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Episode 1: Legend of the Exhibition

Scenes 1: Be a Star!

(Lila plays on the screen, but even if he does not know the fourth wall, he does not know what's going on.)

Lilac: Is this camera doing here? I do not shoot ... is it?

Director: We shoot because you think your life is very interesting!

Lilac: It's more boring. Also! I am 12 years old!

Director: By the age of 12, I can live a very exciting life.

Cloisonne: For example.

Director: Wow Wow Wow Wow ...

Cling: That's right.

Director: When the shot ends, it becomes a famous star! We can enrich it ... I mean ... I will be proud of my mother. No mother

Nobu: I love you, Will!

Think about it: I hate ... I mean, I love you, Mom!

Lilac: Then you say I can go to TV? But who will be tired of my plans? It's like a boring sitcom that does funny things.

(Laughter starts)

Lilac: He shows my view,

(Another laughter starts)

Clove: Calla Lily

I: Be sticky. Are you ready to be famous?

(Lila stop thinking)

Lilac: I will not hurt you.

Anna: (sweet) Is it so famous?

Happy: nobody joins the program for you!

Anna: Are we watching TV?

Lilac: Who looks like this? !

WILL: Japan and Wai Boo!

Lilac and Anna: What is Japanese? What is Weeaboo?

Scenario 2: Scrolling the Camera

(Lilac woke up in the morning, just to see the photographer in her room)

Lilac: What happened? !! Leave it here!

Make-up artist: But before we do this, we need to make sure that you look as good as possible, shame! (smiling girl)

Lilac: Well, I always want to be beautiful ...

Make-up Artist: You are beautiful, but I will make you better!

(Beamsplitter provides lavender light)

Lilac: You surprise me!

Makeup: Mike! Do not do this!

(Mike blushes)

Mike: Sorry, Stephanie ...

Dresser: Now take off your pajamas and put in thousands of blue outfits.

Lilac: Um. As an actor, the child is heavier than I thought.

Producer: It's not easy, but possible.

Lilac: Well, it's worth a try.

(The nails are dressed and lowered.)

Stephanie: Hey! I want to do makeup! And your hair!

(Carnations are crazy about the kitchen.)

Lilac: what should I do? !!

Will: You have to say: "Everyone's watching my show!"

Violet: Why should I say this?

This: This is called "the destruction of the fourth wall."

(Lilac starts to laugh)

Lilac: Hey! It looks very interesting! Hello everyone, I see my design!

(People start to clap.)

Violet: I hope you are very good, and you do not care which is better.

(Another smile starts to play.)

Lilac: Thank you, thank you! I'm too!

Random people: What is Japanese?

(People began to laugh, but people seemed to be in the imagination of cats, invisible ... but.)

Anna: Do you know that you did not laugh ... right?

(People began to laugh again.)

Anna: I do not understand ...

Violet: this is called "the destruction of the fourth wall"!

Anna: But there are four walls in this room! One behind me, next to me, some stand in front of me!

(Most of the imaginations start to laugh again).

Will: Aaaaaand, cut! Excellent performance, you two!

Lilac: Sorry, Will, but we need to go to school.

(Carnations escape from the situation and try to go to school).

Anna: Hey, wait for me!

(Anna runs after the madman and tries to go to school.)

Scenario 3: Our School is Boring

Professor: Hello, class. My name is ...

(Lila looks to the left, but if he looks ahead, the teacher is not there yet).

What is it?

(The teacher returns with a pack of tricks from Tic-Tacs.)

Professor: Sorry, class. I was supposed to look for some tic-tac.

(The Gemega Class.) Purple looks at the girl next to her).

Lilac: (whisper) Hey, you know, I shot my own show. Is not that great?

Anonymous girl: (whisper) That's great! How's the situation?

Lilac: It's bad luck.

The girl gave up smoking.

Professor: (Ahem!) Lilac, are you talking? Hmmm Pop Questions This is just for bat. This pop test is very valuable for your statement and I am convinced that there is a 99.9% chance of failure.

Lilac: But it teaches us nothing!

Professor: Right. That's why you will fail.

Lilac: Not right! Why would you do pop tests if you did not show us anything? That makes you a butt!

Professor: Curse will not be accepted! You will be sent to the headquarters.

(It seems very old, but it is revealed as a background noise. Lila thinks the second time, and silver can not make the right decisions, tries to condemn it, only to prove the teacher).

Lilac: Slut.

Professor: Forgive me! Have you made a joke? I am a teacher for older women, but you do not like here WORLD MUST! At the MAIN OFFICE!

(Liliac, unfortunately, entered the captain's office and looked at the ground).

Lilac: It's not a good idea.

He opened the door, the director waiting for him.

Father: So bat. What brought you here?

Lilac: I say a word of oath in class ...

Director: At least you do not say (beeeeeeeeeep)

Lila: What do you mean, sir?

Director: The worst word in English; contrive

Lilac: how about the word n?

Principal: Did you mean Nick? Nick is also very bad ...

Lilac: Uh, okay ...? It's fun.


Lilac: Okay. I leave my office because I am a bad boy and I'm sure it will be unpleasant for the camera, you always have to see! (Immediately from the room) I am convinced that everyone who saw my performance is mocked.

Unknown: Lilac? You called? Register only?

Purple: Yes, Platinum. In my plan, nobody likes that.

Platinum: Hmmm. I'm shy in front of the room.

Lilac: I was kidding!

Platinum: I still have a room. What is this? (Wave, then go)

That laughter begins to play again.

Lilac: Calla It's not funny

Scenario 4: Rinse and Repeat

(Clove and Anna finally get home from school.)

Anna: So you call the executive office to say curse?

Lilac: Yes. I will not say that ...

(Alice's mother, Alice, appears in her face with anger.)

ALICE: LILAC !!!!!!!!!! Do you mean crazy in the classroom? !

Lilac: Yes ...

Alice: LILAC ROSEBUD Wood !!! This is a confusing behavior! And if you do bad exercise, let the teacher approach you. Miss you, contact me! Do not make noise during the week without a TV, candy or hedgehog! Go to the room! ! !

(Clove went to his room)

Lilac: Man, mother very strong. She calls Platinum with a phone call.

Platinum: Oh, to be honest! What's going on here?

Lilac: Nothing.

Alice: Talk to your friends? ! To ! Husband? ! To !

Lilac: No! I do not have boyfriend!

Alice: Do not lie!

Lilac: If you can not use Lilac Rose Hope today, leave a message! For! ! !

(Lilac is based on platinum before you say it.)

Lilac: Sorry, mom.

Wanted: LILAC! Finally at home!

(As if Alice felt sorry for her crying lilac)

Alice: Sorry, would you take my daughter? You have not received my permission.

S W: Shoot your daughter. No one participates in this program.

Alice: Can not, but you do not have to see my spoiled daughter!

S W: I'm not missing. Mrs. Fox. Do not make conclusions for the public and your daughter.

(Alice looks down and thinks she wants to call the past.)

Alice: I know you do not, I just do not want to see your spouse's wife or your daughter ...

Sleep: Shower? Are you dressed

S W: We must be blind, deaf or stupid because we are not 24 hours a day!

Alice: Of course. I - I - I will leave you alone. (I leave the room)

S W: Now, the trunk. I have to sleep.

Lilac: But only four points! I do not even have the opportunity to do my homework!

Will: Homework ... slaves. Do you know why you do not need to do this?

Note: Although this is good, why should not I do my homework?

S: Tomorrow ... you will be a family educator!

Lilac: But ... but ... why?

S W: You need more time to shoot! (Take a piece of paper.) All of us are enrolled in the school!

Lilac: I do not like this ...

Scenario 5: New Teacher!

(The clerk wakes up in bed and can not find the photographer.) He finds a note in the cupboard on the table.

Lilac: Dear Lilac, our director will make us - and you - a lot, so we are attacking. He forced us to break our desires so we can meet the standards of our stars on television. I'm not used to working. Excuse me. I apologize for any inconvenience and apologize. Sincerely yours. It's all right. Click OK I'll see what I can do. Do not stay on the skin ... (brush on the mantle). Take it. Hey ... can anybody help me?

Alice entered the room with a somber expression.

Lilac: Oh, do not worry, Mom! I can finish this alone!

Alice: Lilac ... I'll help you.

Lilac: No ... I do not care ... Hey, you're not passive anymore - it's aggressive! Does that mean I have no basis?

Alice: No, you're still stubborn. But ... yesterday ... (I tried to pluck the purple skin brush and try to succeed)

Lilac: Good morning, Mother. May I ask you ...?

Alice: (complaining) The important thing. I do not want to bother with stupid questions anymore.

Lilac: Why are you protected? If you say that my problem is stupid ... or if you call me ... I do not want you to fight with my father.

Alice: (while breathing again) When I was young, maybe when I was my age, I had a furious mother who never let me do a "fun thing."

Clove: What's interesting?

Alice: Things I do not want to do, like cruel jokes like drugs and teachers. There are things I want to do, like running away and taking risks. One day, when he was asleep, I wanted to leave the house to find a mysterious world or a treasure. But I know it's a sword. I think it's just a stupid sword. But it turned out to be very useful! I think maybe I can save the world or something.

Lilac: You ...?

Alice: No, I was hurt and bruised. I finally looked like a fool in the battle.

Lilac: But you look good!

(Alice lifts her hair a little to reveal the scars)

Alice: This is my last fight. The reason I gave up the fight is because it does not matter because you need to eat breakfast because your tutor will be in ten minutes!

Lilac: But I want to know the rest of the story! Tell me! ! !

Alice: No problem ...

(Lilac frowns and scrub pancakes with a fork.) Her father, Ethan, sees the paper.

Ethan: Do not eat any more. African children can eat what you are wasting!

(Cloves are still wondering why pancakes and mothers do not fight.)

Ethan: So do not get hungry.

Lilac: Thank you, I'm going to feed the African children.

Alice: Is something wrong?

Lilac: Can you tell the truth? You always want me to tell the truth. Why can not you tell the truth?

Alice: You're old.

(Cloves crush dish by hand)

Lilac: My secret does not know? ! Tell me the truth!

(The door suddenly knocked on the door and Lila opened the door.)

Lilac: Is that my teacher?

Mentor: Why, yes, it's me!

Will: Are not you excited? ! No more annoying people, no disgusting dinner!

Lilac: But what about Platinum? He is my best friend. Anna and I are going to school together?

WILL: He's still in public school.

(Suddenly I cried in my eyes)

Lilac: (shouting) B-b-b-But it's not fair! Do not children need to talk?

Ethan and Alice: You can not shoot our daughter. You go out and fight.

Will: both of you. Up! Listen, my daughter is not going to hurt me, I'm going to shoot her! He is a childhood!

Alice: What do you want to do with her? ! Do your emotions abuse you? ! Empty your home before calling COPS.

(Anna goes down and does not know what's happening.)

Anna: Are you okay? There seems to be a dispute.

(Tempting at this point, she does not know what to do.)

I can get rid of you through security measures and I will remove it.

Ethan and Alice: But this is our home.

WILL: Of course!

(The guards came to reject Ethan and Alice, and she interrupted Lila, but she still did not know what to do.)

Lilac: Give me your parents again!

Will: N

Scenario 6: Forever Alone

(When the day changes overnight, lilia starts to get tired and sometimes finds a forest.)

Purple: Dude ... Get tired. Ceiling?

(Crichet knives accidentally in the background)

Violet: Cocoon? Maybe ... something hot ...?

(Nothing happens, purple suddenly finds the leaves).

Purple: It has no blanket or cupboard. Just a stupid journal. I just want to go home ... thanks.

(He's in the paper, he looks down and hopes nothing happened).

Photo 7: Before the Game Begins!

(Purple healthy but tired)

Color: Why do I ...? For this?

(Wear your side beds)

Aslan: Ancient writers, can this be found? your people Sol. They are sad

Yes but not much.

Lira Castro: Sir, what?

Why are you waiting ......

Loli: What's in the air, e.

I am not a child! ... I want to say that!

Anyway there: me.

???: Really ... I do not think that's important. Call me the location.

Who are the teeth: are you safe?

They ...... Abigail Wood called me.

(Called Lilacas crust).

Lily: Full name?

Abigail: This is alive, a secret. Are we related to him?

Kara: What is the reason?

Abigail: I do not know first when I meet. It's like your name; Mor Rosavud I do not understand Levak Wood because of this. In other words, you are crazy! On the contrary, we invite you to explore.

(I), think of the name of Li Liya novel (or

Rozibud: I said ......

Abigail: Everybody loves me. (Interesting link in Rosebudit)

(You can hear this sound).


(A car).

Photo: La Wude 阿比盖尔卡桑德, go to hide!

I know when I'm talking, I'm a 12-year-old girl.

Photo: I will not stop. However, sexually assaulted RIATIKROVEV! (This one was very hard, very hard and the last nail Andy Cucumber melted).

Do not forget to FA the second time, I do not know.

Luosuo Si: Is this the way?

Andy: Four preliminary elements ...... but nothing will be possible.


Image: Memory chip cleaning work! (Flight)

Andy: Yes, five technical staff. It has been five years since the beginning and we are trying to increase four elements. I want to come here, wind, water, earth and sun ...... but.

Rothbard: What does that mean?

Andy: One way to find ......

Room 8: First Look

Andy: The story says a young woman who can control the water, has a four-headed leader ... especially ... by Aero. It is also very interesting.

Rosebud: So ... no, well?

(Rosebud is looking for a purple lake, walking there, a problem, to see what's going on.)

Andy: Well, no ... why are you drinking water? That's horrible!

Rosebud: Is it dangerous for brownness?

Andy: Yes. Even the purple dies very much. It's scary for light! Lighting is always dangerous!

Rosebud: But I feel good!

Andy: First, you feel good, but after a few weeks you will die!

Rosebud: Death is avoided. And the purple is so beautiful!

Andy: Do you know what's wrong? Odrastajte! And it's too wonderful

Rosebud: What are the trees and who do not like the tree?

Andy: I ​​did not eat, I spoke out plainly. Government 2.

Rosebud: Hey, do not mess up the message from somewhere else, do not you?

Andy: I ​​just wrote the truth!

Rosebud: Absolutely. Just change your skills.

Andy: No! First I have to worry about my health!

(New pigs come out what's going on.)


Andy: What do you want, Anabella?

Anabella: Why did the girl stand down?

Andy: Because she's dead!

Rosebud: Waaaaaaaaaait !!! I do not die!

Andy: Be careful.

(Anabella opens a lot of lives.)

Anabella: You deceive me.

Rosebud: He did.

Andy: Of course, it was wrong!

Annabella: Absolutely ... I thought.

(Andy begins to study)

Andy: And - It's time to test your T ...

Rosebud alone!

Andy: What kind of person do you like?

(Rose Rose faster)

Rosebud: Addition: Restore repairs

Annabella: Oh, no! I think the window is broken!

Andy: What's the window?

Rosebud: Yes! I'm more than you! You're so shy! Do you write me a wish?

Andy: Nobody.

(Andy Rosebaboo works on water lily)

Andy: (Wait) I tried your patience.

Gulabbad: Ah.

Andy: I ​​can use another name as a patient to explain to you. It can stand.

(To Beat Rose Rose.)

Andy: Almost you do not need to put your life line, right?

(Andy pushed the waterless pond to the point, and roses flowed out of the water and dropped off.)

Rosebud: Do you know how to get back to your job?

Andy: What's Mission?

Rosebud: My parents are missing, and you've stopped searching! I ... in the morning. Can not we teach him in the future?

Andy: If you do not think later, yes.

(Rosebud is angry.)

Rosebud: You have to show! But you do not want to argue ... No, no! He has to do a good thing but if he's fighting back? I'm strong ... you want to save you! But do you want to hurt him? All right ... I'm nothing. I just want to find my parents ...

(Rosebud's place is trying to find their parents.)

Annabella: You're so happy! GE Press! But if you add Y to the end, you will taste delicious!

Andy: You do not have to remind me 100 times a day!

Anabella: You need to change modes! Use of something ... great quality! It's magic that you and all ponys make you a good person!

Andy: I ​​thought.

Anabella: But development is important. The writer does not simply decide what he wants to be so kind, wants to have his own qualities!

Andy: Do you want to give up "e-mail"? How do you teach how to break the fourth wall?

Anabella: Is it a ... I'm a perfect stranger?

Andy: Will they not be there?

Anabella: Yes!

(Ski Andy ROSEBUD Road).

Andy: Come, Annie. We found Rosebud's parents.

(Two sisters like Rosebud who are trying to help.)

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