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The Legend Begins is a remake of the very first story in The Legend of Fox the Brave. It simultaneously remakes other older stories. Changes, retcons, and remade stories will be listed below.

Due to the length of the story, a Detailed Plot Summary will not be provided!


Description: The Legend Begins is a remake of several older The Legend of Fox the Brave stories, primarily the first story, which was simply called The Legend of Fox the Brave.

Included Characters

Due to the story's length, many characters are involved, and will not be listed.

Changes from the Original

Stories Remade

  • The Legend of Fox the Brave(story)
  • Part of Return of the Werehog
  • Red's Regret
  • Red's Rage
  • Most of Shane's Promise


  • The Fox the Brave vs. Sonic.EXE arc and Red's Rescue are retconned entirely, thus also retconning Tai's chapter of Legends of the Alliance
  • Gray the Gray Fox, Polar the Arctic Fox, and Timber the Wolf, and Tuft the Weasel don't exist anymore
  • Maako comes with Fox and Karra to the Storm Fighters, and his death is different, thus retconning The Tyranny of Metal Sonic


  • The Prologue shows Eggman accepting help from the infamous Sonic.EXE in order to have revenge against Torch, as the demon knows where the fox is hiding
  • Red's meeting with E.J. is closer to what happened in Return of the Werehog
  • Red has a nightmare about Sonic.EXE, which ends in his ear being torn and his belly being slashed
  • Eggman meets Red by the river instead of outside the fox's burrow
  • How Red leaves Eggman is different, as he runs away from the Dingos
  • Red becomes apart of the Red Fox Pack for a little bit
  • Red is captured by the Dark Legion, and meets Enerjak(Dimitri)
  • Red meets Sky the Falcon in Mobius, and the bird is no longer a SlugTerra native.
  • How Red and Skyplunge get their new names is different
  • Grizzly is murdered by Sonic.EXE
  • Maako joins the Storm Fighters, thus retconning The Tyranny of Metal Sonic
  • It is shown how Longmire the Cat joined
  • Cori the Charmeleon is shown joining the Storm Fighters
  • Kairn's death is shown
  • Maako's death is different
  • Longmire is attacked by Sonic.EXE
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