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The Meta Files is a spin off series of the original series known as Tales of the Echo. It is a series that focuses on the dimension traveling tales of Time Spinner and his group, known as Lightstone. The series primarily focuses on the happenings of a school known as Phoenix Academy, a high school that teaches combat, alongside curricular standards. The school is said to be right on top of a dimensional crack and is where many strange things can happen, both supernatural and natural.

Main Characters


Time Spinner

Time Spinner is a young unicorn coming from the dimension known as Equestria. He is a meta with the power to manipulate time and is the leader of Lightstone. Time Spinner is often a thinker and tries to do what is best for the team, and for the fate of the world. Time Spinner's main goals include trying to keep all of the dimensions safe and try to learn the secrets of the world. He has gotten a job teaching history at Phoenix Academy.


Aselia is a young woman from an unknown dimension. Aselia's main power is control over life and death, though this power is suspended at the start of the series. Aselia is often a voice of reasoning to Time Spinner and will often help the team in times of trouble. Aselia is often ready to get in a fight, and will normally always have an agenda of her own to complete, instead of doing something for the sake of good. Aselia teaches combat at Phoenix Academy.


Saria a hedgehog from Mobius, and is the meta of energy, being able to control the energy around her and manipulate it to her will. Saria is a low class fighter, and often uses other dubious methods in order to get what she wants. Despite this, she has a kind heart and will try to help anyone she can. She is a student at Phoenix Academy.


The second in command of Lightstone, and the most level-headed member of the group, Gentus is a normal Koala with a huge amont of charisma and charm. Being one of the few members who aren't metas, Gentus focuses on doing the right thing, because it was the right thing. He was added into the group after Time Spinner found out he was a very poor kid who tried to help anyone. He is a ladies man, and will charm his way into any amount of situations, but he has a kind heart, and will not cease until the right thing is done. He is a student at Phoenix Academy.

Members of Phoenix Academy

Penelope Finewright

Penelope is a young mobian, and a good friend of Saria's. She is a normal student at the school with little knowledge of Lightstone, save that it is a special organization for gifted students.

Maximillion Redheart

A young troublemaker who often defaces anything, he has little care for anything, save other students. He is a tough kid who is often faced as a bully, but will not tolerate anything that cause extreme trouble for others.


Mrs. Pilly

A teacher at the school with knowledge of other dimensions, she knows of dimensional energy and has used it several times to cause several problems for the students.

The order of the Masks

An organization that tries to cause havoc for Lightstone, they use the dimensional chaos to harm others and power themselves. They hide behind blank masks and try their best not to talk. They are somehow able to replicate meta powers...

Episode list

Season 1

Welcome to Phoenix Academy, and to Lightstone

Lightstone learns of Phoenix Academy and decides that they must infiltrate the school to learn why it is so dangerous. After they learn how bad it is, Lightstone decides to recruit others to join their cause and learn the truth about organizations.