The Lady Riders, as their name suggests, are an all female group of Extreme Gear racers. They live in The City Of Olara, but they travel all over to enter EX tournaments. They are all very skilled, rivaling many more famous EX teams. They have also been known to participate in the Blades Tournament.


The team was formed when Bella the Bandicoot first came to Olara and met Natalya the Raven. Natalya decided to take it upon herself to show Bella around, and invited Bella to stay with her in a condo she had eventually paid off entirely. As they both had a passion for Extreme Gear, they headed to the desert for a race. Before either finished, they came across an interesting lamp. After jokingly rubbing it, the genie, Jassy appeared to them. They granted her her freedom, but she decided to stay with them as she had nowhere else to go. After a few tournaments together, they came across a land squirrel whose amazing board control was rivaled only by her drumming and her dream of being able to fly. While her stand-offish nature made Natalya and Bella reluctant, Jassy made friends with her and convinced her to join the team.



Position: Leader

Formation: Speed

Board: La Pasion Explosiva

Bella prefers more in-your-face style racing, sticking close to the ground and moving as quickly as she can. Her board, the Explosive Passion, is amazingly fast, but has poor control.


Position: Force

Formation: Power

Board: Sharpshooter

Natalya has a very agressive racing style that mirrors her personality off the racetrack. The Sharpshooter is a prototype board created to combine both speed and power in a single gear. However, as a prototype, it has trouble making turns.


Position: Mechanic/Board Design

Jassy rarely races, instead taking charge of board modification and repair.


Position: Stuntperson

Formation: Flight/Skill

Board: Sam

Kori races for the sake of racing, and sees winning as a secondary objective. Her favorite part of racing is getting into the air in order to pull of amazing tricks. Her board, Sam, is very basic in appearance, without even a single accessory, but it has many mechanical modifications.


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