The Megastone Rogues are a Team who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. Apart of the Storming Alliance, they are one of several Teams sworn to protect the Four Worlds at any cost. They are currently led by Splash the Greninja, and reside at the Storming Base.


Current Members:


  • Splash: Male Greninja with a scar on his face


  • Pyro: Male Mega Charizard X


  • Nomis; Old male Noivern
  • Bolt; Male Mega Manectric
  • Reecko; Male Mega Sceptile
  • Bash; Male Rampardos
  • Flash; Male Coalossal
  • Reynold; Male Toxtricity(Low Key Forme)
  • Runt: Male Tyrunt (Grunt's brother)

Former Members(deceased):

  • Tai the Charizard: Cause unknown
  • Finn the Swampert: Old age

Characters Related to Members:

  • Riptide the Frogadier: Son of Splash
  • Laker the Greninja: Son of Splash
  • Cori the Charmeleon: Brother of Tai; Uncle of Pyro


The Megastone Rogues have the same policies as the Storm Fighters. They are very strict with rules, but fair with punishments. They are considered the more level-headed of the Alliance Teams, due to Splash's calmer leadership.


Like all [non-villainous] Pokemon in the series, the Megastone Rogues have a fierce belief in the Spirits in the Stars.

Base of Operations

The Megastone Rogues live at and patrol from the Storming Base.


Coming Soon


The Megastone Rogues are the first team to change leaders

They are considered one of the more calmer Teams, possibly due to Splash's calm and level-headed leadership

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