A reboot of The Mediocre Sonic Fanfic, which is thankfully deleted.

Also, nothing really exciting happens til chapter three.

Chapter 0: Introduction

There once was a user by the name of Speedyblue, and she was very weird. She made a nightmarish fanfiction called The Mediocre Sonic Fanfic. After she finished it, she came back weeks later only to find a whole load of randomness. She felt guilty and decided to delete the page. She regrets writing that fanfic. It was a story that she had in her head from when she was younger and more immature. She stopped writing it in mid-2017, but came back to it in February 2018. She decided to post it here. It wasn’t very popular, thank goodness for her. Now, she is trying to redeem herself and try and make something that is funny, random, yet still good. This is her second attempt. She is very excited and hopes that you like it. Happy reading!

(Why did I refer to myself in the 3rd person? I don’t know.)

Chapter 1: Let’s Rock and Roll Already

Once upon a time, there lived a hedgehog. His name was Sonic. But I’m sure that you already knew that. He was described to be “like the wind”.

“But...” Platinum, an OC stated with concern.

(I’m currently fighting an OC. Please stand by.)

“Speedy, what are you doing?” Sonic asked heriocally.

“I AM GOING TO REDEEM MYSELF!” I said with confidence.

“Good luck with that,” Sonic snarked.

“Bring it on!” I yelled.

(Seriously, the story’s gonna start in the next chapter, anyway.)

Chapter 2: Integrating Plot...

Plots are one of the most important things in stories, but right now, I need to get inspired. So right now, it’s dramatic reading with Speedy:

Lines. Mother fricking lines. I can use euphemisms. Gosh darn heck. The world sucks.

Wait. Who wrote this fanfic? Let me check...hey, can I get some elevator music?’s EmoBoy666. Damn you. Your fanfic sucks. But... I need a good plot. Wait. Aren’t all Sonic games the same? Stop the Eggman and save the cute and cuddly animals? Well now that dramatic reading was pointless!

Chapter 3: The Beginning?

And now for dramatic writing with Speedy:

Once upon a time...Sonic the Hedgehog was running around Station Square.

“Hi! Hello! Hola! Bonjour! Konnichiwa! Ni hao! Guten tag! I’m your everyday multilingual blue speedster!” He greeted cheerfully. Some would reply with, “Hey, look! It’s Sonic the Hedgehog!” He smiled and looked at the citizens be so happy. A few years back, the city was destroyed by Perfect Chaos, but now it seemed beautiful and pretty! He couldn’t help but be happy, too.

Suddenly, Amy bombarded him, and this time, she wouldn’t let him escape. least she wasn’t as crazy as she was during...those...days.

“Sonic! I finally found you!” She would cheer. Sonic proceeded to start running backwards. “I’m sorry, Amy! But I’m too busy running and being bored!”

“But you’re never bored with me around!” Amy retorted.

Sonic stopped. “Darn it. You have disproven my point.”

Tails came running by to tell Sonic something. Instead, he tripped on one of his tails and landed on his face. “Sonic!” He shouted as he faceplanted into the ground.

“Let me guess, Eggman is taking over the world just like EVERY OTHER SONIC FANFIC EVER WRITTEN,” Sonic guessed, looking annoyed.

“How did you know?” Tails asked.

Sonic simply shrugged. “Well, we should get going!” He started to run at lightning speed, while Tails and Amy followed him. Tails, once again, tripped.

Chapter 4: BATTLE!

“Okay Egghead!” Sonic called. “Come out of your hiding spot!”

There was simply silence.

“Sonic? Why are we standing here like idiots?” Tails asked.

“Because Eggman isn’t answering us. HEY, EGGMAN!” Sonic called again.

There was still silence.

“This is boring.” Sonic declared.

“SURPRISE!” Eggman shouted while controlling a giant mech, which appeared to be holding a giant cake.

“Tails! Amy! Use Attack Protocol 277!” Sonic ordered.


“DO IT ANYWAYS!” Sonic told her as he ran to avoid the flying cakes.

“Why don’t we just eat the cake?” Tails suggested.

“Because that’s stupid.” Amy replied.

“SHUT UUUUUUUUUUP! This is worse than Rise of Lyric! Will you just say silent for once?! DID YOU EVER LEARN ABOUT SHOW DON’T TELL?!” Eggman scolded.

Sonic thought about it. “I don’t go to school.”

“Which explains why you have water for brains.”

Sonic ran away screaming. “OH MY GOD! NOT WATER!”

Tails shrugged while Amy chased Sonic.

Chapter 5: Ohey It’s Knuckles

Sonic continued running until it was late at night, when he crashed into Knuckles.

“Oh hi, Knux,” Sonic greeted.

“You’re a pussy. There wasn’t even any water in the vicinity.” Knuckles stated.

“AAAAAH WATER!” Sonic screamed.

“Hedgehogs can swim!!” Knuckles argued.

“Wait. Really? Lemme Google it.” Sonic decided to Gugurekasu. “Huh. I guess so! AAAAH WATER!”

Knuckles facepalmed. “When will you learn...THAT YOUR ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES?!”

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