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Mythic Knights Sigil

The Symbol of the Mythic Knights

The Mythic Knights are a group of warriors set on helping people in anyway they can. Most of them are particularly known for using violence to solve most of their problems, but some of the members are more prone to talking things out. The group went about unnamed for quite sometime and were given the name Mythic Knights by Ages Tranquil while trying to explain what they were like. The team is led and created by Neo Tranquil the fox, with Fey Wayward joining in as the Second-in-Command. After an event that put both Neo and Fey out of commision Zero Evol stepped in and led the team for a short time.


Leader - Neo Tranquil

Neo Tranquil acts as the leader of the team. Although not exactly possessing many skills or abilities that make him stand out in combat, and often being considered the weakest of the group, he has time and time again shown a commanding and leader-like attitude when it comes to the group. Neo is willing to cheat and deceive his way through things 'with honor'. Although he isn't exactly a hero, nor does he consider himself a good person, he states to his companions that the group will only act on honorable terms and try to do the right thing together.

At the beginning of a civil war that the team was dragged into, Neo sacraficed himself to save his team, resulting in him being taken as a prisoner of war and later put into a near comatose state. Since then his moral code seems to have changed with him taking on a new outlook on life and beginning to truly act like a team leader and hero.

Second in Command - Fey Wayward

Fey is arguably the wisest of the group and is considered to be the second in command. She is the first one to agree with Neo about the group and is the one who pursuaded him to create it in the first place. Although being an amnesiac she can fight as if she never stopped and is gifted in heavenly magic. She is normally the one who keeps the group on the right path and keeps his teammates in line. She is a close friend of Neo's and is the only one who Neo can trust to make sure they are doing the right thing.

Near the beginning of the Otogi Civil War it was Fey who stayed with her love interest and leader of the team, Neo Tranquil to help try and defend each other as long as possible. In the end, Fey was taken with Neo as a Prisoner of War and was experimented on for her magical talents. Her status is currently unknown.

The Lancer - Zero Evol

Zero is the lancer of the group and often thought to be an officer of sorts. He is intelligent and powerful, and was one of the last to join the group. He is skilled and powerful, and also seems to know how battles will go when in them. He has quite a bit of knowledge on techniques used by people and also knows some powerful people. That being said, he also has a bit of knowledge on things such as magic, powers, and weapons, but not exactly everything there is to know. Later, Zero was forced into becoming a traitor, fighting against the Mythic Knights for a short time until he was mysteriously freed.

After the devastating loss of his closest friend and leader, as well as their second in command, the Mythic Knights were devestated, losing a good portion of their members by having them pick sides in the civil war. Zero choose to stick with the biggest portion of the team, although from the start he strived to reuinite the knights. He was chosen to be the leader of the now rebraned 'Shadow Legion' until all of the former Mythic Knights banded together to save their leader, Neo. Afterwards, Zero took on leadership of the Mythic Knights until Neo recovers.

The Weapons Expert - Trinity Moon

A beserker and fighter, Trinity is a former mercenary and weapons expert. Trinity is a powerful combantant, and skilled in using phoenix fire powers to defeat her enemies. Trinity is also one of the most volatile in the group, as the others try to follow a code of honor, Trinity just seems to want to complete her job as best as possible, not really caring what she has to do. That being said, she is a stalwart companion and friend, and is willing to stand by the group no matter what.

During the Civil War, after the loss of her childhood friend Neo, and being greatly injured herself, Trinity ended up joining the wrong side of the war, causing her to be pit against her former friends. After some time had passed, and a decisive battle against one specific friend, she found out who was the real enemy and decided to join the Mythic Knights once more.

Intelligence - Leah Dubio

Leah is the last member to join the group. She is a young magi just finished with her acoltyeship and is just now ready to explore the world. Leah is very intelligent, able to recall things she read by hearta and knowing some of the tiniest of details when it comes to items such as magic. She, herself is a decent mage, able to cast all kinds of elemental spells, with the exception of light or dark magic which she refuses to do anything with.

During the Civil War, Leah ended up siding with the rebellion of the war, putting her in the newly found Shadow Legion for a time. After working tirelessly to save her friend, she found who the enemy of the group truly was, and finally opened up her past to the Mythic Knights, growing as a strong member and friend to them all.

Healer - Kala the Genie

Kala is a genie, recently freed by Neo and with a will to serve her former master in the best way possible. Kala formerly had cosmic magic used by all genie's, but since her freedom, she has lost a great deal of that power, making her a not-so-capable fire mage. However, Kala does have the power of the Heart, able to use the rare Heart powers to help her friends, which she normally can do so by dancing. Kala's power of the heart is focused on healing, rather than damage, although she can use it for damage if she wants to.

Kala sided with the rebellion in the Civil War, causing her to be put into the shadow legion as a healer and translator as the team discovered ancient writing known as Draconic, which has long since been lost to time. The only few people who can read this handwriting need to have been around roughly 2000 years ago, and luckily Kala just so happens to have been around at that time.

Tech Expert - Ceilia Takashi

A young grey-hat hacker with a lot to prove, Ceilia is the tech expert of the group with a large knowledge of technology and underworld dealings. Ceilia is an intelligent and gifted hacker who uses technology in her fighting to deal with enemies. whether they come in a physical or digital form. She is a bit cynical and not exactly the superstitious type. Ceilia hesitated to join the group at first but is considered a valued member of the group.

During the Civil War, Celia sided with the wrong side of the civil war acting as their tactician in a battle for Viola city against the Mythic Knights. While in reality she had planned on acting as a spy, eventually going to relay information to Zero, she was caught by one of the leader of Conquest, and was sealed inside a Chaos Emerald, possibly dead. Her status is unknown.

Strategist - Delta Radon

Delta is a young girl who formerly was an underling to the Wicked. During the Wicked saga, when she saw how evil it was to take souls and use them to create a war machine she wished to betray the team and stop. It is known that she somehow met Ages Tranquil who decided to give her the option to jump ship, and that she took it. She tricked her familiy into believeing that the Mythic Knights were dead, and betrayed them. After a long battle against her father, he was ultimately killed and Delta was taken into the Mythic Knights. Although she holds some disdain to those who murdered her brother, she is very loyal to the team's leader, Neo Tranquil.

Delta sided with her younger sister and joined the rebellion during the civil war. She fought long and hard, and discovered very early on that she was a great tactician for the team, being able to use her powers to view the battle field and see what was coming next. She used her newfound powers to help lead the team to success and has grown close to her tactician powers.

Tank - Mezzo "Knave" Veron

Knave is a young man and former Runic Knight from Otogi, a country shrouded in mystery. He was first introduced during the second season of Tales of the Echo as the 'jailor' of the Mythic Knights with the task to keep them under his watch. However as time passed, Knave began to sympathize more and more with the knights. After witnessing the death of Sedna the Rat, a new Mythic Knight, at the hands of the now corrupt Runic Knights, he decided to break away from them and join the Mythic Knights.

Gunner - Zapor the Hedgehog

A red hedgehog with enough guns to back up his street smarts. As the "youngest" (personality-wise) he is a natural rule breaker that is a bit too trigger happy to his own good, with lots of machine guns, pistols, and the occasional rifle to come with it. He also has a fiery "I'm gonna do what I want cause I can" attitude with his fire powers, and will literally do whatever since he has a healing factor, he almost has no consequences for what he does. He has gotten pretty close to Echo and is Neo's best friend (according to him), one of the first members of the Mythic Knights. He can agree with Neo's rule breaking leader skills

Hacker + Slasher - Zak the Kirby

Zak is a Kirby, a star destroyer to be exact, that wears a bunny hat and an expressionless face. He is the second smartest person and hacker, right behind Celia. He weilds a sword that is a shaped Iike a star. Before they joined the group, Zak was the first friend Zapor had.

Needle Brawler - Lexi the Hedgehog

The second youngest by age (Zak being the youngest, Lexi is the green hedgehog tomboy of the group. She doesn't like talking about the things that happened in her past, or ones that remind her of it. She is pretty well-balanced in hand to hand combat, but she can improve more if she uses her needles on her hair and fur. She can use them to give her hits a spike in power, or can throw them at foes, though she prefers hitting them.

The Snarky Assassin - Saren Arcturias

Saren is a merc for hire who had joined up with The Mythic Knights after he had unknowingly crossed his previous employers by helping them take down a subordinate who had powers over sleep and dreams. Wearing his signature hooded grey trenchcoat with many pockets for storing things like vials filled with chemicals, throwing knives and other tools for usage depending on the situation along with carrying his seemingly normal farmers scythe with him. He seems to urge the group to take the darker path as he knows that sometimes you have to get your hands dirty in order to deal with a threat. However, despite his armaments. The most dangerous thing about him is his ability to make plans on the fly and seemingly at random.

As mentioned earlier, or possibly later on in the page, Saren has no real loyalty to the team; only the few people he can call friends. Arguably, this makes him a flight hazard as he runs the risk of turning his back on the team quite often as he tends to bicker extensively or flat out ignore the other members of the Mythic Knighys. Why the hell the group hasn't tried to deal with him in a more permanent fashion is beyond him but that doesn't stop him from preparing for the worst.

The Large Ham - Argent Hellsing

Argent is a vampire hunter and a practitioner of the Ripple, a martial art primarily used to defeat the undead (though he's used it quite a bit against the living). The wolf has trained himself both physically and mentally, and often tries to confuse and weaken his enemies with a variety of tricks before resorting to brute force. He's able to utilize the Ripple in way that he can take any metal item and shape it into anything he needs, as well as reinforce its strength and durability. He's easy to get along with, if you can get used to his "expressive" personality.

The Delinquent - Rose Hellsing

Rose is a wolf who tends to solve all her problems with her fists. If she does any talking at all, it's usually just her trying to justify the beating she gives. If there's any reason not to get on her bad side, it's her Stand: The Reaper. As an extension of her mental abilities, the beating The Reaper gives is very real, and debatably worse than what Rose is capable of on her own. The Reaper can also be summoned in a space where events can't be observed from the outside, and attempt to deliver a fatal wound using the sickles on her wrists. Rose harbors some degree of disdain toward authority, preferring her own brand of justice.

Center of Mass - Anderson Bowie

Whereas Rose tends to be aggressive, Anderson rarely loses his calm demeanor. How those two managed to fall in love with each other is anyone's guess. Having exercised his mind more than his body, the jackal relies on his own Stand to do his fighting: Under Pressure. Under Pressure is capable of altering the gravitational pull of objects, including itself. The conflict between the modified gravitational pull of an object and the planet's own gravity is capable of tearing objects apart. Under Pressure is also capable of amplifying his own strength to deliver a single blow with great force. Anderson usually tries to stay close to Rose, since he admittedly has difficulty facing challenges alone.

The Savior - Masako Haruno

The Aspect of Justice, a swordswoman bound to her duty by otherworldly powers, the will that guides her is that of justice. Codenamed by OmegaCorp as "The Savior", she is one of their most powerful figureheads. Her anger given a purpose and a direction, she seeks to end those who manipulate, deceive, and ruin. With gunblade in hand shall she reap the sins of this world, and cleanse it in the fires of--
No, that's not right...
But her blade can cut through the strongest of steel, and she wields it with passion and deadly efficiency. And if that wasn't enough, it's been enchanted, allowing her to manipulate nearly every element. She is extremely fast as well, probably one of the group's fastest allies. She's prone to emotional breakdowns when those who are close to her suffer.

The Tyrant - Natalie Alister

The Aspect of Terror, a reformed serial killer who exclusively targeted other murderers, she is driven by the pleasure of killing. Codenamed by OmegaCorp as "The Tyrant", she is the most terrifying assassin as their disposal. Her Arma Antiquorum, Orochi, is capable of mentally weakening her enemies, rendering them vulnerable. This, combined with her mastery of knives and her inhuman leg strength makes her a valuable fighter. She tends to be a bit creepy when she hasn't had anything to do for a while.

The Farseer - Ciel Mackenzie Fay

Ciel is a fennec fox known for her work as a paradoxologist -- and to a greater extent, the accident that nearly claimed her life. Carelessness wasn't at the root of the accident, but her body was destroyed simply because she took a risk. Her cybernetic body tries to preserve her defining qualities from before the incident, and allows her to harness her new powers. In addition to having the elements of Chaos and Order at her fingertips, she's able to read ahead in the timeline and see events before they occur. Note that this isn't a constant ability: she must stop whatever she's doing in order to make an Observation. She's usually talkative and easy to get along with. On some occasions, she's a bit of a scatterbrain.

ERROR - Nemi Harper Fay

A lynx cyborg that appeared shortly after Ciel's disappearance. She is acknowledged as Ciel's biological daughter, but her connection to her mother's sudden absence is currently inexplicable. Her psychic abilities are powerful, but require refinement. She is soft-spoken, and is nervous around crowds.

Former Members

The Dragon - Sedna the Rat

Reason for leaving: Death

Sedna was a young girl who joined the Mythic Knights after the Viola City Arc during Season 2. Sedna demonstrated powerful abilities that acted very dragon-like and after being seperated from her caretakers, she was allowed to join the Mythic Knights. It was later revealed that both of her parents had been killed previously, and it was believed that she was continue to travel with the Mythic Knights, however at the end of the Crystal City Saga, Sedna sacrificed herself in order to save the life of Echo Radon. Sedna died believing the Mythic Knights were her new family, and her death has caused a spark of change in most of the Knights, causing them to continue moving onward with their task of rescuing their friends.

Temporary Members

Ages Tranquil

A detective with a sharp wit, Ages is able to use evidence and clues to solve mysteries. He has a badge and is technically a police officer, but also runs his own Private Investigation group, which he is the leader of. He often has Neo and his companions assist him on missions, normally where he follows under Neo's command, making him a temporary member.

Aero Facade

A very aloof ally of the group, Aero is a wild card who has hindered and helped the group on several occasions. At first he fought the group, but later began helping them by aiding their friends and saving some of their friends. He has helped them so far three different times. He is also a mystery as not many people have seen his face, nor do they all know why he does anything with them, but it is thought that he has an extensive knowledge on what is to come from a book that he carries with him. He once worked with Ages and several other members to rescue The Mythic Knights from a dreamscape, and fought under Neo's leadership.

Millie the Mouse

Millie is the mayor of Reale City and fought to help save The Mythic Knights from the Dreamscape. Millie actually discussed joining the group when talking with Ages, but was instead taken by The Wicked and is currently held as a captive by them. It is unknown what is currently happening with her as she has disappeared. Both Neo and Ages have tried to pinpoint her location but so far they have not been able to find it.

Christina Transon

Christina Transon is a fashion designer and fighter from Mariala City. Being Neo's cousin, Christina has found herself  fighting against many villains with the Mythic Knights on several occassions. While Christina may not be a full member of the Mythic Knights, her work with them has been influential in stopping Dr. Radon. Christina has also on a seperate adventure with Neo Tranquil in order to reclaim the Crystal Prisim, which is has been a very key point in Tales of the Echo with Neo especially in the second season.


Mobian Mysteries Detective Agency

Ages Tranquil, Neo Tranquil's brother, is the leader of the Mobian Mysteries Detective Agency. The groups are heavily tied together as allies due to Ages work with the group. The two groups also share similar policies and are considered to be sister groups. Although The Mythic Knights normally deals with underworld criminals or supernatural issues, the MMDA deals with lower criminals and solving mysteries on more of a legal front.

The Magic Society

The Magic Society has aided the Mythic Knights in battle before, they ahve been fighting against the Wicked for a long time, and when their leader was nearly assaulted, the group aided them. Although their leader has issues with Trinity, most of the time Neo and Adam Azcard can work well together.


The Wicked

Considered one of two of the rival groups of The Mythic Knights, The Wicked are led by a group of powerful and wealthy people who are intent on taking over the world while uncovering the secrets of the world. This is normally done in disturbing the balance of the world, or manipulating the actions of others. Currently Dr. Radon is the lead enemy from this group against The Mythic Knights.

The Doctor - Radon

Dr. Radon is a man who is working against the group to try and furthur is Echo Project. He caused several horrible things to happen, including the creation of Foxtrot, the kidnapping of children, and experimenting on those children. His two creations, Echo and Apollo were both part of the team as well.

The Remnents of the Scythe

The Remnents of the Scythe is a group supernaturally infused beings who use the former tomes of the Order of the Scythe to give their members powers. Most people from this group either have learned from a tome of the order or a weapon of the order. Every memeber of the group has gone on a quest to obtain their soul jewel, which allows them to summon their scythe from the jewel, as well as other powers that come from the stone itself.

The assassin - Era Tranquil

Era Tranquil, sister to Ages and Neo Tranquil, is an assassin and member of the Remnents of the Scythe. She uses twin blades and is tasked with killing her twin brother, Neo. She uses a demonic power known as Dark Poison, which is a power combination of Poison, Darkness, Lava, and Brimstone. She is also able to control air, like her brother, but chooses not to use it.

The King of Nothing - Moros C. Nekrozia

Moros is Era's partner, having met a few years before the events of season one. Having recently arrived on mobius, he wasn't sure who his friends or enemies were until he met Era. Now the two are partners and, to him at least, friends. That and he follows Era because she's the only one on Mobius he knows. He uses varying branches of void magic, all of which are weaker on mobius but that doesn't make him less of a threat. 


  • "If we're going to be offical, we have to play the rules. That means we have to follow the laws, that's the only thing that makes us different from them."
  • "We need to help those who need it, not those who can do the most for us. We should help those who we at least think are doing the right thing."
  • "We need to be careful about what we do. We can't go looking for fights, but if we need to, don't be afraid for a fight."

Base of Operations

The offical Base of operations for the team, is a newly built mansion known as Eclipse Manor. Eclipse Manor is a newly built house that seems to be a simple field, and a two story house. In reality, Eclipse Manor focuses on using telemancy beacons and pocketed dimensional areas to extend however long it needs to on the inside without losing it's appearence from the outside. The house is able to teleport as long as a strong mage is able to activate the beacons from within, allowing it to land in any area that has receiving telemancy beacons with it.


The Mythic Knights unoffically started on August 16th 2015, when the group first intercepted two girls running from a very creepy scientist. The group would later go on to fight his monstrosities and would later discover that they had walked in on a much bigger problem at stake, with that guy being only one of the problems they would have to face in the future.

The group later would discover a large castle which had appeared from out of nowhere. The group investigated the castle, only to find that there was a woman suspended in a comatose-like state where she slept for roughly 2000 years. When awoken she helped the group by getting them out of the castle and later joining them on their adventures, she recalled that her name was Fey from there on out she was a part of the group.

The team later went to Reale City where they were hired to fight a man who could control dreams. The Knights would encounter the entire cast of The Wicked, and nearly had to fight their way out of the room in order to save themselves. The team would lose Millie the Mouse here, but managed to fight for another day.

The Mythic Knights finally worked with the Mobian Mysteries Detective Agency on figuring out how to deal with a mystery in a town called Nobell. While there, the group was given the name The Mythic Knights, by Ages Tranquil, and at the end of the investigation, Fey managed to convince Neo to offically start the group and help people who are in need.


Rivers in the Desert With Lyrics - Persona 5

Rivers in the Desert With Lyrics - Persona 5

Rivers in the Desert - Theme of the Mythic Knights


  • The Mythic Knights were known in a different name in the original version of Tales of the Echo, they were known as the Tranquil Family, coming from the fact that Ages and Neo had considered them part of their family, and being the only members alive at that point, they both extended their family to them.
  • The group went for roughly six months in the canon of Tales of the Echo unnamed.
  • The comparison to cards comes from the Netflix Original Series, Daredevil, where one of the characters plots out the hierarchy of the villain's team by using playing cards.
  • It was referenced during the epilogue for Episode 106 that Ages was given a deck of playing cards, these are the same cards that Ages assigned every member too.
  • It is noted that The Mythic Knights may be part of a prophecy, which labels the heroes as 'The Shards of Light and their knights." With the knights possibly refering to this team.
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