The Jackal King is a rather imposing figure; a pitch-black canine individual standing at around 7'2" in his base form. His body is well-muscled and athletically defined, and a few scratches and scars are barely visible beneath his well-kept fur.


While generally considered to be a cold, distant, and generally aloof being, The Jackal King has been observed doing objectively kind deeds for his people; exerting his power almost constantly to keep the violent sandstorms of his kingdom in check so that his subjects may pass unhindered. He seems to be a bit of an idealist; enforcing a complete lack of a caste system and trying to make sure those in his kingdom are treated equally from both a civil and financial standpoint; though he doesn't seem to exert complete control over the market or trade, simply making sure that the disadvantaged have a chance to step out of their financial situation.

He has a rather open mind to newcomers; having accepted outsiders into his kingdom on various occasions. Notable examples include when he personally assured safe passage to Zelica and her family; as well as allowing for Riuvec to stick around in his city for a lengthy period of time after he was thrown from Emperor Crab's tower during their climactic fight.


Very few individuals know just about anything when it comes to the Jackal King's past, though everyone can agree that he's been around for a very, very long time.

At a certain point during his rule, a young fox refugee and her family requested permission to live in his main city until they could get back on their feet. He accepted them, and they soon became one of the more well-known outsider families in his kingdom.

At another point, soldiers he sent out to investigate a large explosion close to the city's outer walls found a wolfman half-buried in a sand dune, covered with bruises and broken to the point of being comatose. He allowed the male to be treated in his castle; then let him stick around until he had entirely recovered. During this period, it came to the Jackal King's attention that the wolf and one of the local jackal girls had entered something of a courtship. Despite it being somewhat frowned upon, he allowed it by simply turning a blind eye and letting them come together.

At some point in the future, he may go head-to-head in an all-out 1vs1 with Emperor Crab.


The Jackal King, while a king first and a fighter second, is good enough at combat to have defended his kingdom for multiple years. Based entirely off of the legends surrounding him, he seems easily capable of taking on the likes of Anzyl, Riuvec, and possibly even Emperor Crab.

In truth, his abilities are actually understated in most legends and folklore. He sports:

Immensely Superhuman Physicals: Nobody currently alive has witnessed the upper limit of the Jackal King's strength, but based entirely through conjecture it's likely in a casual state he would be able to clash evenly with a half-effort Emperor Crab, both armored and unarmored. In terms of raw physical might; he has been shown to be able to divert the course of a magically-empowered and focused sandstorm by simply holding up his palm, as well as breaking one of the Crab Armada's advanced scout ships clean in half with a fingerflick. His speed, while also not able to be calculated to an upper limit, has been shown to allow him such feats as moving from the top balcony of his castle to the gates of his kingdom in a split instant; all while having enough control to reduce the gust of wind from his sheer movement speed to a simple breeze. He claims that, while he is capable of transporting himself anywhere there is sand in a form of teleportation, he prefers to just run where he wants to go. In terms of durability he was able to take a grand multitude of hits from Riuvec during a short sparring session with only dents in his fur to indicate he was even struck in the first place. Stamina-wise, the fact that he is in a constant mental battle with the sandstorms raging around his kingdom and is still capable of doing day-to-day tasks and even complex things without breaking a sweat is a testament.

Meta-Sand Manipulation: The Jackal King has an almost absolute control over the element of sand; this control is what allows him to keep a kingdom flourishing in the middle of one of the deadliest and stormiest areas of the Grand Desert. It allows him to freely manipulate sand, sandstone, and some specific types of dirt; as well as transport himself to any location with a fair amount of sand, such as a beach, sandbox, or desert. With this he is capable of forging weapons, armor, shields, and complex constructs out of sand; these constructs are generally uncharacteristically tough and sturdy for objects made entirely out of sand and will only crumble when either sufficient force is applied, or when he deems it necessary. He has been shown to make clones of himself out of sand, as well. The upper limits to this power are not yet calculated, though he evidently cannot create objects that are too complex or have too many small parts; such as engines or any other technological creation.

Indomitable Will: It has been said that the one reason the Jackal King has lived such a long time is that he's simply got too strong of a will to be killed, or at least put down permanently. Legends state that after a misunderstanding, during which the Grim Reaper mistook the Jackal King's common cold as a life-ending illness, the Jackal King trounced the everliving out of Death itself to the point where it simply gave up trying to reason with him and returned to the other world. Whether this is true or not is up to interpretation; but he sure has a lot of willpower.


As a jackal, The Jackal King has finely tuned senses and reflexes, as well as keen hunting instincts.


While no weaknesses have ever been spoken of in the legends and folklore surrounding this mysterious jackal, it's safe to assume he isn't some completely invulnerable being capable of mass destruction. Truth be told, he's an average individual who just happens to have incredible powers, so naturally he's vulnerable to plenty of psychological weaknesses. He's also not particularly resistant to the cold.

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