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The Lilac Saga (Japanese: ザー・ライラク・サーガー; Hepburn: Zā Rairaku Sāgā) is a Japanese-American anime television series, which premiered on November 8th, 2016. The series is mainly aimed at 13 to 17 year old girls, yet has also found popularity with teenaged boys. The series has also received a more kid friendly counterpart.


Pilot Season

In the Pilot Season, Rosebud tells the story of how things happened BEFORE things happened.

Season 1

In the first season, Rosebud and her friends find a new world called “Earth”. They end up in 21st century Japan, and meet twins named Yoko and Yuka. Meanwhile, a new villian shows up and recks havoc.

Season 2

Out of all the seasons, this season is the most mundane. It enjoys making fun of teen movies and teen novels. It parodies the high school girl story, but adds a bit of Spider-Man to it. One of the characters even reference Spider-Man. (“I wonder if she drank radioactive water.”)

Season 3

In this season, the characters meet their Moebian selves. This season also parodies Sonic Heroes.

Season 4

In the final season, the (sorta) unthinkable happens. A strange villian takes away the main characters powers. Ha! Like that’s the worst thing in the world!

Cast and Characters

Main Characters

Main Characters
Name Description First Appearance English Voice Actor Japanese Voice Actor Name in Japanese
Lilac “Rosebud” Wood An optimistic 14-year-old who is the main protagonist of the series. She is the leader of “Team Lilac”, who are the primary protagonists. She’s sweet and caring, but can sometimes be annoying. She is also the comedy relief. The Exposition Saga Part 1 Hynden Walch Nao Tōyama ライラック "ローズバッド" ウッド (Rōmaji: Rairakku "Rōzubaddo" Uddo)
Platinum Foehn A pessimistic 14-year-old who is the main male protagonist. No matter how crazy they are, he won’t say no on following Rosebud’s antics. He also has a crush on Rosebud, but is too shy to tell her. However, he may a bit too obsessive. The Exposition Saga Part 1 TBA Natsuki Hanae プラチナ・フォーン (Rōmaji: Purachina Fōn)
Andy Wood She’s the aggressive tomboy of the group, who is also a primary protagonist. At first, it seems like she doesn’t care what happens to the world, but is then convinced to join the heroes side, even though she is canonically neutral. She will fight for what she believes in, but that doesn’t always mean fighting for the side of good. The Exposition Saga Part 1 TBA TBA アンディウッド (Rōmaji: Andiuddo)
Lilly Granger The creative girl of the group, who sees everything as a new idea. She will always find something interesting, even if everyone else finds it boring. Hell, she’ll even find doing nothing interesting! What a weirdo. TBA TBA TBA リリーグレンジャー (Rōmaji: Rirīgurenjā)
Eve Granger Lilly’s cousin and role model, and is also a role model to the other members of Team Lilac. She will usually calm the others down if they get too crazy. As a botanokinetic, she spends most of her time near plants. TBA TBA TBA イブグレンジャー (Rōmaji: Ibu Gurenjā)

Other Media


A short lived manga exists. It was hated by Japanese audiences, and never had an English translation. It’s original run was April 1st, 2017 to...uh, April 1st, 2017. Yeah, nothing really got past day one.

Video Game

A video game was released on May 2nd, 2021. It received critical acclaim, but never got a sequel.

Theme Songs

Season 1

  • Smile! Be Happy! [Japanese and Korean opening theme]
  • Goodbye, Goodnight [Japanese and Korean closing theme]
  • Hello, World! [Opening theme used elsewhere, excluding China.]
  • End of Another Day [Closing theme used elsewhere, excluding China.]
  • A Beautiful Land Before Us [Chinese opening theme]
  • A Beautiful Land Before Us (Instrumental) [Chinese closing theme]
  • Do I Really Have to Go? [Worldwide closing theme for the season finale]


The anime has received a mixed reception. Critics praised the animation and fight sequences, but criticized it‘s mediocre writing. However, non-critics LOVED the show. Ha! They don’t know any better! Am I right?

Regional Differences

  • Although they are rare, scenes of fan service are edited or removed in Western versions.
  • In the Japanese and Korean versions of the show, Rosebud speaks some Engrish. She usually gets scolded, mostly by Andy, who proceeds to insult her Engrish in various ways.
  • In the Russian version, Andy’s and Lilly’s ages have been bumped from 15 and 13 to 21 and 18 respectively. This is due to their same-sex relationship, and the writers didn’t want the show to get banned. They got their wish, but ended up with an 18+ rating instead. (This is because same-sex relationships between minors and mentioning same-sex relationships to minors is illegal in Russia.) However, Lilac, Platinum and Eve’s ages stayed the same.
    • Some of the Russian translators wanted to make Andy male in order to avoid the 18+ rating or ban, but most of them decided against it.
    • As a result, this also resulted in Andy and Lilly’s sections of the second season being rewritten, as that second season focuses on the trials and tribulations of middle/high school. Instead, the two are college students.
  • In the Japanese version, the “Learning Japanese” segments were cut out, as the characters are already fluent in Japanese.
    • However, Platinum still has trouble with Japanese, even in the Japanese version. He often studders and pronounces words incorrectly. This is because he was originally fluent in English, but learned Japanese some time before the Pilot Season.
    • Platinum’s Korean lessons were removed in the Korean version.


  • The Japanese and English versions were written at the same time.
  • The first airing date of the pilot episode, November 8th, is Rosebud’s birthday. The first airing of the final episode, February 4th, is Platinum’s birthday.
  • Apparently I made a wiki for this trash.

To Do List

  • Finish all five seasons! Aaaaaaaah!
  • Make character pages for all of the characters.
  • Get reviews.
  • Count all of the fourth wall breaks.
  • Okay, that isn’t a lot to do...
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