Below is a list of various sayings and terms in The Legend of Fox the Brave. This may be edited as more and more phrases are added to the series.

  • "Great Spirits!"-A common curse
  • Flopper-brain-A common insult, usually used to describe people who have made dumb/idiotic decisions
  • Flopper-face-A common insult, usually used to describe arrogant or smug people(commonly villains)
  • "Madder than Fox in a fit."-A common comparison for anyone irritated or angry; used to compare someone who is extremely angry to the short-tempered Storm Fighter leader.
  • "Floppers!"-A common curse; This originates from the Canadian/American animated series SlugTerra, which is featured as a World in The Legend of Fox the Brave.
  • "Blast!"-A common curse; the equivalent of the infamous f-word.
  • "Floppers and Flaringos!"-A new curse, its meaning is currently unknown
  • Spirit moon-Relatively new term, used to describe a full moon. Described by Kai in On the Run to have been started just after the Great War, since Spirits started to visit the Living on full moons after the Battle of the Canyon
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