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The Legend of Fox the Brave is a fanfiction series created on the site Quotev by the user Burpy's Dream(the same as the Burpy's dream here). It details the various battles and adventures of titular hero Fox the Brave and the Storm Fighters. In recent mainstream stories, the focus has shifted to the "shy but strong" Austin Smith. There are also a number of side-stories that provide backstories for side characters or expand upon series lore to "set the stage" per se for future stories. The series also includes characters from the Sonic universe, such as the Sonic Boom Team Sonic, and various characters from the Archie Comics released in the US.

Included Characters

The Legend of Fox the Brave includes a wide cast of characters, each varying from story to story. Here is a list of the current and former Storm Fighters as well as some people who help them, as well as their enemies.

Storm Fighters(current):

  • Roy the Fox(red fox)
  • Mari, Wilder, and Barry(red fox)
  • Mortimer Gray(gray fox)
  • Sleet the Fox(Arctic fox)
  • Shamar the Fennec(fennec fox)
  • Fang the Saber
  • Austin Smith and Family:
    • Austin Smith(brown and black German Shepherd)
    • Rosa Smith(black German Shepherd)
    • Dakota Smith (black and brown German Shepherd)
  • Chaise the Wolf(gray wolf)
    • Audrey(Australian Cattle Dog)
    • Cody(half wolf pup)

Former Warriors(deceased):

  • Kairn the Coyote: slain by Sonic.EXE
  • Shane the Wolf: gray wolf; died of blunt force trauma to the chest
  • Neal the Mountain Lion/Cougar; cause of death currently unknown
  • Magma the Dog: timber wolf/Husky half-wolf; cause of death currently unknown
  • Michael Smith: white German Shepherd Dog with green eyes; died of injuries inflicted by Finitevus

Former Warriors(status unknown):

  • Timber the Wolf(timber wolf)
  • Smoky the Wolf(timber wolf)


  • Dr. Eggman
  • Shadow the Hedgehog(in Fox's eyes)

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