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The Nazar is a villainous group founded in Hordaiquan. Their priority is having a monopoly over a global scale. They were created by HauntedAlchemist, Minato Arisato00, and TheSkullWolf.


Though the Nazar possesses a large amount of members, the following serve as the main leaders.

  • Vlad the Komodo Dragon: The leader and founder of the Nazar. Well rounded with both knowledge and offense, this lizard rules with an iron fist in his group. Originating as a petty street thug turned business mogul, Vlad wants to create a world where money is the prime concern and power under a one leader rule is vital. To him, he's doing good, barely acknowledging how horrid his crimes truly are. Vlad is not a force to be messed with either, with political power at the tap of a button for him. He's clean, methodical, and aggressive; purely unpredictable.
  • Mirage the Husky: The second in command, she's surprisingly tactical and well versed for her age. Many people are rather resentful of her however, primarily because she simply gained her position through being Vlad's adoptive daughter. She was a former member of The Black Cards, but joined The Nazar upon her adoption. She is an illusionist and hex magician.
  • Remington the Crab: The chemicals expert (interrogator and medic).
  • Neapolitan the Cat: The infiltrator and spy, she's most likely one of the more rebellious members. She has a habit of ignoring orders should she believe that they're a waste of her skills, but otherwise she's reliable and possesses a successful track record. Her abilities allow her to retrieve information through various methods and deceive people, only allowing them to realize her true intentions when it's too late.
  • Varris the Flytrap: The assassin and communications expert. No one in the group has ever seen her or heard her real voice (not even Vlad), so the other members are a bit suspicious of her. However, she gets the job done efficiently, making her a valuable, albeit somewhat reluctant, asset.
  • Sylas the Culpeo: The weapons expert and a master of reverse engineering, he was first dishonorably discharged by Archaven's military. He spends most of his time in the workshop than out in the field, primarily due to the fact that he's more useful working on weaponry than performing tasks others can fill in for. He seems to have some sort of respect for their leader, but everyone else he despises and treats with a sharp tongue.

Former Members

  • Wickson the Fly - The Nazar's assassin before the Flytrap took his place. His high success rate made him very arrogant, eventually leading him to make a fatal mistake on his final assignment when Varris had overhead him talking about his plan in a public area. She ended up killing him and completing the assignment for him, effectively stealing his job. Wickson used a mortar cannon for his assassinations, though Varris took it from him after his death.


  1. Do not reveal your identity.
  2. Do not reveal your affiliation with The Nazar.
  3. When asked about The Nazar, do not bring up shady information.
  4. Do not commit crimes in public unless told.
  5. No reckless behavior.
  6. Remove any needed evidence.
  7. Use proper code words and names whenever on a mission.
  8. Paychecks will possess a 25% deductible for business related reasons with allies.
  9. Do not affiliate with other members when outside of The Nazar.
  10. Personal relations with other members is not allowed, with the exception of Vlad and Mirage.

Base of Operations

The Nazar is primarily found in Hordaiquan throughout a multitude of bases. Alongside this, they possess a few warehouses within the area that is used for smuggling goods. They can be seen outside of the country, however, forming alliances with other groups.



The Codex

Their primary rival, they have had their run ins with each other. Though the Codex is more prominent than the Nazar, each side has put a stop to each other's missions more than once, leading to even more tension between each other. However, war has yet to be declared between the two, primarily because it's in their best interest to stay hidden from the public.

Hordaiquan Government

Because Vlad is a local to Mavenland, he has established a strong connection with government officials and slight political control. He is granted protection of his crimes and can never be fully charged, the same applies to other members. Vlad's influence with politics is definitely one in favor of the Nazar.


  • This is the second group of characters Minato Arisato00, TheSkullWolf, and HauntedAlchemist created, The O'Clock Family being the first. The Black Cards were created afterwards, despite their page coming first.

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