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Cquote1.png O, great Stones of the Hunt, heed my call, lend me your power. By the name of the great Lord Reinhardt, heed my call, lend me your power! Cquote2.png
the chant those wishing to become a Hunter must recite in order to receive their chosen Huntstone's blessing

The Huntstones are powerful gems with the power of the elements that created with the spirits of the Seven Guardians, seven warriors who aided Lord Reindhardt several thousands of years past in their battle with the dark sorcerer, Damien, and his plans to rule all of the land that would become Huntstonia, which was on the verge of collapse after the fight.

In present day, several Huntstonians taking up the training given by the Hunter Academy visit the Temple of the Hunt, where they will receive a blessing from one of the Huntstones though what is known as the Guardian Ritual and be granted its respective elemental power, marking the halfway point of their training.


The general appearance of the Huntstones are average-sized, translucent gemstones with a noticeable luster to them, but each one of these magical gems has a unique appearance and color that corresponds to the element of Huntstonian Magic in which they represent.

  • Huntstone of Water: Colored blue with a cyan glow and shaped like that of a teardrop.
  • Huntstone of Forest: Colored green with a yellowish-green glow and shaped like a leaf.
  • Huntstone of Air: Colored light grey with a light bluish tint and glow and shaped like a feather.
  • Huntstone of Ice: Colored a very light blue with a white glow and shaped like a snowflake.
  • Huntstone of Fire: Colored red with a bright orange-yellow glow and shaped like the sun.
  • Huntstone of Thunder: Colored yellow with a lighter yellow glow and shaped like a lightning bolt.
  • Huntstone of Earth: Colored burnt orange with an orange glow and shaped like that of a stalagmite.
  • Huntstone of Darkness: Colored black with a menacing purple glow and shaped like a sphere covered in spikes.


Anyone who has completed the first two years of training in the Hunter Academy, meaning they possess the essential skills that are required by all Hunters regardless of their rank, most notably in terms of their physical and magical capabilities, are eligible to participate in the Guardian Ritual to receive a blessing from one of the Huntstones and gain their elemental affinity. That said, some Hunters have chosen not to receive a blessing from any of the Huntstones for varying reasons. Although, these Hunters are very few in number and are not seen often.

All of that aside, the magic of the Huntstones is continuously used by the entire island itself. They were initially created as a desperate last-ditch effort to keep the entire island from falling apart upon the aftermath of the epic battle between Damien and the team of eight sorcerers led by Lord Reinhardt. Several millennia since then, the Huntstones have been maintaining the overall stability of the land. No one can tell if the whole island has been fully stabilized after all those years, and no one seems to be taking the risk to find out...

Properties and Powers

In simple terms, each one of the Huntstones grants its wielder control over its respective element. Aside from that, they also create a magical field that supposedly keeps the entire island stable, control the climate in certain areas when need be, and generally keep its environment healthy.

However, there is a special case to go over with the Huntstone of Darkness, which is the most dangerous of the Huntstones in that it simply possesses whoever it chooses instead of giving them its blessing and was thus kept incredibly well-hidden within the temple. Aside from granting its wielder the power to manifest darkness at will, it can also spread its dark influence over others once it has found a host.


In an attempt to keep the then-unnamed land of Huntstonia from falling apart after their epic battle with the sorcerer Damien, the seven sorcerers who helped Lord Reinhardt put a stop to the dark sorcerer's diabolical schemes turned their very spirits into the magical gems that would become known as the Huntstones.

For several millennia, the Huntstones have not only kept the island intact and shielded from the dangers of the outside world, but they have also granted those who come to receive their blessing and are deemed worthy receive a part of one of their spirits, granting them the ability to cast powerful spells of their respective element as well as the full status of a Hunter.


  • The Huntstones were originally going to have a uniform shape - in this case, an octahedron - but it was decided that each stone would have its own design.
    • The main source of this idea came from the different shapes of the Chaos Crystals from Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.
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