Below is a list of the various prophecies to have been mentioned in The Legend of Fox the Brave.

Dawn of the Alliance

Darkness is rising...

Prophecy: War is coming...Darkness is rising...Only the Storm of Warriors can stop it

Sign: Dream

Interpreter: Silver the Lucario

Meaning: The War of Darkness is coming, and the warriors of the Storming Alliance are the only ones who can stop it

Story: Silver's Mission

A great evil is coming...

Prophecy: Beware, my son, leader of Rogues. A great evil is coming. It can spread like wildfire, and few can escape its touch

Sign: Message from a Spirit, and a vision of a spreading gray stain

Interpreter: Silver the Lucario

Meaning: A warning about the Metal Virus. Given that this story is set before Silver's days in the Alliance, this warning wouldn't be fulfilled for a very long time

Story: Silver's Mission

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