The Lindsay Analougue Show is a show created by Manta-bee.

The Lindsay Analougue Show
Format Animated, Anime
Created by Manta-bee
Writer(s) Manta-bee
Director(s) Manta-bee
Run time 30 minutes
Rated TV-MA
Network WebNetwork
First aired February 2009


The story usually centers around the overly-dramatic, delusional whiner Lindsay Analougue and her off-beat adventures.


  • Lindsay Analougue - The whiny drama queen protaganist of the show. She is the dazzling center of her own universe and insists that everything be about her. She may be seen as vain and emotional, but harbors some consideration for others at times. She is hypocritical and a slow learner and certain moments have shown she doesn't carry much modesty for her body. She would often instigate conflict in her house and between her friends in earlier episodes. (Carrie Savage)
  • Phil Chipmunk - A friend of Lindsay's. Lindsay develops an obsession with him, which can make him feel overwhelmed, but at some points, it seems he has a secret crush on her. (Wayne Grayson)
  • Brad Bat - Phil's little friend who is given to hero-worship towards Phil. (Amanda Brown)
  • Ty Bandicoot - He is usually in a ticked-off mood. (Kyle Hebert)


  • The WP Cult - A group that thinks spitefulness gets them ahead in life.
  • The YA Gang - Lindsay ventrued into their turf, and after taking lashings from some them, who were locals, she was banished, but not before they harrassed her for asking a stupid question. (Stacy DePass, Kari Wahlgren, Rodger Bumpass)
  • Rin Euguolana - Lindsay's monochrome clone that wreaked havoc. She is killed off after her first appearance. (Mila Kunis)
  • Victoria Mongoose - She dislikes Lindsay and is constantly putting her down, with Lindsay being unable to get the upper hand. She is seen as a replacement for Lauren, as she makes appearances only after Lauren ceased to be a character on the show. (Rebecca Soler)
  • The Analougue Family - Lindsay's family that consists of siblings Shanon, Celina, Toby and their mother. The father is nowhere to be seen. The former two have moved on with their lives and Toby, despite still living at home due to still being young, have hardly made any appearances ever since. The mother is shown to be bipolar, as she can be frustrated one moment, then calm the next.
  • Sora - Makes some appearances in the show. He seems to enjoy teasing Lindsay. (Scott Menville)
  • Riku (Johnny Yong Bosch)
  • Kairi (Caitlin Glass)
  • Tifa
  • Yuffie (Colleen Clinkenbeard)
  • Squal Leonheart
  • Barbon - The bartender from Streets of Rage (Chris Sabat)
  • Allison Kane - A bratty 11-year-old girl who easily outwits Lindsay. (Mila Kunis)


  1. Sunday Jive - Lindsay tells everyone about something that happened, but no one believes her.
  2. Put Your Controller where your Mouth is - Phil and Ty play video games. Since they say girls can't play video games, this challenges Lindsay to prove them wrong... or at least try.
  3. Bobbing Sled - Phil, Brad and Ty tell Lindsay that sleds aren't for girls, Lindsay tries to prove otherwise, but she goes on an unpleasant ride.
  4. Once Upon a Whine - Lindsay's unpleasant encounters with the WP Cult and YA Gang. But watching the little rodent make a fool of herself always makes us laugh.
  5. Carter the Unfriendly Ghost
  6. I Am Curious Yeller - Lindsay sneaks into the back into the WP Cult's hangout, only to be kicked out yet again. In the end, she promises she will return in another disguise.
  7. Crack That Whip - A roller derby episode.
  8. Citizen Allison - A little terror arrives to cause chaos for Lindsay, and her name is Allison Kane. Lindsay tries to tell everyone how horrible Allison is, but nobody will believe her, either laughing it off in her face, comparing her to Lindsay, or telling her "don't be silly," convinced Allison is too sweet to be such a troublemaker.
  1. Bring it On: Double or Nothing!
  2. Double Boom - When Phil blows off Lindsay, Tyrone, partly out of pity and wanting to shut her up, decides to go out with her.
  3. Split Personality - Rin Eugoulana is born and she vows to wreak havoc on the WP Cult and anyone who approves of them.
  4. Chip Chug - Two girls named Yuffie and Tiffa offer Lindsay a powerful drink, but the two have something else in mind after the chipmunk drinks it all so fast.
  5. On The Train to Mysteryville - TBA

Season 2

A second season has been announced, but with little details revealed so far.

Season 0

There is a series of stories before the final production dubbed "Season 0". It is only availible in the form of comic strips (although the other seasons have comics as well).

  • Lauren- A man-hating, wannabe tough girl who can never win the fights she starts. Makes less and less appearances as the show progresses, namely after season 0. (Laura Bailey)
  • Todd A.K. Furtizevin - A rude and violent gangster. Lindsay's former boyfriend. He was removed from the show near the end of season 0. (Justin Cause)


The show can get quite adult, so for the uncensored version, click here.

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