Episode 1: The Exposition Saga: Part 1

Scene 1: You’re Gonna Be A Star!

(Lilac taps the screen. As she isn’t aware of the fourth wall yet, she has no idea what’s going on.)

Lilac: What is this camera doing here? I’m not being I?

Director: We are filming you because we think your life is interesting!

Lilac: It can’t be more boring. And besides! I’m only 12!

Director: 12 year olds can lead very interesting lives.

Lilac: Give me one example.

Director: Uuuuuuuuuuuh...

Lilac: Exactly.

Director: By the time we finish filming, you’re gonna be a famous star! And we can get rich...I...I mean, our moms will be proud! Isn’t that right, Mom?

Old Lady: I love you so much, Will!

Will: I hate...I mean I love you too, Mom!

Lilac: So, you’re saying that I can be on television? But who’s gonna watch my boring show? It would be like a boring sitcom, with dumb laugh tracks!

(A laugh track starts playing)

Lilac: You’re proving my point,

(Another laugh track starts playing)

Lilac: Shut up!

Will: So, Lilac. Are you ready to be famous?

(Lilac pauses to think)

Lilac: It can’t hurt.

Anna: (Softly) Does that mean that I would be famous, too?

Will: No one came to the show for you!

Anna: We’re going on television?!

Lilac: Who’s gonna watch this crap?!

Will: The Japanese and the weeaboos!

Lilac and Anna: What’s a Japanese? And what’s a weeaboo?

Scene 2: The Camera is Rolling

(Lilac wakes up in the morning, only to find the filming crew in her room)

Lilac: What the hell?! Get out of here!

Makeup Artist: But before we do that, we need to make sure that you look as fabulous as possible, darling! (Does a girly giggle)

Lilac: Well, I always wanted to be pretty...

Makeup Artist: You are pretty, but we’ll make you prettier!

(The gaffer shines a light of Lilac)

Lilac: You’re blinding me!

Makeup Artist: Mike! Don’t do that!

(Mike blushes)

Mike: Sorry, Stephanie...

Costume Designer: Now, get out of your pajamas, and put on one of your thousands of blue dresses.

Lilac: Hmmm. Being a child actor is harder than I thought.

Producer: It ain’t easy, but it’s doable.

Lilac: Well, it’s worth a try.

(Lilac puts on her clothes, and goes downstairs.)

Stephanie: Hey! I was gonna do your makeup! And your hair!

(Lilac runs across the kitchen like a maniac.)

Lilac: What am I supposed to do?!

Will: You should say, “Hello everyone who is watching my show!”

Lilac: Why should I say that?

Will: It’s called “breaking the fourth wall”.

(Lilac starts to laugh)

Lilac: Hey! That seems really funny! Hello everyone who is watching my show!

(The “crowd” starts applauding.)

Lilac: I do hope you are well, and that you aren’t dealing with that jerk, Eggman.

(Another laugh track starts playing.)

Lilac: Thank you, thank you! I’m flattered!

Random Member of Crowd: What’s a Japanese?

(The crowd starts laughing. However, the crowd seems to be in Lilac’s imagination, and no one is watching at all...yet.)

Anna: You do realize that you’re laughing at nothing...right?

(The “crowd” starts laughing again.)

Anna: I don’t get it...

Lilac: It’s called “breaking the fourth wall”!

Anna: But there are four walls surrounding this room! One behind me, one on both sides, and one in front of me!

(The imaginary crowd starts laughing again.)

Will: Aaaaaand, cut! Perfect preformance, you two!

Lilac: Sorry, Will, but we need to get to school.

(Lilac runs away from the situation, trying to get to school.)

Anna: Hey, wait for me!

(Anna runs after Lilac, also trying to get to school.)

Scene 3: Our Boring School

Teacher: Good morning, class. My name is...

(Lilac looks to her left, but when she looks forward again, the teacher is gone.)

Lilac: What the hell?!

(The teacher comes back, holding a packet of Tic-Tacs knockoffs.)

Teacher: I’m sorry, class. I just had to go get some Tic-Tacs.

(The class groans. Lilac looks over to the girl beside her.)

Lilac: (Whispering) Hey, y’know I’m being filmed for my own show. Isn’t that cool?

Unnamed Girl: (Whispering) That’s so awesome! What’s it like?

Lilac: It sucks.

(The girl frowns)

Teacher: (Ahem!) Lilac, are you talking? Hmmm. Pop quiz! This one is for Lilac only. This pop quiz is worth a ridiculously high amount of your grade, and I’m sure there’s a 99.9% chance that you will fail.

Lilac: But you didn’t even teach us anything!

Teacher: Exactly. That’s why you’re gonna fail.

Lilac: That’s not fair! Why would you be assigning a pop quiz if you didn’t even teach us anything! That makes you an asshole!

Teacher: Swearing will not be tolerated! You shall be sent to the principal’s office!

(An incredibly long beep is heard, but it is revealed to be background noise. Lilac thinks for a second, and with her not able to make sensible decisions yet, she attempts to swear just to test the teacher.)

Lilac: Bitch.


(Lilac reluctantly goes into the principal’s office. She stares down towards the floor.)

Lilac: That wasn’t a good idea.

(She opens the door, with the principal waiting for her.)

Principal: So, Lilac. What brings you here?

Lilac: I said a swear word in class...

Principal: At least you didn’t say (beeeeeeeeeeep)

Lilac: What did you say, sir?

Principal: The worst word in the English language; fudge.

Lilac: What about the n word?

Principal: You mean Nick? Nick is pretty bad too...

Lilac: Um, okay...? This is fudging weird.


Lilac: Alright. I’m gonna leave your office because I’m a bad kid, and I’m sure that it would be awkward for the cameraman to be staring at you, so bye! (Slowly leaves the room) I’m sure that everyone watching my show got a laugh out of that.

Unnamed Boy: Lilac? You’re being filmed?! Are you recording right now?!

Lilac: Uh, yes, Platinum. Get off my show. No one likes you.

Platinum: Hmmm. I’m camera shy, anyway.

Lilac: I was kidding!

Platinum: I’m still camera shy. SO BE IT. (Awkwardly waves, then leaves)

(That damn laugh track starts playing again.)

Lilac: Shut up. It’s not funny.

Scene 4: Rinse and Repeat

(Lilac and Anna finally return home from school.)

Anna: So, you got called to the principal’s office for saying a swear word?

Lilac: Yeah. I’m not gonna say that again...

(Lilac’s mother, Alice, enters the scene with an angry look on her face.)


Lilac: Yes...


(Lilac goes to her room)

Lilac: Man, my mom is harsh. (She picks up a phone and calls Platinum) Hey, Platinum.

Platinum: Oh, hi, Lilac! What’s up?

Lilac: Nothin'.


Lilac: Nope! And I don’t have a boyfriend!

Alice: You better not be lying!

Lilac: Uh, Lilac Rosebud Wood is currently not available, please leave a message at the beep! BEEP!!!

(Lilac hangs up on Platinum before he even has a chance to speak.)

Lilac: (Quietly) I’m sorry, mother.

Will: LILAC! You’re finally home!!!

(Alice enters the room shyly, as if she is sorry for yelling at Lilac)

Alice: Excuse me, are you filming my daughter? You did not get my permission to do that.

Will: Yes, I am filming your daughter. No one came to the show for you.

Alice: Maybe not, but I don’t need a pervert watching my daughter!

Will: I’m not a pervert, fox lady. Stop jumping to conclusions, for the sake of the audience and your daughter.

(Alice looks down in deep thought, as if she wants to bring up the past.)

Alice: I know that you aren’t, I just don’t want disgusting men or women watching my daughter...

Lilac: Shower? Get dressed?

Will: You must be either blind, deaf, or stupid, as we aren’t FILMING HER 24/7!!!

Alice: Of course. I-I-I-I’ll leave you alone now, sir. (Leaves the room)

Will: Now, Lilac. You need to get to bed.

Lilac: But it’s only 4:00! I didn’t even get a chance to do my homework!

Will: Homework...shomework. You know why you don’t have to do it?

Lilac: Although that would be nice, why do I not need to do homework?

Will: Because...starting tomorrow, you’ll be homeschooled!

Lilac: But...but...why?

Will: More time to film! (Holds out a piece of paper) We and the school signed and everything!

Lilac: I don’t like this...

Scene 5: Your New Tutor!

(Lilac wakes up in her bed again, only to find that the filming crew isn’t there. She finds a note on her table dresser.)

Lilac: Dear Lilac, we’re going on strike, as our director—Will—has been giving us—and you—a hard time. He is forcing us to work against our will, just so we can meet the standards for our stars to be on television. We are sorry, since you aren’t used to working for yourself. We hope that you understand, and sorry for the inconvenience. Sincerely, the crew. Hmm. Well then. I’ll see what I can do. (Grabs a hairbrush, and starts brushing her fur aggressively.) Don’t get stuck in the fur... (the brush gets stuck in Lilac’s fur). Darn it. Uh...can somebody help?

(Alice enters the room, with a melancholic look on her face.)

Lilac: Uh, don’t worry, Mom! I can get it out myself!

Alice: Lilac...I’ll help you.

Lilac:’s okay...hey, you aren’t being passive-aggressive anymore! Does this mean I’m not grounded?

Alice: No, you’re still grounded. But...I’m sorry for being...on-edge yesterday. (Attempts to take the brush out of Lilac’s fur, and succeeds)

Lilac: Hey, Mom. Can I ask a question...?

Alice: (Sighs) It better be important. I don’t want you wasting your breath on stupid questions again.

Lilac: Why are you so...over-protective? And I don’t like when you say that my questions are stupid...or when you yell at me...or when you and Dad fight.

Alice: (Sighs again) When I was a teenager, maybe around your age, I had an overprotective mother, and she never let me do what was considered “fun”.

Lilac: What was considered fun?

Alice: Some things I never wanted to do, like using drugs and playing cruel pranks on teachers. But there were some things I really wanted to do, like running away, and going on adventures. So, one day, when she was sleeping, I ran away from home, hoping to find a mystical world, or find treasure. But what I found...was a sword. I thought that it was just a stupid sword, but it turned out to be useful! I thought that maybe I could save the world, or something crazy like that.

Lilac: Did you...?

Alice: No. I just got injured and bruised...and ended up looking like a fool during battle.

Lilac: But you look fine!

(Alice lifts up some of her fur to reveal a scar.)

Alice: It was from the last battle I ever fought. The reason why I gave up fighting is because...never mind, you’re gonna have to eat breakfast, since your tutor will be coming in 10 minutes!

Lilac: But I wanted to know the rest of the story! Please tell me!!!

Alice: It’s not important...

(Lilac frowns and picks at her pancakes with a fork. Her father, Ethan, looks up from his newspaper.)

Ethan: Stop picking at your food. Children in Africa could be eating the food you’re wasting!

(Lilac still picks at her pancakes, wondering the reason why her mother stopped fighting.)

Ethan: You must not be hungry, then.

Lilac: I’ll kindly give my food to the children in Africa, thanks.

Alice: Is something wrong?

Lilac: Can you tell me the truth? You always want me to tell the truth, so why can’t you tell me the truth?

Alice: When you’re older...

(Lilac smashes her plate with her hands)


(There is suddenly a knock on the door. Lilac opens the door.)

Lilac: Are you my tutor?

Tutor: Why, yes I am!

Will: Aren’t you excited?! No more bullies, no more disgusting cafeteria food!

Lilac: But what about Platinum? He’ best friend. Is Anna going to school with me?

Will: She’s still going to public school.

(Suddenly, tears well up in Lilac’s eyes)

Lilac: (Crying) B-b-b-but it’s not FAIR! Shouldn’t the kid have a say in this?

Ethan and Alice: And you never had permission to film our daughter. Get out, you creep.

Will: Will you two SHUT. UP?! Listen, your daughter doesn’t give a damn wether I film her or not! She’s only a KID!

Alice: And what are you trying to do to her?! EMOTIONALLY ABUSE HER?! GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE BEFORE I CALL THE COPS.

(Anna walks downstairs, having no clue what’s going on.)

Anna: Are you alright? It seems like you are having an argument.

(During all of this, Lilac is still crying. She doesn’t know what to do.)

Will: I can and WILL have you removed by security.

Ethan and Alice: But this is our house...


(A security guard comes in to remove Ethan and Alice. This angers Lilac...a lot. But she still doesn’t know what to do.)


Will: No. But now you’ll be an orphan, which will make the audience emotionally invested!

Lilac: I don’t care anymore! JUST GIVE ME BACK MY PARENTS!!!!!

(Suddenly, Anna decides to repeatively kick Will.)

Anna: SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!!! NOBODY LIKES YOU, WILL!!! (Stares at Lilac) This is your fault.

Lilac: Why is it my fault?! What did I do?!

Anna: You were the one who agreed to sign onto this show. I hate you.

(Suddenly, the two start to get into a physical fight.)

Anna: I would do anything to get our parents back...and that includes killing you.

(Lilac starts to cry again, as the feels that the whole world is now against her.)

Anna: Cry all you want, but you still know that’s it’s your fault.

Lilac: Can’t we work together to solve the problem?

Anna: We’ll go our separate ways. I never want to see you again, younger sister.

Lilac: But we’re twins!

Anna: It was confirmed that I was born 2 minutes before you.

Lilac: That makes sense. Maybe you’ll get over it in the next 15 years or so.

Anna: Doubt it.

(The two exit the house in seperate directions. Anna goes out the front door, while Lilac goes out the back door.)

Lilac: Maybe she’ll forgive me soon. (Runs forward to feel the wind in her fur) I’m freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (Runs farther. She eventually runs past Platinum, but ignores him.)


(As Lilac runs faster, she eventually feels like the hero everyone adores.)

Lilac: If only...I could truly be like a hero...

Scene 6: Forever Alone

(As day switches to night, Lilac starts to feel tired. She finds a random forest.)

Lilac: Man...I feel tired. Blanket?

(A cricket randomly chirps in the background)

Lilac: Pillow? Maybe...something warm...?

(Nothing happens. Lilac suddenly finds a bed of leaves.)

Lilac: No blanket or pillow. Just a stupid bed of leaves. I just wanna go home...please.

(Lilac sits on the bed of leaves. She looks down, wishing none of this had never happened.)

Scene 7: The Adventure Begins!

(Lilac wakes up, but still feels tired.)

Lilac: Why did I do that...? Just...why?

(Lilac gets out of her leaf bed.)

Lilac: Can the writers rewind time? Never mind, the audience left. They got bored.

???: Yes...but not for long.

Lilac: Who the hell are you, sir?

???: Are you assuming that...

Lilac: No, sir.

???: What I’m trying to say is...I AM NOT A BOY!!!

Lilac: You don’t have to yell at me, ma’am.

???: Actually...I don’t think it really matters. Call me a boy. Use the pronouns he/him/his.

Lilac: Who the hell ARE you?

???: They call me...Abigail Wood.

(At the sound of that name, Lilac comedically runs away.)


Abigail: Because this is an anime, and anime is weird. So...we’re related, apparently?

Lilac: Is there a real reason?

Abigail: You know I’ve met you before. I even know your name; Lilac Rosebud Wood. I have no idea why you’re called Lilac, though. I mean, you aren’t even lilac colored! Instead, I’ll call you Rosebud.

(Lilac thinks of her new [or old, really.] nickname)

Rosebud: And I’ll call you...

Abigail: Everyone calls me Andy. (Jokingly slaps Rosebud)

(Suddenly, a siren is heard.)

Andy: What do those jerks want?

(A police officer steps out of his police car.)

Officer: Abigail Cassandra Wood, you are under arrest!

Andy: I didn’t know interacting with a 12 year old girl was illegal.

Officer: I am not arresting you for that. But you have a RIDICULOUS criminal record! (Forcefully handcuffs Andy. This ultimately fails as Andy melts the handcuffs.)

Andy: Try something I can’t melt next time.

Rosebud: You can do that?!

Andy: The four a prophecy, but you aren’t destined to do anything.

(The Officer looks confused.)

Officer: The prophecy? OH MY GOODNESS, THE PROPHECY! (Runs away)

Andy: Well, technically, there’s five elements. Ever since I was 5 years old, it has been my goal to find the other four elements. I’m fire...but there’s still wind, water, earth, and aether.

Rosebud: Does this involve me?

Andy: Only one way to find out...

Scene 8: The Elemental Test

Andy: Legends say that the girl who can control water should be the leader of the four least...until aether comes along. She’s also...overly optimistic.

Rosebud: So...not me, right?

(Rosebud sees a pool of glowing purple water. She touches it, curious of what would happen.)


Rosebud: Is it dangerous because it’s purple?

Andy: No. Even though purple is a very deadly color. It’s dangerous because it’s glowing! Glowing things are always dangerous!

Rosebud: But I feel fine!

Andy: You will feel fine at first, but in a few weeks, you will DIE!

Rosebud: Death is inevitable. And the color purple is very pretty!

Andy: You know what else is inevitable? Growing up! And growing up is awful!

Rosebud: Trees are inevitable, and who doesn’t love trees?!

Andy: 1. I didn’t say inedible, I said inevitable. 2. The government.

Rosebud: Hey, don’t push the environmental message too far, okay?

Andy: I was just stating the facts!

Rosebud: Sure sure. Just shut up and let me test my ability.

Andy: NO! I must nurse you back to health first!

(A young fox comes out to see what’s going on.)

???: Andy?

Andy: What do you want, Annabella?

Annabella: Why is this girl lying stiffly on the ground?


Rosebud: Waaaaaaaaaait!!! I’m not dead!

Andy: Never mind.

(Annabella makes an overreactive anime expression.)

Annabella: You lied to me.

Rosebud: Indeed, she did.

Andy: Honestly, it was a mistake!

Annabella: I’d believe that.

(Andy starts to studder)

Andy: A-and now it’s t-time for your t-test...

Rosebud: FINALLY!

Andy: What’s your favorite color?

(Rosebud breathes in)


Annabella: Oh no! I think that window broke!

Andy: What window?!

Rosebud: That’s it! I am done with you! You are so annoying! Are you trying to piss me off on purpose?!

Andy: Mayyyybeeee.

(Andy pushes Rosebud towards a pool of water)

Andy: (Whispering) I was really testing your patience.

Rosebud: Ah.

Andy: I could use any word other than patient to describe you. You might as well give up.

(Rosebud looks defeated.)

Andy: At least you don’t have to put your life on the line, amiright?

(Andy accidentally pushes Rosebud into the pool of water. Rosebud steps out of the water and looks annoyed.)

Rosebud: Don’t you know that you are holding me back from my mission?

Andy: What mission?

Rosebud: My parents are missing, and you are holding me back from finding them!’s early in the morning. Can’t we do this training later?

Andy: If by later you mean never, then yes.

(Rosebud starts getting angry.)

Rosebud: You just have to show her! But you don’t want to be violent... No, no! She deserves a good beating! But what if she hits back? I’m a powerless nothing... DO YOU WANT HER TO KEEP HARASSING YOU?! But do you want to cause harm to her? Okay...I’m nothing. I’m just going to have to find my parents...

(Rosebud leaves to attempt to find her parents.)

Annabella: You are a JERK! J E R K! JERK! But if you put a Y at the end, you’d be delicious JERKY!

Andy: You don’t have to remind me four hundred times a day!

Annabella: You should change your ways! Using something called...character development! It’s magical! Like unicorns and ponies! It will inevitably make you a nicer person!

Andy: I suppose.

Annabella: But character development has to be earned. Writers don’t just decide who to make more likeable automatically, they have to make their characters do something worthy of character development!

Andy: Will you stop saying “character development”? And who taught you how to break the fourth wall?

Annabella: Umm...a complete stranger?

Andy: That you shouldn’t even be around?

Annabella: Yes!

(Andy looks towards Rosebud’s direction.)

Andy: Come on, Annie. We’re going to find Rosebud’s parents.

(The two sisters follow Rosebud in an attempt to help.)

Scene 9: Searching...

(Rosebud looks around and calls for her parents.)

Rosebud: Mom? Dad? Where are you?! Where are you?! You aren’t dead, right?!

(Rosebud comes across Will.)

Rosebud: Oh. It’s you.

Will: Yes, it’s me. I hid your parents in a place far away from here...

Rosebud: Tell me now, please!

Will: Why should I tell you? That would make this game far easier than it should be, right? Your parents are no longer in this dimension.

Rosebud: So you hid them somewhere outside of this dimension? How ridiculous...

(Will stops to think. He mutters a swear word under his breath.)

Will: Many days ago, I accidentally told you where your parents were.

Rosebud: They’re in a place I already know about?

Will: They’re in a place known as...the fourth wall.

Rosebud: Thanks!

(Rosebud skips towards the camera.)

Rosebud: Are they here?

Will: No...they’re in the world of the audience...PLANET EARTH!

Rosebud: Earth?

Will: Yes...EARTH! Which stands for...

(Annabella and Andy pop in)

Annabella: Actually, earth doesn’t stand for anything. The name “earth” came from the Old English words “eorthe” and “ertha”.

Will: This isn’t an educational kids show.

Annabella: Well, I just wanted the audience to learn something new. They probably already knew it, but who cares!

Andy: Why would you teach someone something that they already know...?

(Annabella tries to think.)

Annabella: I don’t think that most people would know that.

Andy: They would know if they Googled it.

(Annabella tries to think again.)

Rosebud: What are you two doing here?

Annabella: Trying to help! And now we know that they live on earth!

Rosebud: Riiight...

(The three fox girls leave in order to find a route to “earth”.)

Will: I hate myself...

Scene 10: Finding a Way

Rosebud: Now what? We don’t know how to get to “earth”. What even IS earth?!

Annabella: A place pretty far from here! It was created a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away! We had many epic battles, like that war with stars! There was also a star of death! And an egg of death!

Andy: I know how to get to earth! We can grab a shovel and dig there! We’ll dig to China!

Rosebud: China?

Andy: I heard that in a movie once. The rest of the movie had nothing to do with digging to China. But that can’t stop us from trying, right?

(Andy grabs a shovel and attempts to dig to China.)

Annabella: You know that will never work, right?

Andy: I think I found something!

(Andy pulls a baby panda through the hole.)

Annabella: Put that panda back where it belongs!

(Andy puts the panda back into the hole and covers the hole with dirt.)

Rosebud: That wasn’t helpful at all!

Andy: Shit, we failed. Don’t worry, we’ll think of something!

Rosebud: You two are just holding me back from my mission! To find my parents...

Andy: Rosebud, I am your cousin!

(Rosebud breathes in)


Andy: Are you okay?

Rosebud: How did you know...?

Annabella: Andy can easily figure out thingies.

Andy: But I’m also one who screws up...

Rosebud: Yeah, you ARE. So why don’t you GO AWAY AND STOP BOTHERING ME?! You are WASTING MY TIME, and you are coming across as INCOMPETENT and STUPID!

(Rosebud leaves in anger)

Andy: So much for trying to help...

Scene 11: I Know You from Before!

(It is now the next morning, and Rosebud is still asleep. It seems like Platinum has come to visit.)

Platinum: Liiiiiiiiii-laaaac. Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-lac.

Rosebud: (In her sleep) Not now, Mom. I don’t wanna go to school...and isn’t it a Saturday?

Platinum: It’s Wednesday...wake up, Lilac!

(Rosebud wakes up, but is still tired.)

Rosebud: Platinum?

Platinum: Hi...I was worried about you...wait, is that a camera?! AAAAAAAH! WHAT THE HECK IS A CAMERA DOING HERE?!

Rosebud: Why aren’t you at school?

Platinum: Why aren’t you at school?


(Platinum leaves and Rosebud begins singing to herself. The lyrics only consist of “la”. Will comes along again.)

Will: You have a lovely voice.

Rosebud: Shut up! Go away!

Will: You should sing more in your show...

Rosebud: No.

Will: I want you to sing. With actual lyrics.

Rosebud: (Monologuing rhythmically) Roses are red, but Rosebud is blue. And your crew, they might even sue. And the crowd, they want to boo. Look how many there are! There are only two. You know this is true, but I DON’T WANT TO SING FOR YOU!

Will: Are you rapping?

Rosebud: Nope! Go away!

(Will leaves and Rosebud begins singing again.)

Rosebud: (Singing) I...don’t...want to sing for you, or you, or anyone! Cause I don’t have a song to sing...nope, nada, none! I don’t want anyone to hear me sing! Because I don’t have a song that I want to bring! Ba da da da da da da na na na na na na na NO ONE AT ALL!

(Andy enters the scene.)

Andy: What a hypocrite. You’re singing in front of the camera, and I can clearly hear you.

Rosebud: Darn...

Andy: Now come on! We’re gonna find your parents.

(Andy gestures Rosebud to follow her. Rosebud shrugs and decides to follow.)

Scene 12: Another Song?

(The instrumental to the Pokémon Season 1 theme starts playing as Rosebud, Andy and Annabella search for Rosebud’s parents.)

Rosebud: (Singing) I really want to find my parents, but I don’t know where they are! They could be anywhere in the world, so let’s search near and far! I don’t care about the risks, I’m looking day and night. I probably won’t get any sleep...

Rosebud, Andy and Annabella: (Singing)...but I’m sure that it’s alright! HELP ROSEBUD! Find her parents!

Rosebud: (Still singing) I need them to live!

Andy: (Singing) But the crowd won’t give a shit!

Rosebud, Andy and Annabella: (Singing) NOT A RHYME!

Annabella: (Singing) Oh! You don’t have to swear!

Rosebud, Andy and Annabella: (Singing) Fire, water, earth and air! HELP ROSEBUD! Find her parents!

Andy: (Singing) She’s having fun!

Rosebud: (Singing) But this song is almost done! If you don’t help, I guess I’ll kill you!

Andy and Annabella: (Singing) ARE YOU JOKING?!

Rosebud: (Singing) Why, yes I am! Let’s sing as one!

Rosebud, Andy and Annabella: (Singing) HELP ROSEBUD!

(A drop of water forms on Rosebud’s hand.)

Rosebud: Eh. It’s probably sweat.

Scene 13: The...Beginning...?

(Several hours later, Rosebud, Andy and Annabella are lying on leaf beds)

Rosebud: Today was a fun day...

Andy: You can say that again.

Rosebud: Today was a fun day...

(Andy smiles)

Andy: You won’t go anywhere if you’re always a downer. So be positive, and be optimistic about things getting better!

Rosebud: Huh...maybe she’s right... Hey...can I ask you a question?

Andy: Yeah?

Rosebud: What did that officer mean by you having a criminal record?

Andy: Oh...y’know...I only stole his donuts a couple of times...I mean, only having donuts isn’t good for you, y’know?

(Rosebud chuckles)

Rosebud: That’s stupid.

(Andy chuckles along)

Andy: Yeah. Stupid like that director, or that gray hedgehog.

Rosebud: Hey...Platinum’s my best friend...

Andy: Eh...g’night Rosebud.

Rosebud: G’night...

(The camera shifts focus towards the stars, and the words “The End” are written by a gust of wind.)

Episode 2: The Exposition Saga: Part 2

(The episode takes place about 10 months after The Exposition Saga: Part 1, and Lilac is now 13. The episode begins with Rosebud sleeping, and Andy tapping Rosebud’s shoulder.)

Andy: Hey, Rosebud. Wake up.

(Rosebud groans.)

Rosebud: (Tiredly) What do you want?

Andy: Wake up.

Rosebud: No.

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