Below is a list of Upcoming Projects in The Legend of Fox the Brave. This includes stories and story arcs.

Ongoing Story Arcs

Return of Darkness:

  • Concept: Old enemies return to haunt the warriors, beginning with the menacing Dark Enerjak. The warriors are truly put to the test when Fox vanishes and Austin is left with terrible injuries. This may be their hardest struggle yet.
  • Timeline: This arc will be set right after Shadow of the Storm, with the reason for Enerjak's absence being that he was formulating how to destroy the warriors and observing their struggles against Shadow.

Phantom of the Past:

  • Concept: Various characters' pasts are explored in this series of prequels set during and before The Phantom Storm.
  • Timeline: Phantom of the Past is set both during and before The Phantom Storm, and includes all prequels regarding the series.

Ongoing Stories

The Lost Tribe:

  • Concept: A strange Pack of dire wolves, whom everyone thought extinct, have returned to the Worlds, but one radical member believes his kind should rule them. The Tribes must reunite with each other and work with the warriors to defeat him before he can put his plans into action.
  • Arc: Stand-Alone Stories(takes place during Return of Darkness)
  • Trivia: This story introduces the Dire Wolf Pack, and establishes them as apart of the Wolf Tribe; It is explained that the new Pack is severely out of touch with society, and thus unfamiliar with modern life.

Upcoming Stories

The First Wanderers:

  • Concept: Long ago, a Wolf named Oliver formed a Pack of Wandering Wolves to avoid the vicious fighting between various groups. But with his new Pack, Oliver finds new trouble as an ancient evil arises and puts the Four Worlds in grave danger.
  • Arc: Tales of the Wanderers(arc)
  • POV: Oliver the Wolf

Reign of Terror:

  • Concept: With Finitevus and Infinite in hiding, Scourge is making a move of his own. Taking control of The Tribes, Scourge is now in control of the Base, forcing Austin, Boulder, and a few other escaped warriors to regain the Tribes' freedom and drive the false "king" from the Base and back where he belongs, but an entirely new threat arises during their clash.
  • Arc: Return of Darkness
  • POV: Boulder the Lycanroc; Scourge the Hedgehog

Rise of Darkness:

  • Concept: Mephiles the Dark has returned, somehow becoming strong enough to smash the Scepter of Darkness from within. After manipulating and betraying Scourge, Mephiles now seeks vengeance on the warriors for his defeat in the War of Darkness and the Battle for Red Gate City, and his influence can be felt in all Four Worlds, while Austin grows increasingly stressed and desperate to distance himself from everyone as his own personal demons haunt him once more. The warriors must now team up with their enemies and find help where they can as they race against the clock to defeat Mephiles before his evil brings the Four Worlds to ruin.
  • Arc: Return of Darkness
  • POV: Unknown as of yet(possibly Boulder and Scourge)

Lucky's Quest:

  • Concept: After the massive battle with Mephiles, things are finally becoming peaceful, and the warriors have a chance to rest, but one young coyote pup by then name of Lucky feels unwanted. After mistakenly believing Austin doesn't want him, he runs away, and runs into the infamous Dr. Finitevus, who twists the pup's feelings to his own advantage. The warriors must now once more rally to save one of their own, but Austin ends up falling into a trap.
  • Arc: Return of Darkness
  • POV: Lucky Smith

Return of the Dominion:

  • Concept: Following unknown events, the Iron Dominion has somehow returned, but they find the warriors, fresh off their frantic rescue of Lucky, more numerous than ever, and bolstered by the power of Austin's Iron Storm suit. The warriors must once more fight for their home against the Iron Dominion, and another challenge against Austin's leadership.
  • Arc: Return of Darkness
  • POV: Unknown as of yet


Rising Evil is the first and so far only story to have Finitevus as a main POV instead of a perspective in either the Prologue or Epilogue. This was to be the original concept for Hidden Evil, but was dropped.

It was confirmed that Tribal Troubles and The Lost City were scrapped.

Fall of the Storm has the most POVs, at four.

  • Stan was originally intended to be a POV, but he has only one chapter, in which Enerjak tries gain his loyalty by bringing up his unfortunate circumstances with Infinite.
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