The Interweb Alliance consists of Google the Chrome, Wikia the Everything, Bing, Internet the Explorer, And Safari the Compass.

Google The Chrome- The technical leader of the group, or at least the one who founded it. 

Wikia The Everything- The brains of the group, also the Brawn if Internet wasn't here

Bing- The one that noone really notices, used for stealth and stuff.

Internet The Explorer- The Actual Brawn of the group, Used for demolition and head on fighting. Only here cause Wikia Invited them to join.

Safari The Compass- Wikia's partner in everything.


1. You have to be a character based off something computer/internet related, This willl be judged by Wikia, who knows everything better than you can know everything.

2. No H4ck3rs/Spammers/Trolls

3. Try to acknowledge Bing's existence every once in a while.

4. Always cheat the system when you can, unless it's Google's or Bing's systems


All of them Believe firmly in atheism, Cause through various reasearch done by Google and Wikipedia, It is now considered the true religion among it's members.

Base of Operations

They operate from a space station that was somehow built by Google and Wikia. 


Space, Jungles, everywhere that their space station crash lands occasionally


Since Internet was too stubborn to agree on an outfit that wasn't adventury they specialized each persons uniform to suit them 

Google's uniform is Grey and has a Google Chrome symbol on the front and back of it right in the middle.

Wikia's is all white, With the Wikipedia symbol on the front and back like Google's

Bing's is Black with A Dark Orange Bing symbol like How Google's and Wikia's are.

Internet's is what she normally wears, just with an Internet explorer logo on the back of it.


It all started when Google and Bing met Wikia, then they made the space station, and recruited Internet. The End.

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