The Icy Ridge is the eighth graphic novel in the mini-series Terrible Luck by Manta-bee where Cream the Rabbit is kidnapped by Lerich.

Plot summary

The story picks up from where Sideshow Story left off, with Sonic and co. in a speeding cart. Tails manages to slow it down and they stop safely. They are all still slightly miffed at Lerich's capture of Cream, and Cheese weeps and shivers, alone, thinking who knows what Lerich would do to his rabbit friend.

Up at the top of the mountain, Lerich is treating Cream as his slave and is very mean to her and dosen't seem very grateful to her service at all.

While Cream is cooking for the beastly villans, she sends a smoke signal and the rest of the gang sees her and eventually finds her up on the mountain.

Caterina joins Lerich's villanous group, despite Sonic and the gang telling her not to and warning her that he would just kill her afterwards, and says she wants to partake in killing the furry friends.

They escape on a sled and slide down a slope, but end up floating down a river.


  • Lerich:[to Cream] Shut up and get cooking, you whelp! [sticks carrot in Cream's mouth]

  • Amy: Cream...? Cream?!

  • Coat Man: I really loved having a rabbit servant.

(more to come)


  • Although he did not directly do so, an image is seen to be symbolic to some, such as when Lerich tells Cream to get cooking, he shoves a carrot in her mouth. Focusing on the panel in the comic would lead one to such a conclusion. In the anime, this detail isn't present.

Chronological Info

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