The Mobian Clans of Holoska are many diverse species of tundra anthropomorphic animals that were split into several groups or clans that each contain one species of each tundra animal category.

The clans were created centuries ago to establish peace and equality between all Mobians in the Alpine and the Arctic Regions due to constant struggles and wars between one species and another, based on the food chain in a Mobian. For instance, a Polar Bear Mobian would hunt and kill an Arctic Fox Mobian due to its bear genes which see the fox as food. Such cannibalism enforced the Mobian Clans into a reality.

Clan(s) History


Before the Human Clans came to colonize on Holoska, or at least when only a few of the human race thrived there, many kinds of the Tundra Mobian species lived in peace and harmony. That was until a Mobian animal killed another certain species of Mobian animal, accident or an effect from the Mobian's genes, no one knew, but it caused war and outrage between the Mobians, which later led to other Mobians that had done nothing to deserve war, to also be involved in the bloody struggle.

Years later..

After years of fighting and war, an assembly of Mobian leaders, that were known as the Elders of each species of Tundra Mobian, were brought up and designated leader of each of their species group. These "Elders" made it their appointed task to ensure that all species of the Tundra Mobians remain apart from one another in a Mobian Clan division, protected and organized by the Elder of that species. Even though the plan worked and Mobians remained in peace for some time, the Elders still couldn't prevent the wars and uprisings from invading their borders.

Clan Policies & Beliefs

Arctic Wolf/Wolf Clan

The Wolf Clan specializes in training and discipline, speed and agility, honing their nerves and senses so they can hunt their enemies down easily and snuff them out.

The Wolf Clan believes that the wolf is the most agile and superior Mobian and also a skilled hunter. The Wolf Clan are diligent and quite proud of their skills.

Arctic Fox/Fox Clan

The Arctic Fox Clan specializes in training their members to be deceptive and sly, sneaky and silent, making themselves able to run through the snow covered terrain quickly and stealthily, like a ghost. They are also trained to deceptively lie and fool their enemies, taunt them to lower their guards and lose their tempers easily.

The Fox Clan believes that the fox is the sneakiest and deadliest Mobian and also well skilled in use of weaponry, analyzing their environment and using it to their advantage. The Fox Clan are smart and deceptive, but snarky and often really haughty.

Ermine Clan

The Ermine Clan specializes in speed rather than power, thus they often travel light, and their weapons are easy to carry and wield, though still very much effective in battle.

The Ermine Clan believes that speed is the key to winning a single victory and that too much power can be used easily against the user. The Ermine Clan are careful, but also can be too cautious for their own good.

Snow Hare Clan

The Snow Hare Clan also specializes in speed and they train their members to hide as soon as danger comes, and if no cover is seen, to charge recklessly into a fight. They are well trained to hear things from afar off, and also to react in the way that is required. They are especially trained in martial arts and attacking with specific weapons.

The Snow Hare Clan believes that those who don't work, neither shall they eat, and also that those who don't fight, neither shall they live. The Snow Hare Clan are alert and tense, always having themselves on edge for enemies, but have a soft spot for those they see as friends and are quite hospitable.

Harper Seal Clan

The Harper Seal Clan, though extinct, believed that peace could be settled through any means necessary, and that war could be dealt with in peaceful means. This belief is what is believed to have killed all of them in the first place.

The Harper Seal Clan specialized in underwater travel, and would import goods to other clans via this method. They also trained warriors, but hardly any of them were used for war purposes, rather defensive purposes. The Harper Seal Clan were kind and amiable towards others, but could be quite naïve at times.

Owl Clan

The Owl Clan believes in knowledge and strategy as a key to winning, and relied heavily on their members to train not just the body and the hands, but the mind as well.

The Owl Clan believes that the owl is the most highly intelligent and wise Mobian there is, and they take great pride in their work and love to show others what they create for their own enjoyment, but also can be territorial and easily upset.

The United Clans

The United Clans believe that peace and harmony can be achieved through friendly means, and not through means of violence.

The United Clans believe that it is possible for all the Clans to get along, but they aren't sure how yet.

The Lost Ones

The Lost Ones are the combined forces of the Polar Bear and the Wolverine Clans. Both clans' policies and beliefs were that the best way to winning was through aggressive, even deadly, means of combat and brute force.

They believed that they were stronger then everyone else, and showed it in such shocking and horrific ways, that they were banished from their own lands, and both clans drifted into isolation and disorder.

Two members of these clans are currently working for Dr. Eggman in his creation of the Eggman Empire.

The Alpine Tundra Clans

The Wolf Clan [aka The Hunters]

Leaders: Warroz the Wolf (former, exiled) Jack the Wolf (current)

Elders: Scratch the Wolf(deceased, former Were-wolf) Traci the Wolf (second Elder)

Badger the Black Streak Wolf (third Elder) Drak the Grey Wolf (appointed first Elder)

Location: Dogwood Forest (western border)

The Fox Clan [aka The Silent Foot]

Leaders: Kappa the Arctic Fox (current) Joseph the Arctic Fox (next in line)

Elders: Trace the Arctic Fox (first Elder) Greg the White Fox (second Elder) Mari the Red Fox (third Elder)

Location: Dogwood Forest (eastern border)

The Ermine Clan [aka The Quicksilver]

Leaders: Ash-Kan the Ermine (current, also serves as a third Elder)

Elders: June the Ermine (first Elder) Tad the Ermine (second Elder) Harold the Ermine (deceased)

Location: None (currently scattered, some are residing in Snowy Valley)

The Snow Hare Clan [aka The Fast Footed]

Leaders: Flower the Snow Hare (current, also serves as second Elder) Harriet the Snow Hare (next in line)

Elders: Naomi the Snow Hare (first Elder) Smithy the Snow Hare (third Elder)

Location: Snowy Valley

The Harper Seal Clan [ x X EXTINCT X x ]

Status: Deceased (wiped out by the Wolf Clan and the Polar Bear Clan)

Survivors: Ava the Harper Seal (only currently known survivor)

Location: The White Sea

The Owl Clan [aka The Insightful]

Leaders: Juniper the Owl (current) Moon the Snowy Owl (next in line)

Elders: Sky the Owl (first Elder) Harvey the Owl (second Elder) Russ the Snowy Owl (third Elder)

Location: Ice Floe Falls

The Caribou, Musk Ox, Reindeer, and Rock Ptarmigan Clans [aka The United Clans]

Leaders: The United Leaders (one Mobian leader of each clan)

Elders: The United Elders (one Mobian of each clan)

Location: Snow Cap Mountains

The Polar Bear and Wolverine Clans [aka The Lost Ones]

Leaders: None

Elders: None

Location: The Barren Wastelands

Status: Banishment

Survival: Still eminent

Notable Residents: Nathan "Polar" Bear (Egg Boss of the Alpine Dark Egg Legion)

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