The Mega Force are a Team of Pokemon in The Legend of Fox the Brave. So far, Y is the only member to have made a physical appearance while Lucario has been mentioned in Silver's Escape as the one to have entrusted Silver's Lucarionite to Aura Village's Elder Delphox. Despite strict rules of members not being able to have families(due to the fear that they would be drawn to protect their relatives before the Worlds), plenty of members have living descendants.

The members are sometimes referred to as "Master"(i.e. Master Y or Master Lucario), likely due to their status as the protectors of the Worlds. Additionally, they are essentially immortal, so they can do their duties until the end of the Worlds, though the reasons or cause of this are unknown. Further, unlike most other immortal beings in popular culture, the Mega Force seem to be immune to any possible corruption that seems to affect them(like Dark Enerjak)

Also, it's possible that all members have had a previous names, but took on the names of their species to hide their identities, or simply because they don't need them anymore.

  • This was partly confirmed by the author with the confirmation of the new series Secrets of the Mega Force, which details the past of each member. This series revealed that Master Manectric and Master Raichu were once known as Tike and Thundertail, respectively.

Please note that some of these Megas aren't official, and are essentially fan-made, coming from the site PokeFarm Q .


The Force has many members. They are listed below by Primary Type


  • Y: Male Mega Charizard Y; leader of the Force(Fire and Flying)
  • X: Male Mega Charizard X; Second-in-command of the Force(Fire and Dragon)
  • Blaziken: Male(Fire and Fighting)
  • Camerupt: Male(Fire and Ground)
  • Flareon: Male(Fire)
  • Solynx: Male(Fire and Electric)
  • Ninetales: Female(Fire and Psychic)
  • Rapidash: Female(Fire and Flying)
  • Arcanine: Male(Fire and Dragon)


  • Blastoise: Male(Water)
  • Gyrados: Male(Water and Dark)
  • Swampert: Male(Water and Ground)
  • Sharpedo: Male(Water and Dark)
  • Slowbro: Male(Water and Psychic)
  • Lapras: Female(Water and Ice)
  • Floatzel: Female(Water)
  • Wailord: Male(Water and Flying)


  • Venusaur: Male(Grass and Poison)
  • Sceptile: Male(Grass and Dragon)
  • Leafeon: Male(Grass)
  • Breloom: Male(Grass and Fighting)
  • Abomasnow: Male(Grass and Ice)


  • Houndoom: Male(Dark and Fire)
  • Sableye: Female(Dark and Ghost)
  • Mightyena: Male(Dark)
  • Zoroark: Male(Dark)
  • Weavile: Male(Dark and Ice)
  • Umbreon: Male(Dark)
  • Lunupine: Female(Dark and Fairy)


  • Aggron: Male(Steel)
  • Mawile: Female(Steel and Fairy)
  • Metagross: Genderless(Steel and Psychic)
  • Skarmory: Male(Steel and Dragon)
  • Steelix: Male(Steel and Ground)


  • Audino: Female(Normal and Fairy)
  • Kangaskhan: Female(Normal)
  • Pidgeot: Female(Normal and Flying)
  • Lopunny: Female(Normal and Fighting)
  • Furret: Female(Normal and Dragon)
  • Persian: Male(Normal and Ghost)
  • Zangoose: Male(Normal and Dark)


  • Arbok: Male(Poison and Dark)
  • Seviper: Male(Poison and Water)


  • Garchomp: Male(Dragon and Ground)
  • Altaria: Female(Dragon and Fairy)
  • Salamence: Male(Dragon and Flying)
  • Flygon: Male(Dragon and Ground)
  • Dragonite: Male(Dragon and Flying)
  • Haxorus: Male(Dragon and Steel)


  • Beedrill: Male(Bug and Poison)
  • Heracross: Male(Bug and Fighting)
  • Scizor: Male(Bug and Steel)
  • Pinsir: Male(Bug and Flying)
  • Butterfree: Female(Bug and Psychic)


  • Medicham: Male(Fighting and Psychic)
  • Lucario: Male(Fighting and Steel)


  • Gallade: Male(Psychic and Fighting)
  • Gardevoir: Female(Psychic and Fairy)
  • Alakazam: Male(Psychic)
  • Espeon: Female(Psychic)


  • Manectric: Male(Electric)
  • Ampharos: Female(Electric and Dragon)
  • Luxray: Male(Electric and Dark)
  • Jolteon: Male(Electric)
  • Raichu: Male(Electric and Fighting)


  • Glalie: Male(Ice)
  • Jynx: Female(Ice and Psychic)
  • Froslass: Female(Ice and Ghost)


  • Tyranitar: Male(Rock and Dark)
  • Aerodactyl: Male(Rock and Flying)


  • Gengar: Male(Ghost and Poison)
  • Banette: Male(Ghost)


  • Noivern: Male(Flying and Dragon)


Due to most members not making any physical appearances, there is no discernible policy.

However, the Force adheres to a strict rule: They cannot have a family(similar to the rule in the Warriors book series that says medicine cats cannot have kits). This is because they fear that a member might put their family before their duties, though some members have living descendants.


It is unlikely that the Force believe in anything, having lived for so long they know of every individual religion in the Worlds. It's possible that they believe in the Spirits in the Stars, given that Spirits have been confirmed to exist in the series.

Base of Operations

Unknown. Most members live in their species' typical habitats. Y is the only member to be seen at the Base, but this is likely for simplicity's sake, given that he is the leader of the Force.


Unknown, though it's possible that the individual members of the Force have been involved in various events, thus making their past very complicated, especially since the Force are essentially immortal in order to keep peace and order throughout the Worlds.

Known Descendants

Info: These are the Pokemon that have been confirmed to be descended from Mega Force members, either by the creator or through the stories. Due to no ancient descendants(besides Fireclaw and and Darran's unnamed mate) being named and confirmed, the exact length of each Pokemon's lineage is unknown.


  • Fireclaw/The Flameslinger: Son
  • Morocco: Grandson
  • Tai and Cori: Great-grandsons
  • Zippo, Pyro, and Flare: Great-great-grandsons(Zippo through Cori; Pyro and Flare through Tai)
  • Spirit and Gray: Great-great-great-grandsons(through Pyro)
  • Meera and Grace: Great-granddaughters in-law(Meera is Tai's [former] mate, Grace is Cori's mate)


  • Bolt
  • Stone(through Bolt)


  • Darran: Son-in-law
  • Paya
  • Storm and Shell(through Paya)


  • Isa
  • Silver and Leah(through Isa)
  • Spike, Lucky, and Jag(Spike and Lucky through Silver; Jag through Leah)


  • Blaster


  • Dragon


  • Nomis


  • Sky Armor


  • Hiro(Shamar's Heracross)(possibly)


  • Drift(Shiny)(possibly)


  • Cobalt


  • Lance


  • Reecko and Blake
  • Slash(Grovyle)(through Blake)


  • Aaron


  • Finn


  • Hearth


  • Scorch


  • Nightclaw
  • Zak and Zorro(through Nightclaw)

Known Allies

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