at it, it was pulled to the Geomancer where he firmly grasped it. From this moment, the hybrid resembled a baseball player and even held the staff like it was a bat. This meant Flame was the ball and once he got close enough, Terrador would enleash a mighty swing. This would prove to be a mistake for him if struck for he didn't anticipate the amount of sheer force.

Flame despite the speed he was going at, He could sense the attack Terrador was going for though he didn't have time to turn, Flame decided to go for broke, as Terrador swung his staff Flame grabbed it and kept going forwards, taking Terrador with him. He decide during this attack he would figure out the attack he would do and the possiblities of what Terrador could do.

Terrador let out a surprised shout as he found himself flying through the air. He didn't have the slightest clue what happened for a few moments. After realizing Flame had grabbed his weapon, the hybrid simply let out a smirk. He released the grip on the weapon and the glow shrouding it vanished. Given the velocity, Terrador skid across the ground a good distance before coming to a stop. Since Flame was the only one holding it now and didn't have the Geokinetic energy to even budge it, it would suddenly seem like the heaviest object he'd ever come across. However, it would drop on the ground as if it weighed no more than a few pounds.

Flame drops the weapon, While still on fire stops and collects all the energy into his hand, Which floats up into his palm as a Deep blue energy ball. He smirks as he fires out a massive beam, Twice the size of Flame which crashes towards Terrador, It seems Flame was trying to end the match.

Terrador jumped to his feet to see Flame had conjured up what appeared to be a sort of final attack. By the time he realized this, the orb was already careening towards him. He didn't have time to dodge this nor would any of his defenses be enough to withstand such an attack, Flame would hear Terrador shout before seeing the projectile make its mark. Upon contact, the hybrid's body exploded into millions of sand particles scattering across the arena. What had happened to the Geomancer was a mystery for now. What Flame didn't know is that his foe had not tasted defeat just yet. Only silence would envelop the pyrofox momentarily.

Flame looks around for Terrador "Huh?" With the crowd roar he looked around "Does this mean I won?" He sighs and looks at the Crowd "Great...Now everyone has a high expectation of me." He waits for a sign to say if the match is over.

After a few brief seconds, the countless bits of sand began moving. They gathered to where Terrador once was and began to reform him. First a pair of rocky legs were seen, then his torso and arms had been shaped and finally his head. While he looked like living rock during this process, he had gained his normal appearance once he was fully formed. He slumped over heavily winded with his markings now colorless and gray.

"Do not... think... I am defeated... that easily..." he stated between gasps for air. Despite his dilluted stated, he was ready to finish Flame and end this match as the victor. Still winded, he assumed a fighting stance and waited for the fox to make his move.

Flame gets into a fighting stance "I did not forsee this." He runs at Terrador and goes for a jumping kick. "Lets finish this, I don't want to harm you badly and I doubt you want any long-lasting damage to come to me." He obviously mean this kick to be blocked, So flame could counter.

Terrador moved much slower than before. His body was having a negative reaction to the overuse of so much Geokinetic use. His natural energy however was more than plentiful and once he gets past this fatigue, his chances of victory would increase. He crossed his arms in front of him to deflect the attack. Given his state at the moment, this sent him stumbling back a few feet and he almost fell over.

"I agree with you, Flame." he said weakly. The Geomancer couldn't move in for an attack right now. Until he regained his composure, his fighting style would be more defensive than usual.

Flame obviously noticed his fatigue, He didn't want to permenantly damage Terrador, So he decided just to go for a KO, Flame gathers up the energy for a beam. Leaving himself open, Because he knew Terrador's current inability to fight at that moment.

Terrador watched the fox charge up energy. This was just what he needed.

"Give me your best and do not hold back." he told Flame with a chuckle. He was only hoping he'd be ready once the attack was unleashed.

Flame unleashed the attack Just before it hit Terrador he curved it up so it fires straight into the air, After it had reached a decent height he curved it so it would come stampeding towards Terrador from above with the help of Gravity, Flame knew that if this hit Terrador it would knock him out.

Whether his body would allow movement or not didn't matter to the badgermolechidna. As soon as it neared him, he began to make his move, but quickly stopped once he saw the trajectory had changed. Not wanting to face that thing again, Terrador resisted his aching body and dashed at Flame. Fueled only by his desire to acheive victory and a spirited shout, Terrador gather a majority of his power into a barrage of quick and deadly punches.

Flame notcing that it had missed used his eyes to angle the beam towards hiself and Terrador, hopefully it would him Terrador first and not hit Flame, Flame tried to not make it obvious that the beam was coming right for the two and a perfect cover would be terrador's punches, Flame dodged a few and got hit by a few, The perfect mix to make Terrador's focus block out everything but the Fox.

Terrador continued his barrage. It was Flame's absence of defense at first is what made him have a relavation; what happened to the energy attack Flame released? He had heard no impact and nothing like that would be silent. Getting a bad feeling deep in his, he turned his head slightly to see he had endangered them both by hurling it towards them. Without even thinking, he attempted to grab Flame and use him as a shield against the blast.

Flame's last resort was to Make Terrador release him, So he set himself on fire, To the point that Terrador had to let Flame go, He dived out of the way of The beam, and landed face-first, He struggled to his feet as he was almost out of energy, setting yourself on fire takes alot out of you.

Much like Flame wanted, the hybrid released his grip, which caused him to growl in frustration. He knew what his only option he had and he was not liking it at all. Even thinking about it filled his mind with regret. Using the last of his Geokinesis, a wall of rock was formed in front of him from a quick stomp. The cement forming this wall was loose and it just wasn't crafted well. Of course it was only used to slow the beam down just for the extra second he needed to dive out of the way. He too landed face first and with that stunt of his, he had found himself in the same prediciment moments ago. His markings had nearly lost their visibility. He staggered to his feet which took much more time and effort then he wanted.

"This battle has carried on long enough, would you agree, Flame?" he questioned with a smirk. He was slouched over with his hands on his knees with heavy breathing. He needed to finish this and fast. There was no way he can endure another projectile attack.

Flame looked at Terrador "Agreed, I suggest we finish this quickly, You are obviously in no condition to fight, And I'm not doing to great either" Flame thought for a second "If I hit you with a Projectile I may damage you permenantly. Unless you figure out another way that I wont injure you, Then I suggest we finish now."

Terrador let out a confident huff. "You will see I am rather stubborn and I will fight to my fullest until my body far reaches its limits." he said, standing up straight and refining his fighting stance. "Now, come at me with all your might." he continued, giving the pyrofox a gesture to attack.

Flame sighed "If you see fit." He got into a fighting stance "Then lets end this" He suddenly went transparent, Hoping to lure his opponent into his trap, Flame seemed to be Ever so slighly visable, Though it would take some thourough looking to tell where he was.

Terrador became more cautious as his opponent had nearly vanished from sight. He closed his eyes and concentrated deeply. Something his parents trained him in was the ability to see surroundings without the aid of his eyes. His muzzle twitched about, allowing his whiskers to detect vibrations. He smirked and opened his eyelids as he pinpointed Flame's location. He took a brief dash followed by a powerful leap. His body curled into a ball and he allowed gravity to push him towards his foe. His rock hard dreadlocks would prove to be more dangerous then they appear and this attack would cause moderate damage and most likely knock Flame to the ground.

Flame re-appeared just before the impact, Before he knew it he was holding up a barrier. Flame seemed to be having defending the attack as he was charging up an attack with one hand meanwhile setting up a barrier with the other "You're resolve is weakening...All I have to do is attack you once more and you will go back to whence you came..."

Terrador smashed into the barrier with great force, creating a small shockwave. "I am not taken down so easily." the hybrid stated within his spherical form as he continued to punish the shield with his momentum. As soon as his momentum would stop, he would uncurl himself and send a deadly, downward, 2 handed strike with great speed.

Flame noticed what Terrador was trying to do. He stopped charging the beam and Enforced the barrier with two hands, He seemed to be under strain "I will not...Lose..."

Seeming as if he wanted to end this battle within the next few moments, Terrador unleashed a relentless barrage of powerful punches onto Flame. The dark brown spikes adorning his fists would be added with the hybrid's great physical fortitude. With these two tools, Flame's barrier wouldn't last very long and once it would pass, Terrador would continue his flurry of fists.

Flame let the Barrier release as he dived out the way and fired an energy ray at Terrador, Who was still traveling towards where Flame was, Hoped that the ray would knock terrador out, he charged another to be sure, "Its over." He said quietly as he saw the ray travel towards Terrador.

Seeing as the hybrid had his eyes locked on Flame, he followed his every move. His movements depicted he was removing his defensive style of fighting and he was attacking the pyrofox with much ferocity. As he was charging his foe, he simply sidestepped to avoid the ray which didn't slow his speed at the slightest. Once he would approach Flame, his fists would be sent forward again with the intent of knocking him out.

Flame flies backwards in an attempt to keep distance, he knew if he went close combat range he would get knocked out, He charged up an Energy ball and Threw it "Wisdom...Barrage" Suddenly More appeared as he threw the Deep-Blue energy Blasts at Terrador.

Terrador stopped upon seeing his opponent had distanced himself. He watched the energy blasts being formed and unleashed. He watched them carefully, anticipating their trajectory to avoid them. He leapt away with a backflip and landed on his hands, then used his strength to propel him even further back. His feet skid across the ground a fair distance before coming to a stop. He remained in that slightly crouched position for a short time.

"I hope you see how futile your atttempts are. I am trained for endurance above all else. Your power is bound to waver at some point." the badgermolechidna stated as he stood straight up. His eyes scanned Flame as he worked to determine his next course of action.

"Hmm, I did not anticipate this, I shall take this into account." Flame said he flied up high, Almost to the point of being out of sight, Though just in vision, He put his hands togehter and charged an attack, He knew he'd have alot of time to charge this attack if his opponent couldn't get to him, he could also have to time read the moves and re-direct the attack if it misses or goes off-course.

Seeing as how his foe had risen to heights he cannot reach and was also charging up an attack, Terrador took this oppurtunity to recover some lost strength. He took a seat on the concrete with his legs crossed, eyes closed and open palms on the ground. He quickly focused his Geokinetic energies and green orbs soon appeared from the ground within close proximity of him. These orbited him briefly before being pulled towards him. A green aura would pulsate around him for no more than a second. He was attempting to regain all the strength he can and once Flame released his attack, Terrador was only hoping he'd be ready for it.

Flame noticed this and glowed, He seemed to be absorbing colour from the ground as the floor started going Grey in colour "This will finish him...In one move..." He was almost ready, In his hand was a Rainbow coloured ball pulsing with energy this attack looked very strong, and the fact that it stole colour from the ground was somewhat un-nerving to the crowd...

Terrador continued on focusing his energy restoration. Only when Flame made a move to attack would he snap out of his meditation. His markings had restored a small amount of their green color and the Geomancer was confident he was ready to face whatever his foe had in store.

Flame finally finished the attack, The ground was totally grey in colour which was odd as the rainbow coloured ball was flung at Terrador, Flame extended his hands and controlled the Energy ball, he moved it side to side slighly to make the attack harder to miss as he the attack traveled Flame yelled the attack name, He did this for his Signiture attacks for whatever reason "Rainbow...Breaker!" The attack when crashing towards Terrador.

The badgermolechidna got to his feet and the orbs vanished. He got to his feet and ogled at the oncoming attack. He hadn't noticed the change in scenery not that it mattered much to him. He'd prefer to focus on how he would go about this swaying projectile. His eyes followed its movements, learning its pattern in trajectory. He looked down at his open palm, grimacing at the greenish gray marking. It would have to do for the meantime. As the orb got close enough, his chest puffed up from the deep inhale he took. Flame would see him expel this in a wide spread, cone-shaped blast of green energy. This was practically the force of an earthquake and he was hoping it would either dissipate or even send it back to where it came. Of course with this attack Terrador pulled off, he found himself disoriented and stumbled about briefly.

The energy ball turned around, crashing towards Flame in a straight path, Flame glowed blue as he shop out a large deep-blue energy beam "Wisdom Beam!", This attack would not only Empower, But Change the tragectory to go back towards Terrador, As it did, The move was moving incredibly fast, And Terrador had little to no time to react. After he had shot the energy away Flame fell down out of the sky, barely landing on his feet. He slowly tried to re-gain his energy.

Terrador growled in vex as he watched the projectile careening back towards him and it appeared more powerful. His options were limited but he would do his best and push his body beyond its limits. He couldn't afford using his Earth Breath; something less power consuming would half to suffice. He quickly pointed a palm towards the Baculum Petra which lied a fair distance away. With a surge of Geokinetic energy, the divine staff was swiftly brought the the hybrids awaiting hands. Gripping it with the utmost confidence and faith in its abilities, Terrador held it horizontally barely even a second before the orb came in contact with him. Given his staff was composed of magical properties, the sphere had stopped in its place and clashed with the weapon. Terrador grunted and strained as he fought against it with teeth grinding violently together and sweat trickling down his forehead.

"I... will not... be defeated!" he shouted. Flame would suddenly see the hybrid's brown fur becoming green with his green attributes exluding his eyes turning a golden brown. A vibrant green aura was seen and this change was seen for just under 5 seconds. This sudden burst of energy gave him the power to send the projectile away and he watched it explode in the distance. Once the aura vanished and his fur restored to normal, his body slumped over and he had nearly dropped his staff from the lack of Geokinesis he had. He promptly placed it in its rightful place, but even that was difficult at the moment. He felt as if his body would no longer allow movement. He was arched over with his hands on his wobbly knees. He wasn't out of breath whch was strange, only slightly winded. His ability to take prolonged punishment was certainly paying off. "You are certainly full of surprises." he told Flame as he looked over to him.

Flame nodded "As are you." He ran up to Terrador and did a flying kick "I have a feeling, Judging by your thoughts it seems like you cannot dodge this, Thank you for the great match..."

Terrador simply gave the fox a smirk. The kick connected with the side of his head. His rock hard dreadlocks were able to cushion some of the impact, but the hybrid still found himself on the ground. His head pounded from the blow and the room was spinning a bit, but he managed to pull himself to one knee. "You will find I am much more difficult to take down than you think." he said with a smug grin. His dark brown eyelids were half closed and hidden by his dreadlocks was a fairly sized bruise.

Flame looked at Terrador with admiration, He never knew someone could have so much willpower, He still had to win, Well he didn't, He wanted to win, After the words from Terra, Jad and His brother, He knew he couldn't let them down, Flame charged up a fireball and Flung it at Terrador "Hmph, You have more will power than a Khajit trying to steal a man's septims." The reference he made seemed rather weird considering he was in the middle of a fight.

Terrador layed down fully on the ground. The fireball had nearly struck him and left a nasty burn trailing down his entire back. His tan skin was shown through his singed fur. He screamed inside his head for how extreme the pain was,but he didn't want to appear weak to his foe and only grunted with every move he made. "And you..." he said, staggering to his feet while finding it nearly impossible to regain balance. "You appear to be as persistant as I am." he said feebly. Despite his condition, Terrador was ready to finsih Flame off. Of course for the most part he was stuck where he was. It hurt to even move and his energy was completely drained.

Flame could see his pain and obviously didn't want to attack him anymore he faced it and threw a small energy ball that woudln't hurt him very much, hopefully enough to knock him out. he tried to hit away from the burn mark on Terrador.

Terrador closed his eyes and concentrated. He had one more shot at achieving victory; enough energy for one more strike. He ignored all pain and resistance in his body, including the hindrances brought on from the smaller orb that just struck him. This was something his father trained him in; to fight against his body and remove all obstacles. He sighed deeply and opened his eyes fully. His feet shuffled around and all sound around him appeared muffled. His heart pounded away in his chest as his fists opened and closed into fists.

"One final attempt." he muttered under his breath. "I must make it count." With a continuous spirited shout, the badgermolechidna dashed for Flame with breakneck speed. He took a mighty leap into the air and curled his body into a compact ball. He began spinning wildly, building up momentum as he neared Flame. Using the speed of his spins, he uncurled his body and extended his right leg, attempting to connect his heel to the pyrofox's head with tremendous force.

A crack could be heard as the attack met Flame's hand, As he put it in the way, It appears Flame had actually fractured his wrist, Flame fell back from the power and yelled in pain "Argh!" He picked himself up "No matter...I must fight on" He ran at Terrador, With decent speed and leapt up going to kick him in the face, right between the eyes.

Terrador had put his arms up to deflect the blow. His feet skid across the ground as he was not able to handle it fully. Luckily the only negative result was he was knocked off balance for a few brief moments. This left him open for an attck for only a few seconds before he'd regain his composure.

Flame noticed the few seconds he had, While he was still in the air he went for a kick in the stomach, and propelled himself away with the kick, he proceeded to fire a small fireball for good measure, Incase Terrador could still fight on.

Flame would be in for a surprise as Terrador had seen the foot coming and managed to grab a hold of it. Under normal circumstances, he'd be able to hold it with only one hand with little difficulties. Now with both hands wrapped around the pyrofox's foot, he struggled to keep hold. Seeing how his arms were full, he gave a slight pull and decided to try and smash their heads together with a lethal headbutt. The fireball struck his chest seconds after he initiated his attack and he was sent backwards and landed on his back with a thud. His arched tuft of tan fur was singed. Terrador let out a groan as he just couldn't move anymore despite how hard he fought.

"Argh!" Flame growled as he his head collides with Terrador's, He flies through the air and lands on his back, He stuggled to his feet and walked over at Terrador to check if he was okay "Are you okay?" He sees that he can't move "I guess the match is over, you fought well." He nods as he looks at the crowd who are cheering at the interesting match that had just happened, There was little close combat action but despite this they still enjoyed the match.

Terrador's eyes gradually opened and he looked up at the pyrofox. "I remain conscious so the match has yet to end." the hybrid explained, attempting to push himself up but to no avail.

Flame nodded "I see, I suppose I will have to Knock you out then" His hand glows blue as the throws a small ball of energy at Terrador's Head "I admire your will power."

"You have fought well, Flame and you have been a formidable opponent. My body has simply reached its limits. If only I were able to utilize my full inner potential things would be different. I wish to face you in battle once more anytime after this tournament." he said as he watched the energy ball being formed. Not even a second after it was unleashed, Terrador uttered a couple last words. "Thank you." he said before being rendered unconcious thus ending the match.

Flame nods "Thank you, I wish you luck in the other rounds." He smiles at Terrador, He then looks out at the crowd "I suppose that didn't go too badly..."

The E-113 robot stepped into the ring and lightly grabbed Flame by the arm, lifting his hand into the air. Over the speakers, Gemini called out to the crowd, "It looks like Flame the Pyrofox has one Match D, and will proceed to Round 2!" The crowd in Section 4 cheered, while a second E-113 robot came and lifted Terrador off the ground, carrying him to Locker Room B. The first robot then gestured for Flame to return to Room A and await the next round.

Flame nods and Returns to the locker-room, Feeling a mix of Suprised and Excitement, I hope the 2nd match Goes as well, Not only Did I win, But I was a great match. He thought to himself.

Match E: Frederick vs. May

For some strange reason, May elects not to walk into the stadium on the ground level. She instead zips up her maroon hoodie and steps into the stadium crowd. She does her absolute best to go unnoticed, and stands up at the front of the crowd, above where her opponent will come out. Hopefully, they won't recognize me. She wants to make an entrance.

The minutes went by, and the two fighters had yet to appear in the ring. "Last call for Frederick and May, last call!" announced Gemini over the P.A.

"Ah, forget it," she laughs, exiting the stands back to the place where she was supposed to come in, hanging up her coat, and walking out. It would be best for her to do that kind of an entrance later, anyway.

((Xi - If Sonicfan919 does not respond within the next three days, and remain regular in editing afterwards, he will be disqualified.))

The timer slowly ticked its way to zero, and Frederick had yet to arrive. "We've got a no-show, folks," Gemini began, "So that means May gets a by to Round Two. But Frederick's still got a spot with his name on it in the losers' bracket, so if he decides to appear he can still redeem himself." The E-113 robots directed May back to the Locker Room to await the second round.

May sighs. "Are you joking? I was wanting to get a little training for the battles up ahead..." She goes back willingly.

Match F: Endac vs. Shousenka

Endac enters from one side of the arena. Upon his enterance he was greeted with a roaring crowd, excited for the next match of the tournament. Endac barely supressed his astonishment at the huge crowd, and returned to his calm mind. He drew the Hilt of a once strong blade and concentrated his power, creating a blade of Fire with a loud whoosh. The blade was at first a simple jet of the uncontrolable Element, but it soon refined itself to the shape of a sword's blade created by the skills of a master. Endac spun the blade in his hand then brought his arm down to his side. He extended his Black wings and waited for his opponent to appear.

It seemed the arena was much larger than Shousenka had anticipated beforehand. Nonetheless its surprise to him wasn't going to deter the fact that he was fully prepared for the fight to come. He was a bit disappointed with the rules in that killing was prohibited, so it was certainly going to impede his performance today. Still, he had some training in close quarters combat so he had something to fall back on should hacking at their limbs not provide a decent offense. The echidna stood, his left hand on the scabbard of his katana while his dominant hand rest by his side.

Endac watched Shousenka's movements, noticing the hostility and guessing Shousenka was used to killing his victims. Endac shuttered at the thought of this Mobian killing his own kind. He knew this was just a simple tournament, but he had to be carefull in this first match. It almost annoyed Endac to know that he was facing someone who killed his opponents for sport. Enough to agitate the Human's mind. Endac simply flipped his blade in his hand making sure not to touch the Flaming Blade. The Half Dragon Hybrid Poised with his Blade ready. ((Xi - Due to inactivity, Shousenka has been disqualified from this portion of the tournament. Due to my own groginess at the moment, I'm not going to bother thinking of an in-story explanation for it. Endac advances to round 2, and Shousenka gets one last chance in the losers bracket.))

Match G: Static vs. Quake

Static enters the arena through one of the enterences and looks around. The ring appears to be level ground with nowhere to take cover. He then turns his attention towards the ceiling to see that it was high above him with a glass dome as a ceiling. Here and there, there were metal beams for supporting the spotlights that illuminated the field. They seemed to be close enough for Static to use as a grappling point for his whip, but the electrokinetic cat didn't know whether or not going that high off the ground would disqualify him from the match. He then turns his attention to the opposite enterence, waiting for his opponent.

Just need to stay calm and remember everything I learned, Static thought to himself, I hope everyone's watching, because it's time to show what I can do. With these words of self-encouragement, the orange feline relaxes a little and begins to stretch.

Quake stepped into the arena, also taking a brief moment to examine his surroundings. He took his place on the opposite side, facing Static, slightly nervous. He was unsure of whether or not he should be worried about his opponent, but something in the back of his mind said he should, even if just as a precaution.

After he finished stretching, Static looked at the brown hedgehog who was his opponent. He then reaches into his jacket and pulls out a small brown rod with a small orb on the end. With a flick of his wrist, the rod and the orb separate, but they remained connected together by an eight foot long tether. Static's whip had seen him through countless adventures. He wasn't really sure how he got it, or where it came from, but it didn't matter; the whip was the orange cat's weapon of choice, and he was skilled with using it.

Better not use my electrokinesis yet, he thought to himself, the less he knows about what I can do, the more likely I can gain the upper hand. However, the same was true for his opponent. Static didn't know anything about how Quake fights. Static then decides to wait for his opponent to make the first move.

Quake watched Static bring out his whip, and was immediately aware that he may need one of his own weapons for defense. So he summoned his favorite: a large, stone warhammer. However, fully aware that a well-placed swing of his opponent's whip could easily disarm him, Quake willed the stone band around one wrist to extend a little, wrapping around his hand like a glove and holding the weapon in place. Quake took up a defensive stance and watched Static carefully.

Static looks in mild surprise at the large warhammer that his opponent had summoned. Great, he thought, one direct hit from that thing and I'm as good as flattened. However, the cat remained calm. His whip had better range and could be used for more than just striking. He looks around at the audience, noticing that they were waiting for the action to get started. To be honest, so was Static. He then looked at Quake, waiting for either a signal to start or for the brown hedgehog to make his first move.

After a moment of waiting for Static to attack, Quake decided he may as well go first, since his opponent won't. Shifting his stance a little, the hedgehog dashed forward toward Static, drawing back his hammer.

Static retracted the whip and waited for his opponent to draw closer. As soon as Quake was close enough, Static would attempt to vault over the hedgehog and land a quick punch to the side of the head before using it as a handspring, propelling himself into the air and landing several feet behind Quake.

However, when Quake grew close enough, he attempted to swing his hammer at Static. The latter's vault had saved him from being struck, but the momentum of Quake's swing pulled him just out of range of his opponent's attack. He took a moment to steady himself as Static landed, mentally scolding himself for not training with his weapons in a while.

Static's vault didn't go as planned. While he avoided the hedgehog's swing, the feline was unable to strike his opponent due to Quake's momentum. Static had missed the chance to strike, but quickly realigned himself so that he would land on his feet. As he landed, he looked at Quake's weapon and an idea formed in his head.

Hmm. That hammer looks pretty heavy. He thought to himself. The feline then quickly brought out his whip and attempted to wrap it around Quake's leg and pull him off balance. If he succeded, and if Static's hunch was right, then the hedgehog would be left on the ground and have some difficulty getting back up due to the hammer's weight. This would also leave Quake vulnerable to another attack.

Quake, who had just turned back toward Static after he finished berating himself, was surprised to find the whip wrapped around his ankle. Before he could react, he was pulled off balance and landed on his back. However, just as he landed, gravity tugged at the legs of his pants, revealing the stone bands around his ankles; identical to the ones on his wrists. 

His copper-colored eyes flashing once, Quake used his geokinetic abilities to pull the bands on his ankles toward the ground behind him, forcing himself to roll back to his feet. Quickly, in an attempt to give Static as little time to react as possible, Quake charged in and swung his hammer at his opponent again.

The hedgehog's quick recovery surprised Static, but even his opponent couldn't strike fast enough. Knowing better than to try the same move twice in a row, the feline rolled to the side to narrowly avoid Quake's swing. Had the cat waited a moment later, he would have been hit for certain. Only his advanced reflexes saved him. After recovering from the roll, Static would quickly sprint a short distance away to gain some breathing room before turning to face the geokinetic combatant. With some distance between them, Static quickly tried to think of a new plan of attack.

Static was reluctant to use his electrokinesis. He wanted to save it for an emergency where he was given no other option. The fact that his opponent was unaware of his ability would give the orange cat the element of surprise. However, he was left with a new problem: knocking the hedgehog onto his back didn't seem to do any good. He needed to find another way to put his opponent at a disadvantage. He thought about pulling the hammer out of his opponent's grasp, but soon sees that it was teathered to his wrist. He then waits for his opponent to make his next move.

Quake, having learned from his first failed swing, quickly recovered and wasted no time wishing he'd been practicing more lately. Instead, he turned to face Static, weapon at the ready. Seeing that his opponent did not seem to want to attack any time soon, Quake quickly realized that he already had the upper hand. Which meant that Static's mind would be racing to find a way to pull him down. He didn't have much time to act, and charging blindly from this distance would be about as effective as it was the last two times. So instead, Quake lifted the hammer high above his head and brought it down on the concrete in front of him, cracking it slightly and sending stone and concrete shrapnel flying at Static.

When Static saw the mass of rocks and concrete fly towards him, he knew that he couldn't dodge out of the way. He decided it was time for him to use a move that Surg taught him. Electrifying his arms and raising them slightly, a pulse of electromagnetic energy eminated from him along the ground. All the rubble that was hurled towards the cat stopped midflight, suspended in midair by electromagnetism. He then used a blast of electrical energy to hurl the debris back at Quake.

Quake was surprised that his attack had been thrown back so easily, but in no way was he in any actual danger. Raising his free hand, Quake geokinetically stopped the stone fragments before they reached him, condensed them into a larger sphere of stone with sharp fragments sticking out, then flung it back at Static, even faster than before.

Even though the stone was launched at him at an alarming speed, the feline had already began to move. Quickly dashing to the side, he breaks into an electric grind and moves out of the way of the large stone sphere. As he grinded on the pure electrical energy that generated under his feet along the ground, Static shoots a pounding stream of bolts at the geokinetic hedgehog in an attempt to attack and possibly stun him.

Thinking quickly, Quake jabbed the hammer into the ground in front of him then let go. Moving around the hammer to keep it between himself and Static, Quake used the weapon's shaft as a lightning rod, redirecting the electricity into the ground below.

Upon seeing that his attacks were rendered ineffective, Static decides to take a different approach. If I can't hit him from the front, then I'll hit him from behind! He thought. He charges up his electricity before firing a large electrical projectile in Quake's direction. However, he intentionally misses the brown hedgehog, causing the rocket to fly by and miss. Static then begins to fire a second barage of small bolts at Quake to keep him distracted from the electric missile. As soon as the first bolt hit the geokinetic's improvised lightning rod, the rocket that had previously missed Quake altered its course and began hurling at high speed towards the hedgehog from behind.

Quake grabbed his hammer again and pushed it deeper into the ground, forcing his power into the fragments of stone embedded in the concrete floor of the ring. Quickly raising his other arm, Quake brought up a thin wall of rock around himself.

The electrical rocket impacted the wall with a huge amount of force and with a loud sound that sounded similar to thunder. It was almost impossible for Static to see through the dust cloud that the impact had created, but he hoped that he did some damage to his opponent. He quickly looked around to see if there was anything he could do to give himself an advantage if his attack wasn't successful. He looked up to look at the metal beams that supported the spotlights that illuminated the battlefield. If things got bad, he would use his whip to swing from the beams and keep himself off the ground. He then quickly turned his attention back to Quake, ready to fight, counter, or dodge whatever Quake would send his way.

Quake let the attack slam into his walls, the sheer force of the attack cracking them and kicking up a thick cloud of stone dust around him. Using his geokinesis to keep the dust away from his lungs, the hedgehog placed both hands against the walls and sent a surge of energy through them, shattering them into small, razor-sharp fragments of stone. Then, using the dust cloud to hide his actions, Quake thrust both hands forward, firing the stone shrapnel at Static like sharp, relatively slow bullets.

Static's eyes dilate for a breif moment before relaxing again as he sees the swarm of stone shrapnel head towards him out of the dust cloud. Like the previous time, Static electrified his arms and raised them slightly to create another electromagnetic pulse. The shrapnel flying towards him stopped in mid air as they got within range. Seeing that the dust cloud was still in place, Static tries to launch the attack back at Quake, hoping that the dust cloud would prevent him from seeing the attack until it was too late. As soon as he launches the attack, Static charges up to release a powerful blast of electrical energy, just in case he needs to destroy another large ball of rock.

Just as Static anticipated, another stone ball flew out of the dust cloud at him. This one, however, was much larger than before, and had the shards of stone that had been used as bullets attached to the outside like spikes. The huge sphere hurtled toward Static at surprising speed, spinning rapidly.

Static hurled his own attack at the giant stone ball, a large concentrated blast of electricity. The two attacks collided and both projectiles were destroyed, causing shards of the stone ball to fly in several directions. A couple of these shards flew at Static and one cut his leg slightly. Wincing in pain, Static looked at Quake to see that the dust cloud had faded away, leaving the hedgehog in full view.

I'm not getting anywhere with projectile attacks, Static thought to himself, and it's too dangerous to get in close. I need to come up with a different way to hit him.

However, as Static thought this, he would notice that Quake was suddenly much closer than he was when the dust cloud first appeared. In fact, Quake was right where the stone ball would have been had Static not destroyed it. He would also notice that even as he was noticing where Quake was, the hedgehog was quickly speeding closer and had begun to swing his heavy stone hammer at Static, faster than any normal person would have been able to swing such a weapon.

Static was astonished by Quake's incredible speed, but he jumped back several feet just before the hammer could connect. While in the air, Static unleashed a stream of lightning that fanned out in an arc from his fingertips at his opponent. This continuous stream of electricity would hopefully damage his opponent. In addition, the continuous stream of lightning would probably slow Quake down as the electricity barraged him from the front and sides.

The discarded shards of stone raced to Quake's rescue, attempting to block the electricity. Quake managed to turn his hammer upward, then used his momentum to slam it down hard into the ground. The tiny bits of stone in the concrete rose up suddenly beneath Static, attempting to stab into his feet to slow him down. At the same time, Quake used the hammer to push himself up higher, hopefully above Static, where he would then perform a quick frontflip and swing the hammer down again, this time aiming for the back of Static's head.

Upon seeing Quake begin to strike the ground with his hammer, Static turned his attention downward, anticipating an attack from beneath. The instant the shards shot out of the concrete, Static's reflexes increased to incredible levels. He created a strong electromagnetic pulse from his hands, causing a majority of the shards to veer away from him. In addition, this sudden burst of energy elevated Static's height above the ground, pushing him just above Quake.

However, the electrokinetic feline wasn't entirely saved from Quake's attack. Some of the shards, though they did not puncture his feet as his opponent had planned, hit Static and scratched him in several places along his limbs. He grunted in pain as the shards tore his jacket and cut his skin.Thinking quickly, Static pulled out his whip and attempted to strike Quake with a flury of electrified strikes before the hedgehog could complete his attack. The speed at which Static would strike was fast enough to make the whip appear as nothing more than a blur.

Quake, once again using the momentum from his swing to his advantage, rolled through the air beneath Static, though he wasn't quite quick enough to block the whip. The first few slashes landed on his legs as he rolled, the electricity briefly stunning him. He dropped to the ground heavily, then brought the stone shards closer to him. They landed on his body and stuck there, forming into a full suit of stone armor. Unfortunately, the amount of time it took him to do this gave Static enough time to land a few more slashes with his whip.

Upon seeing the stone shards sticking to Quake and forming a suit of armor, Static realized that he was going to have to hit Quake with something much stronger. Knowing that this was going to be a huge risk, Static drops to the ground a short distance away from Quake. He then raises his hands above his head and thrusts them downward. As he did this, a massive surge of lightning would come down from the air, and strike Quake with devastating impact. Hopefully, the stone armor would be too heavy to allow the geokinetic hedgehog to evade the attack. However, if it hit, Static would restrain the attack so that it wouldn't kill his opponent. It didn't matter that Quake was covered in stone armor; this attack wasn't affected by lightning rods and could pierce even concrete. However, if it misses, Static will be left vulnerable, as this move takes a lot of energy to maintain when not used during a thunderstorm.

As soon as Static hit the ground and raised his arms, Quake new something big was coming. He lifted his hammer above him and stuck the handle in the ground again. This time, however, he jumped up, placed both feet on the side of the hammer, and kicked off. A flash of orange emanated from the eye holes of his armor as he geokinetically launched himself backward, hoping against hope that he had moved quickly enough.

Quake wasn't fast enough. Static lowered his arms just as Quake implanted the hammer into the ground. The massive surge of lightning raced towards the geokinetic hedgehog at the speed of ... well, lightning. Despite the fact that the hedgehog had somehow moved fast enough to launch himself in the air, he was struck with the attack, keeping him suspended in the air as the lightning storm struck him with devastating effect. The ground below Quake would become a crater as the storm hit Quake and passed through him and struck the ground as well. Static would end the attack before any permanent or fatal damage could be done to the hedgehog.

Quake fell to the ground as the attack ended, smoke and the smell of burnt fur slipping between the chinks in his stone armor, which fell to sand shortly afterward. The hedgehog, fur smoldering and sparking, struggled to push himself to his knees, but collapsed again, his hammer dissolving into the ground without a trace.

Static breathed heavily as he had one knee on the ground; the attack took a lot of energy out of him. Once he recovered some of his strength, he stood up and walked over to the crater that had his opponent lying inside. Upon seeing that the hedgehog was collapsed on the ground, his armor and hammer gone, the feline gave a triumphant smile. "I guess that means I win." He said outloud, not addressing anyone in particular. He then looks at Quake, "You're pretty good," he complemented the hedgehog, not sure if he was concious enough to hear him. "Nice battling with you."

Two E-113 robots stepped into the ring. One carried Quake out, and the other gestured to Static. "Looks like we have a winner!" Gemini announced.

Match H: Ichiro vs. Jared

As if out of nowhere, a tall, hooded man just appears in the stadium, with his face hidden by a blank metal mask with what look like nails peircing it. Immediately afterwards, a Mobian komodo dragon appeared opposite the strange man in a dull flash of light.

"Well, it's about time we got this started," Ichiro, the komodo dragon, remarked, "Shall we?" On the E-113 robot's signal, the match officially began. Ichiro, however, did not move. The man stood still as well, and did not make a sound.

"Not much of a talker, I see," Ichiro went on after a moment, "You do realize this contest is not one of dire seriousness, yes? It's entertainment. Let loose." Following a flash of light, there were suddenly eight Ichiros standing around the perimeter of the ring. "Have a little fun," they called in unison.

The man remained silent, as if unaware of what Ichiro had just said. "Going to be like that, then?" said Ichiro one, and anothing continued, "I guess I'll have to set an example, then." Three of the Ichiros charged forward at Jared, each conjuring his hammer staff Moonriser. One gave a mighty swing of the hammer, another stabbed with the blade, and the third leaped into the air, aiming to strike from above.

When the Ichiro's were just about to land a hit, the man jumped into the air, and quickly pulled a sword from out of nowhere, then charged down unto one of the Ichiro's, attempting to cut it clean in half.

As the three Ichiros met where Jared once stood, they disappeared in a bright flash of light. Once the light had cleared, a single Ichiro could be seen holding Moonriser perpendicular to Jared's sword, blocking the slash. "Good. Now we're getting somewhere," Ichiro said with a smirk.

The man spropelled himself with his sword so that he can create a distance between him and Ichiro, then lands a few feet away.

Ichiro stood firm, twirling his staff. As it spun, it began to glow bright and brighter. Once he stopped he pulled it to his side, and the glow had receeded to the blade only. "Are we going to have some fun now?" he asked.

The man turned to face him, puts away his sword, then rushes towards Ichiro.

As the man approached, Ichiro swung his staff with great force, and the glowing blade released a whirling crescent of light. It flew fast and powerful, and would create a devastating impact.

The man simply stopped moving, and was then hit by the attack, and a huge layer of smoke is created from the impact.

Ichiro was unphased by the outcome of his attack, recognizing it as one of a possible few techniques. Remaining calm, he used his power to bend light through the smoke and see inside the cloud, looking out for Jared or anything else that may be coming for him.

The man was nowhere to be found in the smoke, having bored his way into the ground and sealed off the entrance.

Much to Ichiro's dismay, he could not find his opponent. Taking a more cautious approach, he bent the light off of himself, disappearing from sight.

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