"For the House! For the Duke!"~Standard Igarrian battlecry.

Igarrian monarchy banner

The Igarrians or "House Igarri" are an original character race that makes cameos in Jaredthefox92's sonic fanon. They are a monarchy lead by the noble,(and old,) Duke Atreia. This once powerful empire has been reduced for the better to a diplomatic state and a thriving democracy. Many are still weary however of their races past transgressions against the galaxy under their former ruler, Laigus "the eradicator".


Members of the Igarrians are found through the galaxy. Most of them originate from their homeworld of Ruria however. Yet outside members such as migrating Livharians, Moebians, and even Braxxian refugees are found on their worlds.


Under the tyrannical rule of king Laigus, the Igarrians were an oppressive and warlike race. However much has changed over the centuries and the Igarrian people have become more democratic and benevolent. Now under the watchful eye of Duke Atreia the Igarrians pursue a goal of galactic peace and fellowship with their fellow galatic inhabitants. House Igarri is now known for being a key diplomatic faction in the Coalition of Planets and a firm supporting ally of the AMA and the AMSA,(about the only human allies they have.) 


"Be as Iuna young ones, soft and cautious in step, yet vigilant and weary of danger." ~A standard teaching and proverb amongst the Igarrian religious sect.

Under Lagius's rule the practice of religion was strictly prohibited. However, under Duke Atreia's rule the freedom of religion has been established. There has arisen a belief that in fact vulpines are deities and belief in the goddess Iuna is now the dominant religion on the planet Ruria. It is believed even the duke himself is a convert. 

Base of Operations

The lush and beautiful world of Ruria is the Igarrians main homeworld. This rural planet is home to many forests and oceans. This planet is the nerve center of the House and its base of operations. 


"Love Ruria, as she loves you." ~A motto taught in Igarrian schools

Igarrians are mostly human in form, as such they thrive under moderately warm, variable, and moist conditions. Also like real life Terran humans, the Igarrians tend to populate near water sources and areas suitable for farming. Over the years the people of the Igarri have stressed great discipline in maintaining their planet's natural enviroment and have created several ecological conservation policies to protect their precious Ruria. 


As specified above, the Igarrian people were not the kind and friendly race they are now. They once were a arrogant and warlike race trying to control most of the galaxy, (with many successful victories granting them an number of planets and huge amounts of space territory.) It was Laigus who lead the Braxxians to separate from his kingdom, and eventually this would fuel animosity towards the House by now cybernetic oppressors. Laigue was eventually dethroned and beheaded by his own people by what was known as the "Blue Movement" faction on Ruria. Eventually this would pave the way for the Duke's ascension to power, and for prosperous times on Ruria. However now the Igarrians are at war with the Braxxians, and are in fact losing many worlds due to the ferocity the Braxxians have towards their former brethren.

Military Assets

While the Igarri have become more peaceful over the years, they still maintain and impressive military, and sizeable space navy. The Igarrians are known for being master craftsmen and craftswomen of space faring vessels. As such, many of their fleets are of the finest quality and are known to engage ships twice their size or more in number and come out on top. Igarrians are also masters at espionage and their famous "blue spies" are used by their allies the AMA to infiltrate human organizations.


  • The Igarrians were inspired by House Atreides from the Dune novel series. This is apparent as they both have a duke, and Igarrian dukes's name sounds like the name Atreides.
  • They are also based off of the Naboo from the Star Wars franchise as they are master ship builders, and once were ruled by a tyrannical despot.
  • Igarrian Blue Spies are based off of the Blue Spies from the old Army Men series from 3DO.
  • If they Igarrians had a theme song, this would be it:
Two Step From Hell - To Glory Extended

Two Step From Hell - To Glory Extended

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