Below is a list of various sayings and terms in The Legend of Fox the Brave. This may be edited as more and more phrases are added to the series.

The Storming Alliance

Various sayings from the Storming Alliance

  • "Great stars above!"-A common curse
    • "Stars above!"-Shortened version
  • "Stars above and shadows below!"-A common curse, worse than "Great stars above!"
  • Flopper-brain-A common insult, usually used to describe people who have made dumb/idiotic decisions
  • Flopper-face-A common insult, usually used to describe arrogant or smug people(commonly villains)
  • "Madder than Fox in a fit."-A common comparison for anyone irritated or angry; used to compare someone who is extremely angry to the short-tempered Storm Fighter leader.
  • "Floppers!"-A common curse; This originates from the Canadian/American animated series SlugTerra, which is featured as a World in The Legend of Fox the Brave.
  • "Blast!"-A common curse; the equivalent of the infamous f-word.
  • "Floppers and Flaringos!"-A new curse, its meaning is currently unknown


A strange language only spoken by Pokemon in the series. It has a variation called Alolan Pokonese, spoken only by Alolan Pokemon

Regular Variant/Names:

  • Tai: Means "fierce"
  • Kaendan: Means "fiery one"; Derived from "kaen", meaning "fiery" and "dan"(pronounced "dahn"), meaning "one"
  • Rynok: Means "rock"
  • Ryala: Means "sand"
  • Ronk: Means "shadow"
  • Gigaremo: Means "crocodile"(fitting, since he is a Krookodile)
  • Paya: Means "river"

Alolan Variant/Names:

  • Bakyamo: Means "fiery one"; Alolan variant of "kaendan"
  • Tiral: Means "ghost"


  • "Bakk slavi finto!"-Pokonese variant of "Great stars above!

Red Fox Pack

So far, there is only one real saying used by the Pack, in Old Fox


  • Maako: Means "red" in Old Fox
  • Karra: Means "bright" in Old Fox
  • Sadie: Means "pretty" in Old Fox


  • "Brakk yaffa bakyo!"-Old Fox variant of "Great stars above!"(only said by Tanner)


Various prophecies, commonly referred to as "warnings" that have appeared in the series.

The Legend of Fox the Brave: The Beginning

"Light will always prevail."

The Legend of the Shattered Storm/Storm's Struggle:

"The Shattered Storm is coming..."

  • Prophecy: "The Shattered Storm is coming. The Shattered Storm will bring peace to the Worlds, but there cannot be Peace without War."
  • Sign: Message from Redstone and later Ice Fang
  • Interpreter: Whirlpool the Floatzel and later Storm the Buizel and Austin Smith
  • Meaning: The "Shattered Storm" will "bring war" with Dr. Finitevus' obsession with Austin's knowledge. It was originally thought that Storm was the Shattered Storm, but was later confirmed by Ice Fang to be Austin and that Austin and Storm's paths have been intertwined from the very beginning.

Austin's Flight:

"A storm is coming."

  • Prophecy: "A storm is coming. Until it clears, you can never set foot in the Worlds again!"
  • Sign: Message from Shane the Wolf
  • Interpreter: Austin Smith
  • Meaning: A retelling of the Shattered Storm but in another way; Shane warns Austin that Finitevus' actions will soon drive him from the Worlds

Shadowed Future:

"The true king will return."

  • Prophecy: "When the Storm rages, the shadows will clear, and the true king will return."
  • Sign: Message from Fox
  • Interpreter: Braveheart
  • Meaning: When the Storm Fighters start a fight to overthrow King Shadow, Knuckles, Julie-Su, Lara-Su, and eventually Sonic join them and take the tyrannical hedgehog down. The "true king" is Sonic taking Shadow's place as king of Mobius and leading it into a new era of peace greatly supported by the Fighters; at the cost of Fang, who is killed in the conflict.

Search for the Lost Warriors:

"A great warrior is coming."

  • Prophecy: "A great warrior is coming. A Lycanroc in his Midday Form. He will come to rescue the lost warriors, whatever it takes."
  • Sign: Vision of tan fur, white fangs, brown claws, and blue eyes and the sound of a deep, wolfish howl
  • Interpreter: Ice Fang
  • Meaning: Lucas is coming to try to stop Dr. Finitevus and find a way to bring Austin and Storm back to the Storming Base

The Dusk Wolf

"A great evil is coming..."

  • Prophecy: "A great evil is coming, brought about by the one consumed by the darkness in his heart. It will take the courage of a Warrior of the Storm to achieve victory."
  • Sign: Message from Argus the Wolf
  • Interpreter: Boulder the Lycanroc
  • Meaning: Finitevus will find a way to bring back Enerjak, and Austin will need to overcome his deep fear of the mad doctor to win and finally stop him once and for all.

Aftermath of War

"This is the winter of our Pack..."

  • Prophecy: "We must be careful Ash. This is the winter of our Pack; A great darkness is coming to threaten us, and we must unite the Pack to bring the light."
  • Sign: Message from Arrow the Wolf
  • Interpreter: Arrow the Wolf and Ash the Wolf
  • Meaning: Shadow has come to cause the Wandering Wolf Pack harm, and they must be brought together to fight him off.
  • Trivia: This is the basis of the entire Storm of Shadows Trilogy, and is inspired by "This is the leaf-bare of my Clan" from the book Warriors: Super Edition: SkyClan's Destiny. This is also the first time Arrow receives a prophecy through his sixth sense.
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