The Masticator is a Large Spaceship, it is the Mothership of Claw's Armada.



The Masticator is larger than thousands of Dark Star Draxuns, it is about half the size of Earth's Moon. It is known to only Carry Claw and his Robot Horde. it also carries the Robotic-Sentient Projects. it has only two actual rooms, the Engine, and the Bridge. the Engine is nearly impossible to reach, as the Heat from the engine is so intense, the walls and floor around the Door to the Engine Room are red with heat. the Masticator has literally, millions of turrents, making it nearly impossible to even get inside! Even if you did, you wouldn't survive against the hordes of Clawbots, and the RS Projects.


The Masticator's main ability, is to generate a 3-Dimensional Black Hole from the front, thatr sucks in everything around it, except for the ship. Since the ship is far larger than any other Spaceship, it is Heavily Armored, especially with Advanced Weaponry.


  • The Masticator is nearly 100 miles long.
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