The Mystic Realm
The Mystic Realm is the final stage in SRB2's famous level pack by the same name. Originally created by Mystic, his level pack is available here. The area itself was originally said to be the "source of the power of the Chaos Emeralds." but it is unknown of this statement is still valid.

Emerald Trophy Voted Best Location for Summer 2013!

Smash and Co.'s Roleplay series

The Mystic Realm is a realm between dimensions. It serves as the connection to the regular dimension of Mobius to it's alternate parallel counterpart. It's currently unknown if any other dimensions are connected to it in the same way. The realm has such high levels of raw chaos energy within it, the very atmosphere feels as if the air is chaos energy, and can be very harmful to anyone not able to withstand it. Super Transformations are generally the simplest way to get around it.
Mystic Realm Shrine

A picture of the altar

There are few floors that one can actually stand on. Everything within it floats in mid-air, and the realm seemingly goes on forever. Most objects and structures are transparent, and consist of ruby patterned pillars and large tubes, blue beams, and towering green walls. Though it all floats in the air, it is almost beautifully laid out. In the very center of the realm, lies an altar. The altar acts as a doorway to Mobius' alternate dimension. It may, however, also lead to other dimensions that nobody knows of. It's unknown who built these structures.

The Mystic Realm can only be accessed by entering through Prismatic Angel Zone, seen as the Road to the Mystic Realm. Prismatic Angel is, however, always sealed off. The entrance lies on the highest part of Aerial Garden Zone, located high above Jade Island. To break the seal, one must unlock all six Mystic Temples scattered around the island, and one temple on Aerial Garden itself.

The Mystic Realm is a place the gang had to revisit a couple of times in the second season. The first time was when they learned about the Mystic Realm and how it connects the two sides of the dimensions that they were having trouble with. It was also being used by a spiritual villain named Acura Mustang to merge the two dimensions into one, creating the biggest catastophy in history. They went into the realm and put a stop to his plans, and locked the Mystic Temples up to seal him inside forever.

The second time they had to chase two people heading to the Mystic realm, and ended up being too late to stop them from releasing the seal and entering. They managed to stop them both from using the power inside the realm for their own purposes, and decide to destroy the teleporter on Aerial Garden zone to prevent anything like this from happening again. The Mystic Realm is rarely mentioned again from this point on, unless they are talking about past incidents.

The Dark Realm

The Dark Realm is essentially the Mystic Realm with inverted colors. Originally used as a test in non-canon
The Dark Realm Altar
projects, it ended up being accepted as Canon. With the atmosphere corrupted and filled with negative Chaos Energy, the entire realm turns darker. A dark purple fog fills the area, ranging from very thick to barely noticeable. The energy within the realm becomes slightly unstable, and blasts of Chaos Energy strike at random, much like bolts of lightning in a storm.
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